Tips for Sales and Lead Providers

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Joshua Conklin, a Mortgage Marketing Specialist, has comprised five simple tips for sales organizations and mortgage professionals to increase their monthly funding.

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How to Increase your Monthly Funding as a Lead Publisher?Tips by Joshua Conklin, Smartleadz Mortgage Marketing Strategist

Page 2: Tips for Sales and Lead Providers

Increase Funding

So you want to increase your monthly funding volume? You want to increase your conversion rate on the lead? Follow these 5 simple steps that will benefit any sales organization or lead provider.

Page 3: Tips for Sales and Lead Providers

1. Be InformedKnow your marketKnow your competitorsKnow what is causing the need for your

productSegment your products by consumer

needsKnowing what is going on in the world at a

global level will help your client feel more comfortable with you: read the newspaper.

Page 4: Tips for Sales and Lead Providers

2. Contact Quickly

In an age of high connectivity, people expect immediate responses.

Respond immediately Contact your consumer via email or

phoneIf they don’t answer the phone, leave a

message introducing yourself, your company, and your ability to meet their needs

Page 5: Tips for Sales and Lead Providers

3. Be DiligentConsumers usually close in between the fifth

and tenth call.Continue calling after the first call because

everyone is busyPeople’s needs are complexUsually people like to discuss with others

before making a decisionHence it will be rare to close on the first call

so continue calling

Page 6: Tips for Sales and Lead Providers

4. Ask Questions and Listen

Sales people are usually so focused on their on sales pitch that they end up talking AT their customer.

Have a discussion. Ask your customer questions to gauge

their needs. You don’t know if you can satisfy their needs until after you’ve asked them their needs.

Page 7: Tips for Sales and Lead Providers

5. Take ApplicationsApplications and quotes are free, so take and

give them often.Consumers are looking for the price.Withholding the price is not smart; it’s

sketchy.If you don’t give them a price, they’ll visit a

competitor.Educate them on tricks and hidden fees that a

competitor may pull while giving them a quote.

When they see you are telling the truth, they will return as a life long customer and referral.

Page 8: Tips for Sales and Lead Providers

In SummaryBe informed of the current market, the need for your

product, and the overall world news to show intelligence.

Contact quickly especially because of our current day and age with the internet.

Be diligent and continue to contact your customer even after the first call- just because you need to keep calling does not mean it’s a failed lead.

Listen to their needs and only after you know their needs can you convince them that you can satisfy their needs.

Communicate honestly and give them a quote to show you have nothing to hide.

Page 9: Tips for Sales and Lead Providers

Ideal Number of LeadsAs leads increase, it can be more difficult to

maintain these tipsAn ideal number of leads is 100-150With this number of leads, you can ensure you

will contact each consumer once every 48 hoursManaging the pipeline, the call-backs, and the

customer needs means you must have a capable lead management team that keeps all of these strategies and practices consistent and enforced

Page 10: Tips for Sales and Lead Providers

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