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  • 1. Tips for Good PublicSpeakingBy Himatul Aliyah

2. What is Speaking? Speaking is an important method for communicating knowledge and expressing idea. 3. Some tips for good speaking Know the room Know the audience Know your material Relax Visualize yourself giving your speech Realize that people want you to succeed Dont apologize Concentrate on the message turnnervousness into positive energy Gain experience 4. Know the roomIt means Be familiar with the place inwhich you will speak. Arrive early, walkaround the speaking area and practiceusing the microphone and any visual aids. 5. Know the audienceIt means Greet some of the audience asthey arrive. Its easier to speak to agroup of friends than to a group ofstrangers. 6. Know your materialIt means If youre not familiar with yourmaterial or are uncomfortable with it,your nervousness will increase. Practiceyour speech and revise it if necessary. 7. RelaxIt means Ease tension by doing exercises. 8. Visualize yourself giving your speechIt means imagine yourself speaking, yourvoice loud, clear, and assured. When youvisualize yourself as successful, you willbe successful. 9. Realize that people want you to succeedIt means audiences want you to beinteresting, stimulating, informative, andentertaining. They dont want you to fail. 10. Dont apologizeIt means if you mention your nervousnessor apologize for any problems you thinkyou have with your speech, you may becalling the audiences attention tosomething they hadnt noticed. Keepsilent. 11. Concentrate on the message not the mediumIt means focus your attention away fromyour own anxieties, and outwardly towardyour message and your audience. Yournervousness will dissipate. 12. Turn nervousness into positiveenergyIt means harness your nervous energyand transform it into vitality andenthusiasm. 13. Gain experienceIt means experience builds confidence,which is the key to effective speaking. AToastmasters club can provide theexperience you need. 14. Thank you