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Timi ş county. C ounty Presentation. Timi ş county is situated in the Western part of our country. We have as neighbours Serbia and Hungary in the west and Arad, Hunedoara and Cara ş -Severin in north, east and south. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Timi county County Presentation

  • Timi county is situated in the Western part of our country.

    We have as neighbours Serbia and Hungary in the west and Arad, Hunedoara and Cara-Severin in north, east and south.

  • Two European capitals are nearby: Belgrade, at only 170 km and Budapest, at 300 km.

    We can go to Vienna just like we go to Bucharest, they are at an equal distance.

    Due to the geographical location of our county, we like to think of it as being at the crossroads of the most important European routes, where the Western culture is mixed with the Eastern civilisation.

  • Timi is the largest county of Romania, covering, with an area of 8,697 square km,3.6 % of Romanias territory.

  • Relief Its relief is mainly plains, covering two thirds of its territory, in the western and central parts.

    In the eastern part, there are Pogni hills and Lipoveis Plateau, on the valleys of rivers Bega and Timi.The maximum height is at the peak of Mountains Poiana Rusc 1,400 m.

  • Bega & Timi rivers

  • ClimateDue to its position, the climate of our county is mild, temperate - continental, with (sub) Mediterranean influences.

    . The multi - annual medium temperatures oscillates between 10- 12C.

    The multi - annual average rainfalls is irregular, considerably higher in the mountain areas.

    The wind blows to north.

    We like to say we have the best weather: never too cold, nor too hot, not too rainy, nor too dry

  • PopulationTimi is populated by over 690,000 inhabitants.

    Over 60% of us live in the urban area represented by two municipalities - Timioara and Lugojand five cities - Buzia, Deta, Jimbolia, Snnicolau Mare and Fget.According to official data, 80.1% are Romanians,9% - Hungarians,3.8% - Germans,2.4% - Serbs.

  • Timioara, the City of Roses The capital of Timi county is Timioara, the fourth largest city of the country.It is an important historical, economic, financial, cultural and scientific centre, the true gate of Romania to Western Europe.

  • Timioara, the City of RosesIts first:-1718- the 1st beer factory;-1728- the 1st waterway;-1881-the 1st phoning networkin Romania;-1884-the 1st city with electric street light in Europe;-1899-1st electrified tram in Romania;-1989- 1st freed city in Romania;-1996- 1st birth of an in vitro fetus in Romania.

  • The Iron Bridge,where the final scene of the movie Passion, starring Draga Olteanu Matei, is filmed.Lugoj

  • Snnicolau Mare, the closest city to EuropeBuzia, spa centre

  • JimboliaDeta

  • We are looking forward to seeing you

    in our beautiful county !www.primariatm.ro www.primarialugoj.ro www.sannicolau-mare.rowww.buzias.rowww.jimbolia.ro www.detatm.ro

  • Pedagogical Highschool Carmen Sylva,Timioara