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    C-38, Second floorStreet No 13, Madhu Vihar, Patparganj, Delhi - 110092Phone No: 65747203, 22247226Mob: 9810367083, 9250873180Fax : 011 - 42182282E- mail: gpln@sonicinternational.org sonic_international@ymail.comWeb: www.sonicinternational.orgBelieve in Indigenization

  • Time management Solution for RAJYA SABHA Chamber.

    We are maintaining the Lok Sabha Computerized Conference System and Electronic Voting System and Simultaneous Interpretation System for the past 15 years. We have brought down the failure rates from 50 % to almost zero percent by introducing our own specially designed digital equipments. The Electronic Voting System for 550 members with real time Individual Result Display is fully functional only in Indian parliament.

    In the existing system two Large Scale alpha numeric Hall Display boards (LSHD) are provided on both sides of the chamber to show the Microphone Management system. The display board shows the seat number, short name of the member and Count down time if TIME LIMIT is selected.

    DEFECTS: 1. Full name is not displayed2. Speaking time is not shown.3. Name of the party which the member belongs to.4. Chair-information cannot be modified during running session.

    Sonic has developed a PC based Time Management System for Zero Hour and Discussion.

  • Touch screen monitor is provided for Hon speaker and Secretary General seats. They can select any one of the options from the screen. 1)SONIC system2)Zero Hour3)Discussion (start-stop)4)Party time5)Message Member information Stop watch

    SONIC SYSTEMDisplays all the above information along with Voting Result, Voting Time and Mic Request Queue are possible in the monitor as well as in the Display boards. Out of these, the first 5 options are displayed on Hall Display Boards for members.

    ZERO HOUR: Above four defects of the existing system can be corrected and displayed as 1)Full name in 25 characters.2)Speaking time in Min/Sec3)Party name like Indian National Congress.4)An option to select/modify Chair person (like Hon-speaker,/name of the chair person) using a simple drop down menu.

  • In addition, the seat number along with count down timer, controlled from Hon speakers unit are also displayed on the hall display.

    During Zero hour Hon speaker can allot say 3 minutes (max 99 minutes) for members to speak. The microphone of the member is set for 3 minutes and after 3 minutes his/her microphone will be automatically switched OFF. As a special case the Hon speaker can extend 2 more minutes by pressing EXTEND BUTTON once. She/He can press the same button again Twice for extending 4 minutes and so on.


    During Discussion hour the Hon speaker can allot time for the parties and the member is informed about1)Speaking Time allotted for his party in Hr/Min2)Speaking Time consumed by the party Hr/Min3)Speaking time left for his party Hr/Min4)His own speaking time in min/sec5)Chair-information

    The Hon speaker starts discussion by touching START button and if the members speech is interrupted by another member, the PAUSE button can be touched so that the speaking time taken by the member is made accurate.

  • PARTY TIME:The Hon speaker/Secretary general can touch PARTY TIME and they can get the following information after selecting one party from 35 parties.

    1)Full name of the party in 25 characters.2)Allotted time in Hr/Min3)Consumed Time in Hr/Min.4)Remaining Tine in Hr/Min5)Chair-information

    MESSSAGE: Messages with maximum 25 characters can be displayed on the first 4 line of the display board.

    MEMBER INFO: Short bio data of the member along with photo can be displayed on Hon speaker and Secretary generals monitor whenever the microphone is ON. During Zero hour and Discussion, Hon speaker/Secretary general can get full information about the member.

    PRINT:Speaking time member-wise report along with Party wise is possible.

  • LOK SABHA - TIME MANAGEMENT ONLINE INFORMATION (2 ms)TIME - ACTION - PARTY CODE - NAME IN 25 CHARACTERS - SEAT NUMBER14:30:20 REQUEST on: 0032 AMIR ALAM KHAN (0122)14:30:21 MIC on: 0032 AMIR ALAM KHAN (0122)14:30:34 MIC off: 0032 AMIR ALAM KHAN (0122)14:30:25 REQUEST on: 0011 NAND KISHORE YADAV (0123)14:30:35 MIC on: 0011 NAND KISHORE YADAV (0123)14:30:54 MIC off: 0011 NAND KISHORE YADAV (0123)13:30:27 REQUEST on: 0010 SAMAN PATHAK (0124)13:30:55 MIC on: 0010 SAMAN PATHAK (0124)13:31:33 MIC off: 0010 SAMAN PATHAK (0124)13:30:29 REQUEST on: 0002 BARUN MUKHERJEE (0125)13:31:34 MIC on: 0002 BARUN MUKHERJEE (0125)13:31:47 MIC off: 0002 BARUN MUKHERJEE (0125)13:30:31 REQUEST on: 0032 JANESHWAR MISHRA (0126)13:31:48 MIC on: 0032 JANESHWAR MISHRA (0126)13:32:17 MIC off: 0032 JANESHWAR MISHRA (0126)13:30:34 REQUEST on: 0008 SATISH CHANDRA MISRA (0127)13:32:17 MIC on: 0008 SATISH CHANDRA MISRA (0127)13:34:00 MIC off: 0008 SATISH CHANDRA MISRA (0127)13:30:37 REQUEST on: 0003 V. MAITREYAN (0128)13:34:00 MIC on: 0003 V. MAITREYAN (0128)13:37:17 MIC off: 0003 V. MAITREYAN (0128)13:30:43 REQUEST on: 0010 C.RAMACHANDRAIAH (0132)13:37:17 MIC on: 0010 C.RAMACHANDRAIAH (0132)13:40:00 MIC off: 0010 C.RAMACHANDRAIAH (0132)13:30:47 REQUEST on: 0003 K. MALAISAMY (0133)13:40:01 MIC on: 0003 K. MALAISAMY (0133)13:46:00 MIC off: 0003 K. MALAISAMY (0133)13:30:47 REQUEST on: 0012 MAHENDRA SAHNI (0134)13:46:00 MIC on: 0012 MAHENDRA SAHNI (0134)13:49:00 MIC off: 0012 MAHENDRA SAHNI (0134)13:30:47 REQUEST on: 0012 MOHD. AMIN (0135)13:49:00 MIC on: 0012 MOHD. AMIN (0135)13:54:00 MIC off: 0012 MOHD. AMIN (0135)Party Details:

    0002AIFB - All India Forward Block0003AIADMK - All India Anna DMK0008BSP - Bahujan Samaj Party0010CPI (M) - CPI (Marxist)0011DMK - Dravida Munnetra Kazagham0012INC - Indian National Congress0032SP - Samajwadi PartyNo Operatoris RequiredReal Time Analyser