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  • time for everyone the origins, evolution, and future of public time

    7–9 November 2013

  • A conference to explore the many facets of time from its origins in the natural cycles of astronomy through the history of how we found it, measured it, and now keep it today.

    7–9 November 2013

    California Institute of Technology and Hilton Pasadena

    Pasadena, California


    symposium organizers 2

    symposium sponsors 3

    speakers William J. H. Andrewes 4 Chris Bailey 5 Jonathan Betts 6 Jed Z. Buchwald 7 Sean Carroll 8 Geoff Chester 9 Jim Cipra 10 Tracy Dennison 11 David Eagleman 12 Mostyn Gale 13 E. C. Krupp 14

    Program 15

    Chris McKay 20 James Nye 21 Thomas O’Brian 22 William D. Phillips 23 David Rooney 24 Lynn Rothschild 25 Donald Saff 26 Dava Sobel 27 John C. Taylor 28 Anthony Turner 29

    Majestic time exhibition 30

    Reception and Horological Information exchange 32

    Map 33

    The 2013 NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium

    time for everyone the origins, evolution, and future of public time


    majestic time A special exhibition to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the death of the eminent and ingenious clockmaker Thomas Tompion (1639–1713)

    Cover image: Detail of the dial of Big Ben

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    syMPosIuM oRganIzeRs

    executive Committee Mostyn Gale, Symposium Chairman Jim Cipra, Chairman, NAWCC Symposium Committee William J. H. Andrewes

    Fundraising William J. H. Andrewes Jim Cipra Bob Linkenhoker John Symiczek Jack Goldberg Frank Del Greco

    Program William J. H. Andrewes Jim Cipra Mostyn Gale Jed Buchwald Dava Sobel Bruce Chandler

    speaker Liaison Kimberly Emswiler,

    asst. to Dr. Phillips Seán Judge, asst. to

    Dr. Eagleman

    treasurer Mike Schmidt Mostyn Gale Jim Cipra

    exhibition William J. H. Andrewes Karen Massey Jake Sippy Jeff Jenson Jim Cipra Mostyn Gale Steve Pitkin John Shallcross Jon Sudtell Ernie Jenson

    Registration Bob Linkenhoker Mostyn Gale

    Information exchange Fortunat Mueller-Maerki

    Publicity & articles Bob Frishman Bob McClelland John Reardon Tom Bensky Fortunat Mueller-Maerki Diana De Lucca Steve Humphrey Meehna Goldsmith

    transportation Gene Goldstein

    Hotel arrangements Jim Cipra Jim Gilmore Eric Chung Janet Babb Margaret McVey Thomas Mostyn Gale George Kozakar Krissy Wong

    Catering Aimee Perez Shellie Rodriguez Scott Robbins

    Design & Website Pamela Geismar George Plesko William J. H. Andrewes Mostyn Gale Don Saff Richard Stenning Stacy Perman Catherine Andrewes

    editing Peggy Liversidge William J. H. Andrewes Bruce Chandler Clare Vincent Catherine Andrewes

    syMPosIuM sPonsoRs

    The kindness and generosity of the following individuals and organizations have made this symposium possible

    Founders Anonymous Private Donor John C. Taylor

    sponsors David P. Wheatland Charitable Trust The Widgeon Point Charitable Foundation National Association of Watch and Clock

    Collectors (NAWCC)

    Patrons Bonhams Clocks and Watches Departments Carter-Wright Ltd, UK Christie’s Watch Department Skinner Inc. Boston, Dept. of Clocks, Watches

    and Scientific Instruments Sotheby’s Watches

    Benefactors R. O. Schmitt Fine Arts, LLC

    Donors Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS), USA Section NAWCC Chapter 69, Orange County; Chapter 75,

    San Fernando Valley

    supporters Timesavers Sharmila Bertin, The Watches Magazine Bertram Kalisher, Chronos NAWCC Chapter 56, Los Angeles; Chapter 136,

    Palomar; Chapter 159, British Horology; Chapter 81, Inland Counties; Chapter 190, Ventura and Santa Barbara County

    Roger Gendron Dean Armentrout Antique Clocks Bob Frishman, Bell-Time Clocks Charles Frodsham & Co. Victor Kochaver Merritt’s

    Contributors NAWCC Chapter 50, Puget Sound; Chapter 161,

    Horological Science Dana and Roberta McDown Mostyn Gale Doug Cowan

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    WILLIaM J. H. anDReWes

    Will Andrewes was born in London and trained as a clockmaker, working under the guidance of George Daniels, Martin Burgess, and others, and as a designer, graduating in three-dimensional design from Kingston College of Art in 1972. He became one of the first recipients of the British Crafts Advisory Committee Award in 1973 and was elected a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers in 1977. Specializing in the field of time measurement for four decades, he worked at Eton College (1973–1977), the Old Royal Observatory, Greenwich (1974–1977), The Time Museum (1977–1987), and Harvard University, where he was the David P. Wheatland Curator of the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments (1987–1999). He organized the Longitude Symposium (1993), edited The Quest for Longitude (1996), and was co-author with Dava Sobel of The Illustrated Longitude (1998). In 2001, he organized the exhibition The Art of the Timekeeper at the Frick Collection in New York. He was awarded the Clockmakers’ Company’s Harrison Gold Medal in 2007.

    Andrewes lives in Concord, Massachusetts, where, in addition to consulting with museums and private collectors, he designs and makes a unique form of sundial called the Longitude Dial for which he has been granted three patents. Feature articles about this work have appeared in the Patek Philippe Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, and other periodicals.

    19:10 Thursday 7 November, James Arthur Lecture The Time of Our Lives

    CHRIs BaILey

    Chris H. Bailey has been a collector and student of clocks and watches since 1959. In 1972 he became Curator of the American Clock & Watch Museum in Bristol, Connecticut. During his career he documented many American clock and watch firm histories and lectured extensively on them. He has authored over 40 articles and the book Two Hundred Years of American Clocks & Watches (1975) and has co-authored American Clocks & Clockmakers (2000, 2nd edition 2011) and Fifty Years of Time: The First 50 Years of the American Clock & Watch Museum (2009). He has served as a National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Director, authored two NAWCC supplements, and is a Fellow, Star Fellow, and recipient of their James W. Gibbs Literary Award. He has also been a consultant for many museums and collections. He retired in 2010 and now lives in central Florida.

    10:45 Saturday 9 November Affordable Time: America’s Contribution

    Fragment of the Antikythera mechanism, c. 87 bc

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    JeD z. BuCHWaLD

    Jed Z. Buchwald received his B.A. at Princeton University in 1971 and his Ph.D. at Harvard in 1974. He then taught history of science at the University of Toronto until 1992, when he left for MIT, where he was Dibner Professor and Director of the Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology. In 2001 he joined Caltech as Dreyfuss Professor of History. He is the author of five books in the history of science and editor of eight others. He co-edits the journal Archive for History of Exact Sciences and edits three book series (Archimedes and Sources and Studies in Mathematics and the Physical Sciences for Springer Verlag; Transformations for MIT Press). His most recent book, co-authored with his Caltech colleague Mordechai Feingold, is Isaac Newton and the Origin of Civilization (2012). In 1995 Buchwald was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. He was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 2011 and is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

    14:00 Saturday 9 November The Taming of Time

    JonatHan Betts

    Jonathan Betts was born in Suffolk, England, in 1955 and studied for the British Horological Institute’s examinations in Technical Horol ogy at Hackney College, London between 1972 and 1974. He then spent five years in business on his own account as a freelance antique clock restorer, and in 1979 was appointed Senior Conservation Officer (Horology) at the National Maritime Museum (now Royal Museums Greenwich, RMG). He has been Senior Curator of Horology there since 2000.

    In his own time he has, since 1980, been Horo- logical Adviser to the National Trust of Great Britain and several other notable horological collections. He is a Council Member of the Antiquarian Horological Society, a vice president of the BHI, and will be Master of the Clockmakers’ Company in 2014.

    Apart from many articles in the horological press, publications include the small book Harrison (1993, new edition 2011) and Time Restored (2006), the biography of the great horologist and polymath Lt. Cdr. Rupert T. Gould (1890–1948). He has just completed a catalogue of the collection of marine chrono- meters at the RMG.

    In 1989 he was awarded the National Maritime Museum’s Callender Award, in 2002 the Clockmakers’ Company’s Harrison Gold Medal, in 2008 the BHI Barrett Silver Medal, and in 2012 an MBE in the Queen’s Jubilee honours “For Services to Horology.” He lives in Greenwich.

    15:30 Friday 8 November Precision Crunching, 1650–1900: Measuring Time Accurately over 250 Years

    Watch movement drawing by John Harrison, 1772

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    sean CaRRoLL

    Sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology. He received his Ph.D. in 1993 from Harvard University. His research focuses on theoretical physics and cosmology, especially the origin and constituents of the universe. He has made major contributions to the theory of interactions between dark mat