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Time and Attendance Solutions for Employers with a Distributed WorkforcePublic DemonstrationEPAYsystems.com



Welcome2Michelle Lanter Smith

Chief Marketing OfficerEPAY Systems, Inc.Todays Host

EPAYsystems.comThanks John. Welcome to our webinar Time & Attendance Solutions for Employers with a Distributed Workforce presented by EPAY Systems. My name is Michelle Lanter Smith. I am the Vice President of Marketing here at EPAY.

Id like to extend a warm welcome to all of you on the line with us today.Also, I see we have some our partners with us today. A warm welcome goes out to our Sprint and Paychex friends.

Our goal today is to give you a high level understanding of how an EPAY time and labor management system can benefit a firm that has employees scattered across many locations. Ill be taking you through an overview and then Ill be joined by our systems expert, John Gaudiuso, for a demonstration of our cloud-based software, Blueforce.2

3EPAYs Mobile Expertise

John Gaudiuso

Sales EngineerEPAY Systems, Inc.

Contact John at:jgaudiuso@EPAYsystems.com312-291-2032Todays Expert

EPAYsystems.comTodays expert joining me today is John God i you so. Hes been a pioneer in the high-tech industry for 10 years. Schooled and trained as an electrical engineer, John has advanced his career working in product development in some of the nations thriving technical companies. His technical expertise spans a number of technologies from solar cells to RFID. He also is intimately familiar with ERP, implementing wide-scale ERP systems for large, regional tech firms.

Time and labor management has been his new focus for the last two years working closely with EPAYs customers in the HR and Payroll functions. Since mobile technologies have come into play, John has embraced the technology and its application within time and labor management. He is now responsible for deploying EPAYs mobile solution to our customers, demonstrating EPAYs innovation in this area and driving creative solutions to our clients time and attendance issues.

Hi. Thank you Michelle for the intro and thank you everyone who has joined. Im so excited to share this information with you. I know that it will be extremely helpful in planning for your workforce management.

So we all live in a highly mobile world where smartphones and tablets have become the norm in both of our working and personal lives. What are some of the most recent stats youve seen on mobile solutions in our world?


Designed to meet the needs of your complex, distributed workforce4

Reduce your labor costs by 5% or more Keep you in control and in compliance

EPAYsystems.comBut before we give you a brief tour of Blueforce, Id like to tell you briefly about EPAY.

EPAY is in the time and labor management business and we specialize in dealing with complex and distributed labor. Our organization understands all of the challenges and limitations a company with employees scattered everywhere deals with as it relates to deploying new technology in the field, as well as managing and tracking its labor force.

Our web-based system, Blueforce, drives two main benefits for our clients:We help them reduce their total labor costs by more than 5%We help them lower their overall risk in facing compliancy issues we have a built-in compliance orientated features . . . Right in our system

Distributed labor can present many challenges. Yet, labor is probably your largest cost.Complex pay rules, shift differentials, employees working one task in the morning and a different one in the afternoon. Employees working at customer sites or moving from job to job.These are tough for most time and attendance systems. But not for us. Our uniquely flexible pay rules engine can handle complex union rules and state regulations, not to mention your own complexities because of the nature of your business.


5In Time with YouUniquely flexibleMobile workforce,union contracts, multiple job assignments? Complex pay rules? No problem!

EPAYsystems.comSince 2001, EPAY has delivered innovative, efficient and effective solutions to address our clients critical time and labor management issues.Our client base is very diverse serving some of the largest in Janitorial, Building Maintenance Healthcare Security Foodservice and Hospitality. Youll see our clocks in some of the largest retailers, public sporting venues, and airports in the nation.

One of the central themes we hear from our clients is that we can mirror the operating environment. Specifically we can handle all the various payroll permutations to ensure accuracy and compliancy for their organization.

The flexibility of Blueforce is built-in; we meet our customers business needs without upfront custom costs.5

6Reduce your labor costsReduce administration time in preparing payroll

Eliminate erroneous pay calculations, time rounding, and management inconsistencies

Eliminate buddy punchingBiometric time clocks with camera and finger print reader

Reduce costs associated with paper checks. Save an average of $2.87 per pay period/per employee.

or more!

EPAYsystems.comUpon the implementation of our system, EPAYs clients see an immediate Return on Investment, through the reduction of the following exposures.

Elimination of buddy of punchingEliminate erroneous pay calculations, human error, and time roundingReduce payroll administration and distribution time associated with pay checks and pay stubs

By utilizing our advanced functionality the 5% reduction in Labor can climb to 9%.

An example of this would be our real time alerts which can reduce overtime exposure and keep you on budget



Audit TrailsOvertimeMeal BreaksPay DifferentialsPrivacy and SecurityReduce Workers Comp ClaimsDid you have an accident free day?

Minimize Compliance Risk

EPAYsystems.comTime and Wage cases in 2012 have surpassed discrimination cases for the most litigated exposure facing corporations.

EPAY provides many features and reports that help mitigate exposure and provides access to historical data to dispute labor audit claims.

Audit Trails Changing an employees timecard without his/her approval is a surprisingly common FLSA violation. Blueforce flags all unapproved changes, so managers can address them before they become issues. Overtime - Calculating overtime properly is a huge litigation concern for employers. Blueforce tracks work time to the minute and automatically notes when an employee reaches overtime. Better yet, it can even alert managers before an employee hits the OT threshold.Meal Breaks Improperly tracking or enforcing required meal breaks are another corporate Achilles heel. Blueforce asks employees if theyve taken their proper meal breaks, advises you of deviations, and can even generate real-time alerts when a meal break is missed.Pay Differentials When a single employee is paid varying hourly rates, depending on shift or task, it can create headaches for your payroll staff. Because we configure your pay differentials into Blueforce at the outset, it accurately calculates employee pay effortlessly.Privacy and Security - Our time-tracking system keeps you in complete compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which protects employees confidential information. We can even provide you with documented proof that your employees and managers only have access to what they should.Workplace Safety We know on-the-job injuries are a real concern and that Workers Compensation claims are a very real expense. Thats why weve built a rather unique safeguard into our punch-out procedure. At the end of each shift, employees are asked if they had a safe day. The benefits are two-fold: 1) if an accident occurs, youre instantly in the loop, and 2) if a questionable claim is made later, you have some documentation of your own.


8Reduce Payroll Distribution CostsSave $2 - $6 per pay check by printing on time clock and using EPAY Pay CardPrint paystubs on WalTerRegister for Pay Card on clockCheck Pay Card balance on clockReduce time spent distributing checks

Go green

EPAYsystems.comEPAY provides the ability for our clients to automate the entire payroll process for punch to payment. In order to stay complaint in providing the paystub at time of pay, EPAY has developed at patented pay stub printing solution embedded into the timeclock. EPAY also has one of the most aggressive, no cost paycard solutions to ensure all employees, including the employees who are unbankable, have the ability to receive their funds electronically.

OtherEPAY Systems Electronic Pay Stub Solution is a patented, secure, easy-to-use feature that empowers employees to view/print their current and/or past pay stubs from our Biometric Timeclocks (last 3 pay periods). With EPAY Systems Timeclock Paystubs, your company will realize a 50% or greater cost savings, versus that of the traditional paper based systems.

EPAY Systems Electronic Paystubs is the next logical step toward paperless employee management. Domestically in all 50 states, electronic pay stubs are an acceptable method of providing payroll information to employees. They also have widespread acceptance, averaging an 80% participation rate when offered by employers. Electronic pay stubs significantly reduce operating expenses related to printing and delivering payroll stubs, while enhancing the direct deposit services that your company already provides employees.

Employers realize dramatic cost reductions Experts agree that implementing the right electronic pay stub solution will result in substantial cost savings. Based on re