Tiger Eye Metaphysical Properties

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Tiger Eye Stone is a stone that helps us to be more active, mentally as well as physically, and its major work is within the lower chakras.

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Metaphysical Properties Of Stones & How They Can Support You:


good luck; longevity; vitality; sensuality; magnetism; memory; decisiveness; healing; pain; stress; calming; grounding


opens crown & third eye; guidance; intuition; protection; communion with guides and higher consciousness; detoxifying


(amethyst & citrine) money; intuition; psychic awareness; spiritual enlightenment; protection; transmutes negativity; joy

Angel Aura

past life recall; intuition; spiritual purpose; channeling; connection with angels and guides; cleanses the aura; access Akashic Record

Aqua Aura

master healer; aligns chakras; heals aura; raises vibration; wisdom; intuition; communication; throat; protection; peace


calms; soothes; uplifts; confidence; purpose; creativity; communication; releases anxiety & fear: restlessness; peace


supports healing; well-being; peace; calms anger; dissolves negativity; decisiveness; perseverance; prosperity

Black Obsidian

purification; transformation; fulfillment; manifestation; psychic ability; power; protection; shields from negativity

Blue Lace Agate

peace; patience; calming; intuition; knowing; protection; angelic communion; supports the throat; self-expression


power; transformation; transmutes negativity; intuition; opens third eye; inspiration; creativity; spiritual growth; healing

Chevron Amethyst

relaxation; peace of mind; inner strength; courage; self-discovery; release stress; diminish addictive tendencies


manifesting success; financial prosperity; clears negativity; centering; empowerment; self-esteem; confidence; willpower


genius stone; supports creativity; clear thinking; concentration; discernment; truth; decision-making; higher consciousness


ignites passion; romance; heals relationships; self-confidence; creativity; vitality; life force; calms anxiety; protection

Golden Obsidian

develops clairvoyance; shields negativity; grounding; overcome habits; attracts wealth; prosperity; manifestation


master healer; confidence; attain goals; calming; balancing; uplifting; vitality; courage; protection; grounding; conduit


all-purpose healer; relaxation; stress; serenity; fidelity; realization of potential; accomplishment; good luck; wisdom; long life


protection; courage; strength; survival; justice; health; healing; calm; balance; energizing; stabilizing; motivating; aligns chakras; promotes beauty; inspires joy


transformation; strength; enhances intuition; eliminates illusions; goals; good luck; intuitive wisdom; discernment

Lapis Lazuli

insight; intuition; wisdom; protection; psychic attacks; stress & anxiety; harmony; expression; depression; fatigue


attracts love; new beginnings; soothes soul; releases stress; clears chakras; spiritual guidance; vision; protection


brings good fortune; grants wishes; manifests desires; increases affection in relationships; transforms negativity; uplifts


all-purpose healer; amplifies thought, energy, intention; raises vibration & consciousness; intuition; guidance; opens crown

Rainbow Obsidian

scrying; clairvoyance/psychic abilities; protection; deflects negativity; calms fear; grounding; joy; love; truth

Red Dolomite

stamina; stops energy leaks; aligns and balances chakras; removes blockages; supports blood & adrenal glands

Rose Quartz

attracts love; enhances self-love; promotes loving thoughts; peace and calm; heals heart physically and emotionally

Smoky Quartz

grounding; protection; transforms negativity; elevates moods; stress; depression; abundance; prosperity; good luck


self-trust; self-acceptance; self-expression; unites logic & intuition; deepens meditation; calms the mind; harmony; balance

Tiger Eye

brings money; luck; confidence; courage; willpower; patience; determination; psychic protection; attracts helpful people

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