Thursday, October 18, 2012 Saturday, December 1, October 18, 2012 ... Patricia Moore, Cedar Rapids,...

download Thursday, October 18, 2012 Saturday, December 1, October 18, 2012 ... Patricia Moore, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Henry Nodes, Davenport, Iowa Mark C. Novak, Cedar Rapids, ... Johnson, Allison

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Transcript of Thursday, October 18, 2012 Saturday, December 1, October 18, 2012 ... Patricia Moore, Cedar Rapids,...

  • Thursday, October 18, 2012 Tour of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, dinner at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Misc. Key Quality Dates:

    Saturday, October 6, 2012: Exam Date for the following Exams: Biomedical Auditor, HACCP Auditor, Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, Master Black Belt, Quality Inspector, Quality Technician, Reliability Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt.

    Friday, October 12, 2012: Application deadline for the following certification exams: Calibration Technician, Quality Auditor, Quality Engineer, Quality Improvement Associate, Quality Process Analyst, Pharmaceutical GMP Professional, Six Sigma Green Belt, Software Quality Engineer

    November: World Quality Month

    Saturday, December 1, 2012: Exam date for: Calibration Technician, Quality Auditor, Quality Engineer, Quality Improvement Associate, Quality Process Analyst, Pharmaceutical GMP Professional, Six Sigma Green Belt, Software Quality Engineer

    May 2, 2013: Governors Recognition of Performance Excellence Celebration Location: The Meadows Conference Center, Altoona, Iowa

    May 6 - 8, 2013: World Conference on Quality and Improvement (aka ASQ Annual Conference). Location: Indianapolis, Ind.

    Monday, May 20, 2013: "Golf Classic 2013" with ASM, International. Location: Pinnacle Golf and Country Club, Milan, Illinois

  • TOUR AND DINNER MEETING This months meeting will hopefully appeal to a wide range of members interests not just those interested in quality (which we obviously all are) but also those interested in sciences and manufacturing. Join us on October 18 as we meet in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for a tour of the enzyme production facility of DuPont Industrial Biosciences (formerly Genencor). Through a unique combination of agricultural, biotechnology, chemical and material science, DuPont Industrial Biosciences focuses on providing bio-based solutions to meet the needs of customers across a wide range of industries - from brewing to biofuels to animal nutrition to apparel - to improve products and make processes more sustainable. Following the tour, we will be having dinner at the The Hotel at Kirkwood Center, a new boutique hotel and events center which is both a teaching facility and a fully functioning hotel / restaurant / events center. After dinner, Cassidy Whitmore of DuPont Industrial Biosciences will be speaking more about what they make, how they make it, and some of the quality systems they have in the facility (ISO 9001, HACCP, and Organic certifications). So, join us for an evening of information, networking, and camaraderie. We look forward to seeing you there!


    DuPont Industrial Biosciences - Genencor Division 1000 41st Avenue Drive SW

    Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

    DINNER LOCATION The Hotel at Kirkwood Center Kirkwood Community College 7725 Kirkwood Boulevard SW

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404

    EVENT AGENDA 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.Tour of DuPont Industrial Biosciences Genencor Division 6:45 - 7:15Gathering and social time at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center 7:15Dinner 7:45Presentation, Cassidy Whitmore, DIB Genencor Division

    DINNER MENU Dinner will consist of a salad, beverage, dessert and your choice of the following entres: Florentine stuffed chicken breast with roasted fingerling potatoes Rosemary grilled pork tenderloin with chive polenta cakes Vegetable Napoleon of polenta, wild mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomatoes, and parmesan cream

    COST: Member 25.00 Member and Spouse 40.00 Full Time Student 15.00 Non-Member 35.00

    RESERVATIONS Please RSVP by sending an email to (preferred) or calling Mark Sullivan at 319-263-8684. When you RSVP, please list your choice of entre (chicken, pork, or vegetarian). Size of the program is limited to the first 50 people. RSVP must be received before 12:00 noon on Monday, October 15, 2012.


    DATE: October 18, 2012

  • Recent changes to ASQs email memberships have changed. If you are now receiving a printed copy of this newsletter instead of an electronic version, your email memberships have changed through ASQ. To receive the newsletter via email, please review your email preferences section under My Account and select ASQ Section Communication to receive email communication from the section.

    To update your contact information, or if you have questions for ASQ, please contact ASQs Customer Care Center using one of the methods listed below.

    ASQs Customer Care Center:


    Phone: 1-800-248-1946

    FAX: 414-272-1734

    It is our pleasure to welcome the following new members to section 1303

    Roland D. Behrend, Clinton, Iowa Neil J. Dow, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Kathy Behrens Filip, Monticello, Iowa Sachit Garg, Marion, Iowa Camiella Harris-Shumpert , East Moline, Ill. John Hart, Davenport, Iowa Sarah Hinders, Davenport, Iowa Rhea Johnson, Moline, Ill. Randall L. Kinney, Middletown, Iowa Jeremy Knepper, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Timothy J. Krumholz , Anamosa, Iowa Steven Larson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Kendra Larue, Muscatine, Iowa Chris Martin, Waterloo, Iowa Todd M. Matrise, Waterloo, Iowa

    James R. Maxwell, Cedar Falls, Iowa Patricia Moore, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Henry Nodes, Davenport, Iowa Mark C. Novak, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Roberta Patterson, Iowa City, Iowa Michael Rivera, East Moline, Ill. Roger Robinson, Moline, Ill. Hasudin Siljkovic, Waterloo, Iowa Chad R. Simms, Waterloo, Iowa Kendell Swanson, West Liberty, Iowa Jim J. Theesfeld, Moline, Ill. Jeremy L. Thomas, Cedar Falls, Iowa Jeffrey A. Wasson, Iowa City, Iowa Keith Wiggins, Blairstown, Iowa

    ASQ Section 1303 has instructors that can help prepare you for the following exams: CQA, CQE, CQIA, CQPA, CMQOE, CQT, CRE, CSSGB, CSSBB. Typically they run for about 8 weeks, 1 or 2 nights per week. We are also working with the ASQ National office on potentially bringing some of their trainers to Eastern Iowa this Spring. A lot of response has been received last month and a CQE course has been set up in the Quad Cities. Currently we are compiling a list of those interested in attending a class in the Spring. If you are interested in any training, please send an email to, type in the subject line "Training request", and tell us what training you are looking for, and indicate what cities you would be interested in attending the training in.


  • Aanonson, Allan

    Aboaba, Tolulope

    Abotsi, Setordji

    Agarwal, Nikhil

    Ahmed, Ovais

    Albert, Richard

    Allen, Matthew

    Anant, Shanti

    Anderson, Chris

    Anderson, Collin

    Anderson, Thomas

    Aschbrenner, Randy

    Ash, Michael

    Asota, Celestine

    Atkinson, James

    Axinte-Hendrickson, Costica

    Babcock, Paul

    Bahulekar, Sumukh

    Baird, Denise

    Baker, Bryan

    Barker, Jerry

    Basala, Joseph

    Baumgartner, Gary

    Bauswell, James

    Beal, David

    Bean, Julia

    Beauchamp, Polina

    Becker, Michael

    Beenken, Kristine

    Behrend, Roland

    Behrens Filip, Kathy

    Behymer, Eric

    Beke, Michael

    Benderson, Susan

    Berger, Bridget

    Besler, Kati

    Blagborne, James

    Blanchard, Carol

    Boege, David

    Bono, Richard

    Bossom, David

    Bower, Timothy

    Brady, Thomas

    Bredenberg, Kirk

    Briggs, Nancy

    Brittain, Robert

    Brocka, Bruce

    Brockman, James

    Buescher, Mel

    Buhr, Lori

    Bullock, Whitney

    Bultsma, Karl

    Burger, David

    Burgess, Tonya

    Burken, Lawrence

    Burlin, Tyler

    Burrows, Jimmy

    Butler, Brett

    Cady, Guy

    Caldwell, Joseph

    Cameron, Mary

    Carr, Katelynn

    Carrington, Kelly

    Carter, Danielle

    Carver, Teresa

    Cerne, Daniel

    Chanez, Tina

    Chinchar, Charisse

    Chu, Jiaxu

    Claeys, Jodi

    Cler, Rod

    Cole, James

    Coleman, Clarence

    Collins, Jerry

    Corkery, Jeff

    Cornish, Garth

    Coyle, Richard

    Cravens, Fred

    Creighton, Brad

    Crossley, Jonathan

    Crowe, Barbara

    Cruse, Andrew

    Dascher, Steve

    David, Cary

    Davidson, Billy

    Dawson, Mark

    Day, Robert

    Decker, Larry

    Denner, Corey

    Deshon, Brandon

    Diam, Akaff

    Dierickx, John

    Dietz, Gerald

    Dix, Dennis

    Dolson, Mark

    Dotseth, Robert Eric

    Douglas, Matthew

    Dow, Neil

    Downes, Michael

    Downey, Michael

    Dumolien, Marilyn

    Dutchik, Bernard

    Eaves, Pat

    Ellert-Beck, Daniel

    Elliott, Jane

    Engle, David

    Evans, Danny

    Even, Ryan

    Ezerskyte, Edita

    Farooqui, Mohammed

    Flanagan, Shannon

    Flowers, Gregory

    Foehring, Roger

    Ford, Ben

    Forrest, Timothy

    Foster, Holly

    Fowler, Chris

    Frame, Samuel

    Francois, Robert

    Franklin, Curtis

    Frauenkron III, Emmett

    Frisch, Dan

    Frost, Wayne

    Gaines, Sally

    Garcia, Jose

    Garg, Sachit

    Gass, Earl

    Geater, Brent

    Gelaude, Julie

    Geurtsen, Michael

    Ginter, Daniel

    Gipe, Herman

    Goble, Robert

    Gold, Solomon

    Gorishek, Paul

    Goss, Jeff

    Gosser, James

    Goulet, Beverly

    Green, Karen

    Greene, Deborah

    Griffith, Norma

    Groves, Margaret

    Guetzlaff, Robert

    Gull, Robert

  • Hager, Laura

    Halstead, Monica

    Hammerand, Ph