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Three Summers. Adam’s Miscellaneous Fermilab Adventures. Who am I? What do I do?. I’m Adam Schreckenberger – for those who don’t know. I work in EE Support across the parking lot in the Transfer Gallery. I’ve worked here every summer since 2005. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Three SummersAdams MiscellaneousFermilab Adventures

  • Who am I? What do I do?Im Adam Schreckenberger for those who dont know. I work in EE Support across the parking lot in the Transfer Gallery.Ive worked here every summer since 2005. I build the parts that help physicists carry out their experiments here at the lab.

  • EE SupportSometimes, people do not understand the amount of work and energy needed to run a successful experiment. Aside from the theory, time needs to be taken to build and manufacture a variety of complicated components that can survive decades of use. Some of these parts, do not exist elsewhere and are thus created here at the lab.

  • What happens?Generally, physicists request a product that adheres to specific guidelines. It is then up to the engineer to design parts and systems that make the apparatus function properly. After all that decision making, the designs are sent to the technicians for construction. In-other-words, Im at the end of the chain; however, a technicians creative edge often shines through all the turmoil as I shall show you with my work.

  • 2005 - ORBUMPMy first summer was dedicated to the ORBUMP Power Supply project. If youre ever in the west side of the booster ring, its the big, loud blue box that goes, .-ORBUMP consists of several magnets that generate a local orbit-bump. (Sorry thats all I know, back to the power supply.)

  • 2005 - ORBUMPThe entire top rack of this supply was my responsibility, in addition to the building of one resistor bank and the testing of the four large crank inductors on the middle rack.The top rack of the supply holds the Crowbar thyristor stacks that electrically tie the system to the ground/common. This prevents over-current conditions in the power supply by short-circuiting the voltage source.

  • 2005 - ORBUMPHere is one of my Crowbars. The clamp in the middle is a thyristor stack, which acts as a gate to the common when triggered. Thyristors are essentially diodes with a fancy name, but they have 4 layers of p-n junctions.The circuits at left are snubber boards, which suppress transients (spikes) in the current.

  • 2005 - OSPIMy real baby of the year, though, was the OSPI Snubber. I designed this one all by myself and Im proud to say it has been in tunnel operation since its manufacture.

  • 2006 - SMTFMore crowbars this time though for the SMTF Proton Driver and the ILC.

  • 2006 - PITAAnd then there was PITA. This device checks to make sure that the BPM connectors within the Pelletron are connected properly before the chamber is filled with SF6 (Sulfur hexaflouride). This device has a resolution of under 2.2 pF.

  • 2006 - PITA

  • 2007This summer, I have spent all of my time working on the Booster Correction System, from the magnets themselves to the circuitry that runs the power supply.

  • 2007 My CablesThe cables, believe it or not, are incredibly tedious to make, and shockingly cost about $100 with parts alone. One gold plated pin costs $1 there are 38 pins in each cable and 5 Burndy connectors add in a spool of 6 conductor cable and the price mounts pretty quickly.

  • 2007 Resistor BankHere is a resistor bank and relay attachment I installed into one of the BCS power supplies. This project required everything from metal fabrication to wiring and even Klixon installation.

  • 2007 BCS SupplyPictures of the BCS Supply:

  • 2007Interestingly, this year they decided to trust me near the magnets for the system, and they are quite impressive. Each one contains six different magnet setups vertical dipole, horizontal dipole, normal quadripole, skew quadripole, normal sextipole, and skew sextipole. Each needs to be wired into a power supply that controls the impact the magnet has on the beam line.

  • 2007 - Magnets

  • 2007 Klixon WiringOnce again, these devices are temperature sensitive; therefore, I had to wire Klixon breakers from the magnets to the supply.

  • 2007 Klixon TestKlixon Test Video

  • Projects to DateORBUMP: OSPI, Crowbars, Resistor Bank, RCRBKRS: Coils for MonitoringSMTF/ILC: Crowbars v1 and v2, Base FabricationBCS: Daisy-Chains, Resistor Banks, Magnet Wiring, Klixon Installation, Transformer Assembly.

  • To Be ContinuedI know the memories forged here will last for eternity, and that the friendships made will last a lifetime. I look forward to continuing discussions with Roger on the subject of time, and I thank you all for welcoming me to these meetings.

    Speaking of time I should probably end this ridiculous presentation now.

    See you yesterday, Adam