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THIS SUCKS!. Addressing vampire energy on university campuses. Trey McDonald, LEED AP, Sustainability Coordinator Jessica Trotman , Sustainability Outreach Specialist University of North Carolina at Greensboro. What is Vampire Energy?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Presentation

THIS SUCKS!Addressing vampire energy on university campusesTrey McDonald, LEED AP, Sustainability CoordinatorJessica Trotman, Sustainability Outreach SpecialistUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro

What is Vampire Energy?Electricity used by devices even while switched off.TVs, DVD players, gaming systemsDevices with clocksChargersComputersAvg. dorm room: 7 of these devices Avg. office: 4Makes up 5-15% of electrical consumption = several power plants $100-200 per household; billions overall per yearConcomitant GHG emissions

www.detectenergy.comPower down when not in useSmart power stripsPlug into power strip - off when not usingUnplug devices not being used Computers about 50% Use power settings on computersWork with IT to establish theseLights Turn out when leavingInstall occupancy sensors

How do you combat Vampire Energy?

Not convenient People forgetOverwhelmedApathetic

Easier said than done!

How to make it a priority?Raise awarenessInform campus of the financial and environmental impacts:e.g., at UNCG = $250,000 735,000 or 2050 6150 mtCO2eMake it fun, creative, memorableGoal is to build on this to create a campus culture

5Vampire Energy Slayers!Creative way to engage and educate studentsMethod to raise awareness with employeesBuilds on popularity of vampires in todays cultureElement of surprise

How it works:Student volunteers walk through offices looking for instances of vampire energyWhen found, a ticket is placed on the offending device. Also include lightingWe encourage them to dress the part

Pilot program resultsMossman Bldg 14% reduction (with other behavior based programs)Anecdotal evidence as well. Ongoing ChallengesKeeping a regular group of slayersKeeping the message/tactic freshAdditionto the program: Positive reinforcementThank you note and chocolate instead of ticketFac. Services staff play vital roleTrainingMotivationPiloted in spring

QUESTIONS?Contact us:Trey

Jessica Trotman

UNCG Sustainability Office: