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  • 100100100100100100200200200200200200300300300300300300400400400400400400500500500500500500RevolutionsIndustrialRevolutionImperialismFamous FacesNationalismVocabulary

  • Members of this group formed the National Assembly and agreed to the Tennis Court Oath to protest economic and political conditions in France in the late 1780s.A 100

  • Who are the Third Estate?A 100

  • Colonists in British North America protested the economic and political restraints placed on them to help recover the costs of this important war for global domination.A 200

  • What is the Seven Years War (or French and Indian War)?A 200

  • In an effort to free themselves from French rule, the people of Hispaniola revolted under this former slaves leadership.A 300

  • Who is Toussaint LOuverture?A 300

  • Seeking more individual freedoms from their harsh monarchical rulers, the people of France, Germany, Austria and other European nations rebelled in these collective revolutions.A 400

  • What are the Revolutions of 1848?A 400

  • After the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, absolute monarchs from across Europe met here to establish guidelines to end the cycle of revolution.A 500

  • What is the Congress of Vienna?A 500

  • This industry was the first to reap the benefits of the Industrial Revolution?B 100

  • What is the cotton textile industry?B 100

  • A part of the Agricultural Revolution, this movement created a large labor forces in the urban areas of England, by forcing sharecroppers off the land.B 200

  • What is the Enclosure Movement?B 200

  • Developed by Thomas Newcomen and James Watt, this invention radically improved the mechanization of manufacturing along with transportation in the 19th century.B 300

  • What is the steam engine?B 300

  • The last of the following countries to become industrialized: France, Belgium, Russia, Germany.B 400

  • What is Russia?B 400

  • Of the following, the one that was NOT one of the 5 revolutionary innovations involved in industrialization:Increase in Iron SupplyMechanizationInvention of the Time ClockSteam EngineDivision of LaborB 500

  • What is the invention of the time clock?B 500

  • In an effort to control the lucrative diamond industry in Southern Africa, the British fought the Afrikaners and this indigenous tribe.C 100

  • Who are the Zulu?C 100

  • The product Britain introduced to China to gain a favorable balance of trade eventually leading to a war.C 200

  • What is Opium?C 200

  • This mutiny resulted from the increasing presence of Britain in India and their perceived cultural superiority and indifference to native culture.C 300

  • What is the Sepoy Rebellion?C 300


  • This was the only Southeast Asian country to not get colonized by the British, Dutch, or French.C 400

  • What is SiamC 400

  • Poem written by Rudyard Kipling that outlines popular Western notions about benefits and challenges of Imperialism.C 500

  • What is The White Mans Burden?C 500

  • French rulers seen here who lost their heads during the French Revolution.D 100

  • Who are Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette?D 100

  • Indian reformer and administrator that attempted to blend Western values with eastern customs and called for an end to child marriage, sati, female infanticide, and even a reform of the caste system.D 200

  • Who is Rammohun Roy?D 200

  • His The Wealth of Nations popularized the capitalist notion of laissez-faire economics.D 300

  • Who is Adam Smith?D 300

  • Seen here, this industrialist became politically influential after his company discovered Diamonds in South Africa.

    D 400

  • Who is Cecil Rhodes?D 400

  • The most important figure in the unification of Germany, this Chancellor also called for the Berlin Conference on Africa in 1885.D 500

  • Who is Otto von Bismarck?D 500

  • E 100Assisted by France, England, and Russia, this country gained its independence from the Ottoman Empire, after being inspired by Serbias earlier attempts at revolution.

  • What is Greece?E 100

  • This ambitious program of nationalist reform in the Ottoman Empire was designed to help modernize the waning empire.E 200

  • What are the Tanzimat Reforms?E 200

  • This southern European country unified on the grounds of nationalism under the leadership of Giuseppe Garibaldi.E 300

  • What is Italy?E 300

  • This Turkish leader led a nationalist revolution in Egypt and quickly industrialized the country.E 400

  • Who is Muhammad Ali?E 400

  • Movement among Russian intellectuals to identify culturally and politically with the peoples of Eastern Europe.E 500

  • What is Pan-Slavism?E 500

  • When foreigners are subject to their own laws and exempt from another nations jurisdiction-- despite the fact they live in that other nation. F 100

  • What is extraterritoriality?F 100

  • The free mixed-race population of Haiti that led the revolution against France.F 200

  • Who are the gens de couleur?F 200

  • Revolutionary republican party in France that led the Reign of Terror under Maximilien Robespierre.F 300

  • Who are the Jacobins?F 300

  • The division of Africa among European powers. F 400

  • What is the Scramble for Africa?F 400

  • Ideology developed by radical thinkers who questioned the sanctity of private property and argued in support of industrial workers and against their employers.F 500

  • What is socialism?F 500

  • The Final Jeopardy Category is:Gender Issues in the 19th CenturyPlease record your wager.Click on screen to begin

  • This term refers to the justification of removing middle-class women from contact with the business world and placing them back into the home.Click on screen to continue

  • What is the Cult of DomesticityClick on screen to continue

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