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This is where I live. - Click for look : My life in Chaniat . Places I often go to there . Activies I can practise there nearby . Family , and Pets. About school. Aude Chantel. ~ My life in Chaniat ~. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • This is where I liveAude Chantel- Click for look : My life in Chaniat. Places I often go to there. Activies I can practise there nearby. Family, and Pets. About school.

  • ~ My life in Chaniat ~I live in a little village of 152 inhabitants ( Chaniat ), in an old house near the place. I havent got a garden. Chaniat is 15 minutes far from Brioude.Brioude is in the centre of France, in Auvergne, in Haute-Loire.I have got a little bedroom for me, where I never sleep. I dont very like my room.

  • ~ Places I often go to there ~At Brioude, I often go to the school, to Mallaurys house ( a friend ), to the bakery, to Les milles dlices ( sandwich ).The school is located near the house of Mallaury. ~ Where is Brioude ? ~

  • ~ Activities I can practise there or nearby ~There arent many activities at Chaniat, because its a very little village.. In Brioude, we can go to restaurants, bakeries, markets, do shopping..I dont really know Brioude.

  • ~ Family and Pets ~I have got 4 dogs, their names are : Cooky ( the dog of my sister, on the right on the first photo ) Dixy ( my dog, on the left on the first photo ) Alto( in the middle on the first photo ), and Chouchoune ( the dog of the second photo ).I have got one sister, Clo, shes 10 years old. My parents are separated, I live with my mother and I visit my father every two weekends.

  • ~ About my school ~I go to school by bus at 7.17 am. Within 15 minutes we are Brioude. At 5.10 pm the bus wait s for me and we go back to Chaniat. Return at the first page.