This is what I do

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Andrew Beh [email protected]

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  • Andrew Beh [email protected]
  • Few subjects are beyond the reach of simple explanation.
  • Sometimes people hope sense and order will emerge from their work by the magic of communication. It doesnt.
  • To explain anything simply and clearly, you have to grab your subject and squeeze.
  • This is what I do.
  • Writing financial press releases Strategy creation Targeting/prospecting/profiling Business / strategy analysis Financial analysis performance, forecasts, valuation Presenting groups and 1on1s Roadshowing Creating market presentations Editing Strategy creation internal and external Media relations Crisis communications Change and restructuring Corporate/internal 'journalism' Public Relations Copy writing INVESTOR RELATIONS COMMUNICATIONS+
  • I fold together years of experience in finance, management and communications.
  • Im a financial and business analyst first. My ability to communicate about finance and business follows from there.
  • TNT Express Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Bear Stearns Equity Research ING Equity Research Skill External Communications Freelance Communications, market research and public policy analysis Mount Royal College (SAMRC) Communications and public policy analysis
  • Andrew Beh [email protected]