Thinking Differently About The Future - Helen McNulty

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Transcript of Thinking Differently About The Future - Helen McNulty

PowerPoint Presentation

Thinking differently about the future

Helen McNultyHead of Additional Needs

What we are going to do today;

Introduce and discuss moving into adulthoodThink about the future for your child/pupil and your familyDiscuss and plan what next steps you are going to take to plan for the future

The Children & Families Act 2014 includes the important opportunity of education up to 24.

We all recognise that opportunities for YP with learning disabilities have been in short supply, so the education option can at first sight appear to fill an important gap and for some students it really does.

Its also the aim of The Childrens Act to create new personalised opportunities for young people, so its not a matter of slotting the young person into the first opportunity we can find.

For every YP that wants to continue their education, theres probably another YP that is longing never, ever to be in a classroom again.

For that YP their idea of hell/boredom is to continue in Education! They want a job, to do something that interests them, to be someone not stuck in class on sunny day.

So we must focus on what the young person wants, and be clear about the purpose of their education. Will the proposed education really take them closer to get a job, or learning a skill that they really want? Education is great if you enjoy what you are learning and you have real use for your studies.Education is boring if it means you are shut away (institutionalised) trying to learn about something that doesnt interest you.

London is a world class city and there must be something out there that interest you?

Jobs, internships, volunteering, Parks, museums, short courses, sports, fitness, leisure, bargains theres something out there the young person will enjoy.

How do we usually make decisions about further education?

Why do YP choose to stay at school, go to college or leave education?Why do parents want their children to stay or leave education?Why do teachers want their pupils to go on to another education provision?

What information do you need to know to plan for post 16 for your child/pupil?

Benefits, Housing, Voluntary Agencies what do other YP have?

Is this on your local offer?

Do you know (or about) adult services enough?