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Greenville, South Carolina’s most populous county, is located in the Upstate region in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. It’s situated in the heart of the Altanta-Charlotte Megaregion, one of the 10 areas in the US that are expected to account for more than 70 percent of the country’s population growth over the next 30 years. With well more than 250 international firms such as Michelin and BMW investing in the region, Greenville has developed a reputation for being a welcoming community for both new businesses and residents. The economic and cultural vibrancy newcomers experience is always balanced with a concern for a high quality of life.We hope that you will take a few minutes to think about our wonderful community and how it may fit into your future plans.

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    A publication of the Greenville Chamber

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  • greenvilleth nk

    Atlanta(146 mi.)

    Asheville(63 mi.) Charlotte

    (102 mi.)


    (103 mi.)

    Charleston(213 mi.)

    Savannah(257 mi.)

    Raleigh(266 mi.)

    Nashville(263 mi.) G

    reenville, one of South Carolinas

    most beautiful cities, is located in the

    foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    Its situated in the heart of the Altanta-Charlotte

    Megaregion, one of the 10 areas in the U.S. that

    is expected to account for more than 70 percent

    of the countrys population growth over the next

    30 years.

    With more than 250 international firms such

    as Michelin and BMW investing in the region,

    Greenville has developed a reputation for being a

    welcoming community for both new businesses

    and residents. A very unique blend of economic

    and cultural vibrancy awaits newcomers.

    We hope that you will take a few minutes to

    about our wonderful community and

    how it may fit into your future plans.

    th nk

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  • downtownth nk

    downtownI have lived in many cities throughout North

    America from Fargo to New York, but Greenville tops the list as the best place I have ever lived. It has the perfect mix of location, climate, business

    and culture for me.

    Roger Newton, BI-Lo Center

    th nk

    Downtown is flourishing with trees, restaurants, shops, offices,

    residents, and entertainment. It has earned the designation of

    Great American Main Street and with over 300 events each

    year, leads the region in hosting visitors.

    Designated as the areas cultural center, downtown Greenville

    features the Peace Center for the Performing Arts, the County Art

    Museum, the Main Public Library, the Upcountry History Museum,

    and a number of private galleries and theater venues. There is fun for

    the whole family with many parks, the Greenville Zoo, the BI-LO Center

    arena, and Fluor Field, home to the Greenville Drive minor league

    baseball team.

    Sobys Falls Park

    Photo/Saige Linda Irlacher

    FAST FACTS ForeignDirect


    named Greenville as a

    Top Micro-City of the


    There are over 90

    restaurants within

    walking distance of

    Main Street



  • Fluor Field, Home of the Greenville Drive

    Fall for Greenville

    Photo/Greenville CVB

    Saturday Market



  • recreationth nk

    FAST FACTSThe Greenville area h


    3 state parks with nearly

    5,000 acres

    60+ county and city parks

    with nearly 2,000 acres

    Countywide greenway

    network that is more than

    17 miles long and growing

    It only makes sense that companies look for healthy communities when deciding where to relocate. A connected and active community is a

    healthy community.

    -Ty Houck, Greenville County Recreation District


  • Paris Mountain State Park

    Victoria Valley Vineyards

    Rainbow Falls

    Photo/Ryan Wilcox

    Photo/Kevin Greene


    Within minutes from the award-winning downtown lies the Blue Wall Escarpment, recognized as one of the worlds most significant ecosystems, with more than 400 species of rare plants and more individual

    tree species than in all of Europe.

  • arts & cultureGreenville is affordable and low stress but offers cultural amenities far beyond what one would expect in a city this size. There are many more concerts, plays, and festivals

    than I can attend.

    - Nancy Fitzer, Upstate Forever

    th nk

    Greenvilles dedication to the arts provides for numerous

    cultural experiences, including the symphony, an art museum,

    a history museum, a childrens museum, a chorale, a light

    opera company, a gallery of religious art, three ballet companies, five

    downtown theatres, a performance center, and a 15,000-seat arena. The

    West End of downtown features a rapidly growing arts district featuring

    galleries, working studios and monthly gallery crawls. In addition to

    these wonderful assets, Greenville is home to numerous festivals and

    arts-related events including Artisphere, Fall for Greenville, Euphoria,

    and Open Studios. The South Carolina Governors School for the Arts

    and Humanities and Fine Arts Center train many talented young artists,

    adding to the cultural vibrancy of the area.

    Photo/City of Greenville

    Peace Center Amphitheatre

    Warehouse Theatre Artisphere


    Artists rendering of $12.5 million renovation project underway at the Peace Center

  • FAST FACTS Named a Best Art Town in America by John Villani Home to the most significant Andrew Wyeth and Jasper Johns collections in the world Artisphere is a Top 20 Arts event in the Southeast 8 graduates of the SC Governors School for the Arts have been accepted to Julliards prestigious drama program in the past 8 years (of only 18 accepted a year, world-wide)9

  • GE EnergyGreenville is the global headquarters for GE Energys

    Engineering Division and is the worlds largest heavy duty

    gas turbine manufacturing facility.

    Electric vehicle charging


    FAST FACTS Greenville is one of


    first cities in the world to

    be chosen by GE to be an

    Electric Vehicle Test City

    Ranked #2 Wind Energy

    Manufacturing Leader

    in 2010 by Business


    There are currently 52

    electric vehicle charging

    stations in Greenville, more

    than any similar market

  • innovationth nk

    I have come to appreciate that this is one of the most vibrant and forward-thinking communities in the

    Southeast. I see innovation and leadership as an integral part of this regions culture.

    Mark Nantz, Bon Secours St. Francis Health System

    A rich mix of engineering, manufacturing, applied research, and higher education in the Upstate creates a fertile ground where innovation can thrive. Michelin has long had a very strong R&D presence in the region. The recent addition of Clemson Univer-

    sitys International Center for Automotive Research has elevated the area

    to one of the premier automotive and motorsports research and educa-

    tional centers in the world.

    Greenville has developed a unique Greening of Greenville partner-

    ship with GE, Duke Energy, Enterprise, Greenville County, GSP Airport,

    Hubbell Lighting, Thurso Power Systems and others to create a living

    laboratory to test green technologies such as electric vehicles, LED

    street lighting and technologies for commercial buildings.

    Proterra builds the electric bus of the future in Greenville, S.C.


  • entrepreneurship Greenvilles most telling recent development is the NEXT

    Innovation Center, where tech start-ups, entrepreneurs, and even angel investors rent and share space, coffee, and brainpower. The creative vibe here is so strong that walls

    are covered with writable surfaces so eurekas can get scribbled down anywhere, anytime.

    Mens Journal

    th nk

    Thomas Creek BreweryThomas Creek Brewery was founded in 1998 by father and son team Bill & Tom Davis after the two traveled the country together and developed a passion for craft beer. Since opening the brewery, they have completed numerous expansions and spread into sales territories including the Southeast, Midwest and Scandinavia. Bill & Toms fascination and excitement for beer continues to foster Thomas Creeks position as the leading South Carolina microbrewery.

    Its an easy place to connect and launch a business. This is the

    common sentiment among businesses that have started in

    our community. With a very business-friendly environment,

    entrepreneurs flock to Greenville for the unbeatable combination

    of business support and lifestyle quality that cannot be found in most


    With the Greenville Chambers NEXT initiative to support the

    entrepreneurial community through concierge service, advocacy and

    infrastructure development, the region is gaining both national and

    international recognition as the place to go to launch a venture.

    The NEXT Innovation Center opened its doors in the summer of 2009


  • Lab21Michael Bolick, President

    A rising star in the regions Health Sciences cluster, Lab21 Inc is the US headquarters for a UK firm and is located at the NEXT Innovation Center. Their 7.500 ft square feet CLIA laboratory provides advanced diagnostic services with a focus on enabling personalized medicine for oncology and virology including next generation sequencing and HPLC/mass spectrometry. They offer both routine diagnostic services and clinical trial support.

    FAST FACTS BusinessFacilities has ranked