Think Differently: How to accomplish big goals for your business | Mack Fogelson

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SEO, social media, and content marketing are perfect for building community, but ultimately they’re only the tools. The true objective is to meet your business goals, growing your company into what you want it to be. Here is a sustainable approach and process that goes beyond the tools, focusing instead on who and what a company should be and on building a thriving community around your brand.

Transcript of Think Differently: How to accomplish big goals for your business | Mack Fogelson

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2. CHANCES ARE, YOU BELIEVE INinboundor web marketing or digital marketingor whatever you want to call it.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 3. but you may have noticed itshard workyouve got to earn links, work on user experiencedevelop relationships, & build community.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 4. instead of just being an seo, youve got to be acreativeand a marketer and a strategistand a data scientist.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 5. 5@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONSPHOTO CREDIT: DR. PETE 6. you even have toconvinceyour clients & your bossand motivate your team...@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 7. to make theevolutionfrom the old way of doing SEO to afully integrated inbound marketing solution.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 8. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONSPHOTO CREDIT: 9. If you are feelingthe painof the new seo revolution and are strugglingwith all kinds of roadblocks...@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 10. @mackfoglesonLike....How the heck do i...get buy-inchange perspectivemeasure & justify roiun-silo teamsget consensus in larger organizations@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 11. ...Youve got to start thinkingdifferentlybecause this isnt just about seoor social media or content.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 12. 12its aboutgrowingyourbusiness@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 13. @mackfoglesonSo lets talk about asustainable processthat will guide your evolution.Stop using seo in a silo.EmbracE a new approach.@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 14. we have put this processto the testwith many different types of companies indifferent industries with different challenges.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 15. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONSPHOTO CREDIT: 16. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 17. This process is extremelycollaborativeand requires the involvement of allinternal & external teams.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 18. this process utilizestoolslike SEO & social media & contentamong other great things.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 19. @mackfoglesonBut today we will keep the focus onthe whole businessand not just marketing initiatives.that difference makes this process powerful.@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 20. @mackfogleson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 21. but before we get started, there is onewarningthat i have for you today.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 22. @mackfoglesonThis process isnot a formulaits a guidebook.your job is to make it work for your team.for your goals.And for your business.@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 23. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 24. so heres the deal withbuy-init has to happen all the never, ever ends.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 25. earning buy-in relates to how well youcommunicatewith your clients, boss, or your have to make the effort.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 26. the shocker about buy-in is itsnot about youits about understanding & effectivelycommunicating with your audience.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 27. 27your job is tobridgethe gap between wherethey are and where youwant them to be.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONSPHOTO CREDIT: 28. @mackfoglesonSo try this very simpleexerciseaudiencepain pointssolutions@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 29. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 30. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 31. remember that youre dealing withpeopleand that in itself is yourgreatest challenge.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 32. continue to put in theeffortmake buy-in part of your regular routine.this Step builds trust & opens doors.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 33. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 34. working to build analliancewith your team will be the largestcontributing factor to success.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 35. whatever you dodont skipthis step. because forming an alliancewith your team is an extension of buy-in.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 36. @mackfoglesonWhether youre in-house or out, itsall one teammarketing teamsales teamproduct teamweb teamsocial media team@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONSclientspartnering agenciesceomanagerco-workers 37. 37youve got tounitethe team and addressany resistance beforeyou even get started.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONSPHOTO CREDIT: 38. invest the time inthree thingsthat will make your effortssuper successful.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 39. 39before you begin, Conduct asurveythat helps youunderstand more aboutyour team.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 40. 40@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 41. 41encourage them tothinkdifferently. help themunderstand a newapproach & perspective.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 42. @mackfoglesonStart shifting perspective with thewhat? this isnt about seo orsocial media orcontent. this is aboutwhat we want to dowith our company.@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 43. @mackfoglesonMove on to thewhy? why are we doing this?what is our vision?What are we building?@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 44. @mackfoglesonCommunicate the importance ofWho? your effort is integralTheres a lot to dowe cant work in silos@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 45. @mackfoglesonThink differently about theRolesseowebsiteemail marketingreading & learningoutreach@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONSProject managementcommunity managementcontentstrategydesign 46. @mackfoglesonKeep the focus of the team ongoals not toolswere working towardlong-term, sustainableresults & building abetter company.@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 47. @mackfoglesonLet your team know thatlinks still matterbut so does the value & EXperience thatyoure creating for your customers.@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 48. @mackfoglesonAnd yes, tell your team you canmeasure this stuffand thats something that you will work ontogether as you define goals & kpis.@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 49. 49make sure you set up aplanfor as a team.get stuff done.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 50. @mackfogELsonAsk some questionswho is our key point of contact?do you prefer email, phone, face-to-face?what execution tools do you use?what days/times are best for meetings?who is the final decision maker?What does your approval process look like?@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 51. 51@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 52. 52@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 53. 53@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONSscreen shot: 54. if you take the time to effectivelycommunicateyou can avoid any unnecessaryroadblocks & frustrations.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 55. @mackfoglesonLet everyone know how you plan tocommunicatestand-upsbi-weekliesmonthly reportsquarterly analysis@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 56. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 57. @mackfoglesonWord on the street is that you canmeasure this stuffand the roi that seo & social media &content generate for your business.@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 58. but what you are going tomeasureand how you are going to measure itdepends entirely on your goals.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 59. @mackfoglesonSo make sure you define goals for yourwhole businessand not just for seo or social media or content.@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 60. think beyond goals that you have forrevenueand focus on where you want totake your business.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 61. @mackfoglesonAnswer three questions when defininggoals[1] what do you want to do?[2] what does that mean?[3] how does that equate to kpis?@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 62. 62what do you want todo?lets say you want tobecome a thought leader.sounds great.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 63. 63but what does thatmean?many companies have thevery same goal but it canmean very differentthings to each company.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 64. @mackfoglesonYouve got to make your goal moreGranular We want to build trustwe want more visibilitywe want to teach stuffwe want to be respectedwe want to influence@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 65. again, what does thatmean?how are you going to accomplish that?@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 66. @mackfogELsonWe want to build trustread & learn & bloggo places & meet peoplehold events & teach people thingsBe Authentic & transparenthelp others & give back@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 67. 67decide how that equates toKPIs?this will help you provethat youre actuallyaccomplishing what youset out to do.@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 68. @mackfoglesonSo maybe you decide tomeasure increase in trafficshares & commentsform submissionsblog/email subscribersevent conversionsface-to-face leads@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 69. keep in mind that there aremany thingsthat cannot be quantified through analytics.@mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 70. @mackfogELson@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 71. @mackfoglesonThe thing with goals is thatthere is no formulathey are different for you measure them will be different, too.your goals will change & so will your kpis.@mackfogELson@mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 72. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS 73. your strategy is yourroad mapand the action plan that is actually going tohelp you accom