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  • Create better cross-platformapplications and business


    Think Big. Think Smalltalk.

  • Big Rewards:JP Morgan estimates that Smalltalk is three times more productive thanother languages.

    What would a 3X productivity increase do for your company?

    Big Thoughts fromthe Vice President:With such a highproductivity factor thatSmalltalk gives us, reactiontimes to market changeshave enabled us to beatmost of our competitors.

    Dr. Colin LewisVice President, JP Morgan


    Create better cross-platform applications and business solutions.

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    Strength of Smalltalk: Providing over 30 Years of Value to Customers

    Get tactical and strategic advantage over your competitionno matter what industryyoure in. Cincom Smalltalk gives you the strength to create superior qualityapplications. The language is simple, elegant and easy to understand.

    Our technology is setting standards. Smalltalk users are continually enhancing businessprocesses to improve business performance.

  • Create better cross-platform applications and business solutions.


    Big Thoughts fromthe President:

    Big Rewards: EBC Informatique views Cincom Smalltalk as a partner in globalizing thecompany.

    How much potential could your company have going global?

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    Accelerate Your Potential

    Cincom ObjectStudio allows you to focus on the business processes you want toautomate. Your application reflects your professional expertise, not purely your codingand debugging skills, and you produce higher quality applications.

    Cincom Smalltalk simplifies development, assuring that new, legacy or integratedapplications for internal or external clients deliver the value and return on

    investment at low risk to your business.

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    Create better cross-platform applications and business solutions.

    Big Thoughts fromthe Senior VP:

    Big Rewards:Scarborough Research reduced resources from six programmers down to one.

    How would a significant reduction in resources help your company?

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    Pearls of Cincom Smalltalk

    Productivity In studies and comparisons, Cincom Smalltalk is consistently moreproductive than any other mainstream language.

    Simplicity The language design is simple, consistent and efficient, allowing youto get more done with fewer problems and less maintenance.

    Pioneering From the graphical user interface to XP/Agile development, peopleare using our technology to continually influence software development.

    Portability Minimize risk, protect your development investment and get theplatform flexibility you need. Cincom VisualWorks is a leader in platform portability.

    Broad Application Flexibility Are you building client, client/server, webbrowser or web server distributed applications? We have proven successes in all.

    Enjoyment Developers using our technology get more done and enjoy doingit. Better morale leads to better employee retention.

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    Create better cross-platform applications and business solutions.

    Big Thoughts from aGovernment Agency:

    Big Rewards:Swedish National Tax Authority reduced costs thanks to the highdegree of code reuse made possible by Cincom Smalltalk.

    Would reduced costs help your company?

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    Writing applications in Cincom Smalltalk meansworking with a company that provides SimplificationThrough Innovation to our clients worldwide.

    Think Big. Think Smalltalk.

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