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Think Beyond Band AidsA Economic Development, Urbanisation and Systematic Planning SchemeVikram Vijayant RanaDevelopment Management Institute, Patna

Content LayoutIntroductionCity SystemSpatial PlanningMunicipal CapacitiesThe Political Ownership Of A CityTransparency, Accountability And Citizen ParticipationASICS (-Annual Survey of Indias City System)Conclusions2

IntroductionWe live in a world where economic development and urbanisation are like Siamese twines.Rapid Urbanisation does not guarantee sustained economic growth.The good news is that policy makers and opinion leaders have finally begun to focus on urban problem.The band news is that we still placing band-aids when the patient has a deep disease.Solving the Challenges of our cities will require a city-system framework.3

City SystemUnderstanding and solving the challenges of our cities will require a city system framework.The urban phenomenon is the result of a complex system to play.4

Spatial PlanningIt is crucial to fulfil objectives of a city across economy, equity and the environment.Indias cities need modern spatial planning laws, planning institutions, and adequate number of qualified town planner.5

Municipal CapacitiesScenarios:-Bengaluru and New York both have approx. 9 million residents.New York employs over 4,00,000 city worker where Bengaluru has less than 30,000.Problems:-5% of New York human recourses are qualified senior management- in urban planning, infrastructure and so on.But Bengaluru barely has 0.5% of its headcount as senior management. 1% of the total fiscal wallet available in India and global avg. 7.5% .6

Comparison between two city with same population.7

Solutions:-We need massive injection of sustainable financing.We need to strengthen the institution in our city on both human and financial capacities.Beginning with the municipality but also other civic institution such as- Development authority.Water authority.Transport authority.Metro rail.Police.Fire services.Housing authority.


The Political Ownership Of A CityFragmented leadership across the state govt., MLAs, the Mayor and the city council.We need to work towards having directly elected metropolitan mayors as leasers of our cities.Minimum tenure of five years for a Mayor will enable medium term planning and execution.In its 25th Year, the 74th Constitution Amendment needs to be respected.9

Transparency, Accountability And Citizen Participation.Besides public discloser and data-driven accountability for performance and service levelsFormal platforms for citizen participation are urgently needed.Citizen participation has both intrinsic as well as instrumental benefits.Most importantly, it builds trust between citizens and goverments.10

ASICS (-Annual Survey of Indias City System)11

ConclusionsASICS provides a comprehensive diagnostic of the health of our cities and also a reform agenda that accompanies the same.State government can create time-bound, measurable blueprints for our cities that incorporates these reform agendas.And we have to set accountability to the employee, specially to govt. employee.12


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