Things we Take for Granted

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Transcript of Things we Take for Granted

Things we take for granted

Things we take for grantedPaul Sloane

Queen Cleopatra

never had a cold drink.

Alexander the Great

never ate a potato.

Leonardo da Vinci

never saw a photograph.

King Henry VIIInever had a toilet that flushed.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartnever heard a saxophone or an electric guitar.

Napoleonnever rode a bicycle.

Abraham Lincoln

never made a phone call.

Henry Ford

never drove an automatic or used GPS navigation.

Albert Einstein

never sent or received an email.

John F Kennedy

never had a cell phone

Walt Disney

never downloaded a movie.

Marilyn Monroe

never bought anything on Amazon.

John Lennon

never downloaded a song.

Ronald Reagannever sent a text message.

Freddie Mercury

never tweeted.

Michael Jacksonnever used whatsapp or snapchat.

Things we take for grantedPaul SloaneAuthor and