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Here are some tips of things to do with your dad on fathers day and gift ideas to buy him in 2014.

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  • 1. Things to do with your Dad on Fathers DayHere are some great fathers day gift ideas to help the two of you enjoy the day together.

2. Introduction Find bonding with you dad an odd task? Many of us do but fathers day is the chance to spend some time together. You can do more than just buy a gift Here are some great ideas to have fun with all the different types of dads on fathers day. 3. Its What Men Do Best Watch the football. When dad normally invites his mates over or goes to the pub on his own, join him for a much love game of footy on the TV. If he's not even too old for it, why not suggest a five a side with some of your mates and their dads. Make it a dads vs sons match.A PINTA FOOTBALL 4. Fly a QuadcopterGift IdeasWho said remote control toys are for young people? I think not. RC gadgets are suitable for any male, no matter how old you are. Hey, why not buy two and compete against each other?QUADCOPTER WITH LEDSVIPER 3 CHANNEL GYRO WATER JET 5. Lets Go Fly A Kite A day out with dad doing dad things. And flying a kite is definitely a dad thing to do. All you need is a bit of wind, thats not hard to find in the UK. A little picnic or chocolate bar and a flask will also go down a treat, after all. Dads just like having some attention once in a while. It's not always about mum.Gift IdeasBATKITETWISTER KITE 6. Revisit Your ChildhoodGift IdeasThe inner child in a man is never hard to find. Stunt tricks with cool buggies makes an awesome afternoon out with your dad. A little walk and a toy to play with nearly always goes down well.LOGICOM SPY-C TANKDASH 2 FLIP SPEEDBOAT 7. Keep Calm and Make TeaGift IdeasSometimes it doesn't take a lot to show your dad that you really do love him. Most of the time fuss is not to be made. A nice cuppa tea in a cool novelty mug or a good brekky will make his heart warm and fuzzy.CAMERA LENS MUG WITH LIDUP YOURS MUG 8. An Experience to RememberGift IdeasAdventurous dads who want to try new things love experience days. Hot air balloon rides will almost defiantly be something he won't forget. You may not be able to get an experience day for actual Fathers-day, but gift experiences make a great gift. CAR EXPERIENCE DAYSFLYING EXPERIENCE DAYS 9. Its Dads turn Most dads hate to admit it but going to rom-coms all the time to please their wives just doesn't always do it for them. Why not go to the cinema and see a film he would really like to watch.Gift Ideas CINEMA TICKETS & POPCORN 10. Rock n roll dad For a rock and roll dad, a concert ticket for his favourite band is a rocking idea. Why not see who's playing and book tickets now. Saves having to remember later on or miss out when they get sold out. ROCK CONCERT TICKETSCOMEDY NIGHT TICKETS 11. Set his swing in motion Give dad a game of golf or get him measured for some golf clubs for fathers day. New technologies are coming out making it easier for the right clubs to be made and measured to your golf swing. Not only that but you can have lessons to help you play golf. Check out the swinging action here...GOLF CLUBSGOLF LESSONS 12. Fun and games Dads dont get a chance to run around playing games anymore. Paint balling or air softing will bring out some excitement in your dad. Of course people will get hurt, but at the same time, it's good fun.COMBAT BOOTSAIR SOFTING GUN 13. Old school Go to a museum. Now I haven't come across any dad of yet who doesn't like either antiques cars, looking at old British medals or checking out the museums.GALLANTRY MEDALSCLASSIC CAR RIDE 14. For more fathers day gift ideas, check out some men's gift guides online:RED5s Fathers Day Gift Guide The Present Spotter Gift GuideFollow Me on Slideshare for more of my contributions, or find me on Twitter: @EdwardPhelan1