Things to Consider Before Cycling Touring Australia and Other Places

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If you have ever contemplated taking your love of cyclingand combining it with a holiday, you’re not alone.

In Australia, and all over the world, cycling enthusiasts areseeking ways to combine their passion with their time off,and the result has been an explosion in cyclists taking tothe road both on well-worn and undiscovered routes.

But if you’ve never embarked on one of these adventuresbefore, we’ve put together some useful things to considerbefore you book your annual leave!

How Fit Should I Be?

Cycling is one of the best ways to achieve physical conditioning andaerobic fitness at the same time. But despite this, a lot of weekendroad bike riders and mountain bikers say that they’re “not fit enough”to do a full blown cycling holiday.

But the great thing about cycle touring is that there is no requiredlevel of fitness. If you are planning your own holiday, you can plandaily ride goals to suit your personal fitness level. A good startingpoint for intermediate riders is around 75 kilometres, which manywould class as a “comfortable” ride across a whole day.

Bike Choice

At Ivanhoe Cycles we have a full range of bikes that you canchoose from before embarking on a cycling holiday. Touring bikesare solid all rounders, with good weight, stability over the occasionalrough patch of road, and are easy to mount on racks.

Road bikes are a great idea if you are planning a route that will beexclusively on good roads. But if you are taking this option, it’sbetter to stick to tried and tested routes, so that you and your bikemake it through your holiday in one piece.

Planning Essentials

Probably the most important rule of cycle touring is to planyour route well before you leave. Knowing where you willstop each night will give you a target to work towards, andalso allow friends and family to check in with you whileyou’re on the road.

The other cardinal rule is to pack as light as possible. Investingin lightweight, warm clothing, energy bars and gels and a phonewith long lasting battery are a good starting point. Once you’veput together your planned route and lists, run your ideas past anexperienced cyclist to check that you haven’t missed anything,and to help improve the strength of your plan.

Of course, if you’d like to talk about yourupcoming cycling holiday with the friendlyteam at

we would love to hear about it!

Whether it’s choosing your equipment,planning your route or buying a new bike,we are here to help make your cyclingholiday the best experience possible.


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