Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse – Things to Know about Women

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Here are 11 things every woman should have in her purse. There are even 31 more things of this type that can found at: 1. Lipstick Lipstick is one of the things every woman should always have in her purse. This cosmetic will help her create beautiful lips wherever she is. If you are too busy to make up in the morning, you should take a lipstick with you so that you can apply it onto your lips whenever you can. 2. Safety Pins Or Sewing Kit Safety pins and sewing kit are also the typical things every woman should have in her purse. Imagine your shirt or blouse is missing a button when you are in the public. In this case, safety pins and sewing kit are very necessary for you. 3. Hair Tie No matter where you go, you should always take at least one hair tie with you. One of the things that women do not wish men knew is their untidy hair. If you want to be looked at as one of the beautiful women at work or in the public, do not leave your hair messy. 4. A Pen Another thing every woman should have in her purse is a pen. You cannot remember everything you see or hear one day long. A pen will help you take note the important information. 5. Notebook Just like a pen, a notebook is necessary for every woman as it can keep the information that she cannot remember. 6. Emergency Contact Information You do not know what may happen to you when you go out. You may have a sudden headache that prevents you from driving home. In this case, you will need to call someone for help. Emergency contact information is very essential in this case. 7. Mirror No matter whether you are a young woman or an old one, you should always have a tiny mirror in your purse. The mirror will help you check if you need to do something with your face or your hair when you go out. 8. Cash/ Money Taking cash with you is essential as you may need to buy something such as a bottle of water or a newspaper. 9. Baby Wipes Baby wipes help clean your skin gently. You may need them to clean your face or your hands after your exposure to dust or dirt. 10. Sanitary Napkins Sanitary napkins are the most outstanding things every woman should have in her purse. Women jokes indicate that men should not open women’s purses as they may keep sanitary pads there. You may forget the beginning date of your menstruation cycle, so you should always bring some extra sanitary pads with you. 11. Breath Mints/ Mint Gum It is not very convenient to brush your teeth after you have lunch in a restaurant. However, you can still be free from bad breath if you eat mint gum or some breath mints. Therefore, you should always take some breath mints or mint gum with you.

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