Things about white coal made through biomass briquetting machine

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Transcript of Things about white coal made through biomass briquetting machine

  1. 1. Things about white coal made through biomass briquetting machine The Eco-friendly briquetting. . . . technology to save nature Indian Briquetting Machine Manufacturers & Exporters
  2. 2. White Coal Machine Plant Manufacturers White coal machines are manufactured by well renowned white coal machine manufacturers. These white coal machine manufacturers have abundant knowledge and great experience and the right equipment to manufacture white coal. There are various white coal machines available in the market which energy efficient and produce eco friendly white coal briquettes from bio waste materials. White Coal Machine Plant India
  3. 3. Briquetting Machine Manufacturers Briquetting Machine Manufacturers India Agricultural waste materials are used as raw material to manufacture white coal through Briquetting machine manufacturers. Any type of agricultural or agro wastes can be used such as cumin waste, jute waste, almond shells, rice husk, groundnut shells, saw dust etc to prepare the white coal in the biomass briquetting white coal machines.
  4. 4. Biomass Briquetting Machine Plant All these wastes are collected and placed into the white coal machines under high pressure and temperature. Once the process is completed environmental friendly ready to use white coal briquettes are formed as the product. These white coal briquettes are cheaper compared to other fuels. Biomass Briquetting Machine Plant
  5. 5. Eco-friendly Briquetting Press Plant Briquetting Press Machine Plant These are eco friendly and do not release ashes into the air while burning. These white coal briquetting machine plant can be in used in various industries for several purposes as a substitute to other fuels such as lignite, charcoal, bio coal etc.
  6. 6. Eco-friendly Briquetting Press Plant The popularity and the demand of white coal biomass briquetting machines are increasing day by day due to its pollution free features and its cost effective nature. In certain countries such as India, where the electricity is either expensive or scarce white coal machine manufacturers stepped in as a boon to promote usage of white coal briquettes. Biomass Briquetting Machine Plant Manufacturers
  7. 7. Shri Ram Agro Tech Engineering Business Owner : Mr. Ravirajsinh Rever Mr. Kamlesh Ganatra Mr. Mayurrajsinh Jadeja Address : Plot No. 904, Lodhika G.I.D.C, Gate No. 3, Kalawad Road, 360021 Dist. Rajkot - Gujarat - India Website : Email ID :