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    TIR AN A, 1968



    (Reproduced from the Zeri i Popullit~ daily, dt.

    Nove mbe r 19, 1968 )


    TIRANA, IlJ68

  • For three months now the Czechoslovak SocialistRepublic has been writhing under the sinister yokeof the Soviet revisionist fascist invaders. The Cze-cho -Iovak people are faced today with the objectivenecessity of rising up to fight for the liberation ofthe country and th eir national independence.

    For the Soviet revisionists the invasion of Cze-choslovakia is only the first step towards the achie-vement of their ultimate and far-reaching objectives.Now the whole country - its economy, foreign andinternal policies, the Czechoslovak army, the Go-vernment and Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.its whole social life - is subjected to the interests,to the policy of brutal dictation of invaders whoare trying hard to stabilize the situation and to con-solidate their regime of occupation. They are tryingto create the illusion among the Czechoslovak peo -ple that Czechoslovakia is allegedly free and equalamong equals.., that the invasion army is a friendlyarmy which has allegedly come to rescue socialismand Czechoslovakia from the counter-revolution andthe imperialists, that the stationing of foreign troopson Czechoslovak territory is allegedly temporary,and so on and so forth. In order to make these illu-sions believed they have trumped up the farce ofthe gradual withdrawal of the invading Soviettroops from Czechoslovakia, a thing which is a fraud

  • pure and simple, for the invaders hold the keyto the Czechoslovak borders in their pockets render-ing account to no one and coming to and going awayfrom Czechoslovakia day or night freely withoutbeing subjected to any control Or customhouse if they were at home.

    But what does stabilization of the situation inCzechoslovakia mean for the Soviet revisionists?What are their objectives? Under present conditions.Czechoslovakia represents an acute point of majorstrategic, military, political and economic signifi-cance. Due to its geographic position in the centerof Europe, Czechoslovakia holds an important placein the global strategy of the Soviet revisionist clique:it has direct bearings on the security of the bordersof the Soviet Union. it is a brigde between it andthe other European revisionist countries as well asbetween it and the West, As an advanced industrialand commercial country, Czechoslovakia i necessaryto the Soviet clique for direct economic advantagesand as a lever in their economic relations with thecountries under their zone of influence and withthe West.. Therefore, the ultimate objective of theSoviet revisionist clique is to take hold. throughmilitary dictate or other means , of the key po-sitions in Czechoslovakia so as to make of it a pro-vince subjected to the Soviet Union under the falselabel of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

    In order to attain such stabilization, the Sovietrevisionist invaders are trying to turn the Cze-choslak army into an appendage, a disarmed armyobedient to Soviet orders and altogether incapableof playing any role in uprisings against the invaders.They are purging the Czechoslovak army of all

  • opposing cadres and are organizing within it SovietSecurity Service under the guise of the numerousSoviet advisers. Thus, they aim at turning theCzechoslovak army into a weapon serving the So-viet revisionist invaders and their tools against theCzechoslovak people who are rising to offer a grow-ing and determined resistance.

    The economic subjugation of Czechoslovakia aswell as of the other satellite countries has beenthe permanent policy of the Khrushchovite chauvin-ist group of leaders of the Soviet Union. It has givenrise to grave consequences. Following the overthrowof Novotny's bankrupt clique. Dubcheks group wasforced to admit its deep concern when it noticed that9 out 10 automobiles were running on Sovit fuel,that 2 out of every 3 loaves of bread were madeof Soviet flour and that the metallurgic plants wereabout to suspend their work in case the delivery ofSoviet minerals failed. The enslaving economicagreements signed by the Dubchek-Svoboda capi-tulationists with the Soviet Government during thedays when Czechoslovakia was invaded, tied upCzechoslovak economy more closely 'to the Sovieteconomy. But within the framework of stabili-zation, the Soviet revisionist leaders aim at sup-pressing even the slightest attempt for Czechoslo-vakian economic independence and at placing thewhole Czechoslovakian economy under the com-plete dependence of Soviet economy on the allegedform of socialist collaboration and of the social-ist international division of labor through theCouncil of Mutual Economic Aid and its othermechanisms. Under the guise of numerous economicadvisers every branch of Czechoslovak economy

  • is being and will be placed under the strict su-pervision of the Soviets. The latter are trying toplace investments under their control so that theymay meet, first and foremost, their own needs andinterests. The Soviet revisionist leaders want to seeto it that the development of Czechoslovak industryshould depend mainly on the raw materials, oil,electric power and minerals which are supplied bythe Soviet Union, that this development is placedat the mercy of the Soviet leaders, that its distri-bution be controlled by them and that the Czhe-choslovak crown be surbservient to and under thecontrol of the ruble. They also seek to place Cze-choslovak foreign trade under their strict supervi-sion so that the bulk of it may be carried out withthe Soviet Union and its satellites and meet theeconomic and political needs of the Soviet leadersin compliance with conjunctures that are set upwithin the revisionist fold and with their relationswith the capitalist world. This is in fact the wayto turn Czechoslovakia into an industrial semi-colony of the Soviet social-imperialist leaders.

    The Soviet revisionist invaders are exertinggreat pressure to place Czechoslovak public opinionunder strict censorship. This was one of the mainArticles of the Agreement of Occupation which theysigned with the capitulating Dubchek-Svoboda cli-que. Any public manifestation whatsoever againstthe invaders is brutally suppressed by the Czechos-lovak police while the Soviet tanks stand behindready to take action. Every free expression of opi-nion is accompanied with repressive measures andwith shrewd demagogy about the counter-revo-lutionary and anti-socialist forces in action.

  • Public education and culture will likewise un-dergo changes under the brutal pressure of the in-vaders, allegedly on behalf of the real interna-tionalist and socialist spirit which, in other words,means suppression of the spirit of patriotism andresistance againt invaders, especially among theCzechoslovak youth, resistance which is bound tosizzle and grow and cause head-ache to the in-vaders.

    The aim of the Soviet revisionist leaders is,above and before all, to seize the Party and Stateleadership in Czechoslovakia. This is the lion's share,the key to everything, for this will precisely serveas a mask behind which the regime of occupationand Soviet rule can be stabilized and consolidatedin Czechoslovakia. It is in this that the main battleof the Soviet revisionist invaders is spearheaded andit is precisely here that they have not succeededin achieving their end.

    By precipitating their armed aggression againstCzechoslovakia the Soviet revisionist leading cliquecoud not get even a formal backing by any groupor Quisling Government which would in some wayjustify this typtcally fascist act before Czechoslovakpublic opinion. The Soviet revisionists stand out asopen invaders. All they are fighting for now is tocover up their features.

    The invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet re-visionists was carried out peacefully and withoutfiring a shot, for the Dubchek-Svoboda clique ca-pitulated. It used all means to put the brakes onthe Czechoslovak people's resistance, issuing ordersto the Czechoslovak army not to put up the slightestopposition. Scared to death by the pressure of Soviet

  • invaders, it assures them of the inalterable loyaltyto the friendship with the Soviet Union, it continuesto make one appeal after another to the Czechoslovakpeople not to put up resistance. it condemns popu-lar demonstrations against the invaders and does nothesitate to resort even to violence and arrests ofthe diehards who disturb public order, in otherwords, of the genuine patriots who are rising tofight the invaders.

    The Dubchek-Svoboda clique submitted on ge-neral lines to the dictate of the Soviet invaders astestified to by the capitulating agreements it hassigned with them, which it is implementing in aservile way but which have come up against thelawful and ever growing protest of the Czechoslo-vak people. But under the existing conditions andcircumstances, taking advantage of the people's re-sistance towards the invasion and trying to utilizethe patriotic sentiments of the Czechoslovak peoplefor its own benefit, this clique is offering resistancein order to wrest concessions from the Soviets. toforce them not to oust it from the leading posts itholds in the Party and in the State. The Soviet re-visionist invaders are prepared to do something ifthe Dubchek-Svoboda clique submits to their ensla-ving schemes and, especially. what is of vital impor-tance to the invaders, if it agrees to admit publiclythat the Soviets have allegedly come as friends. asliberators, as defenders of socialism and of the Cze-choslovak people. that they have acted as inter-nationalists, and so on and so forth, in other words,if the Dubche