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eea 1 e e e DavidHamel'sZero-PointUFOTechnology andIt'sConnectiontotheBible,theGreat PyramidandotherAncientArtifacts. Writtenby Robert Acknowledgments Heartfelt thanks tothe following who havehelpedDavid Hamelover the years,and forallof the support Ihave received in writing thisbook: David Hamel forhisdedicated effort inhis search forthetruthand forsharing it withothers,andto his wife, Nora, forher unfailing support; Jeff Moreney, Dan LaRochelle, Michael Longo,Chris Felton, Robin Boyd, JerryBrady, Mike Parks, JohnGearey,Rob Shafer,GeneGonzales, Justin Szymanek, Don Hutter, Tracey Jones, JeaneManning, andPierre Sinclaire for their time andtalents inassisting me inthis project; Special thankstoLinda Felton forher countless hourstyping themanuscript,andtomy wife, Ann, for her guidance andunderstanding; Also,thankstoRonMurray, TonyHoward,Lennyand AlClark, Tom Kosaka,Hans Peterman,Rolf Schatzmann, Waser Andre, Bob andJohn Beck,David Beatty, Carmen Alvarez, Abeland Marlene MamanOrfali, Mirta Zamora, Zbigniew Bulgajewski, Zecharia Sitchin, Bill andMar Gabourie,Steven Dufresne, Bruse Daniels, Steve Hiscock, Marcel Messier, Johnarpin, G.Conway, Mike Roche, Andy Gorgerat, Paul Fulcher,RudyLangen, Tom Bearden, Ole Jensen, AZ Industries,LarryJ.Baker, Doug Edwards,andtheLight House Cafe fortheir support. Contents Acknowledgments Photographs and IllustrationslX Tables xvii IntroductionXlX Chapter I "I'm building aship like Noah with technology from the Ancients" David's Story byJeaneManning1 Chapter 2 The Seven Hermetic Principles25 I.The Principle of Mentalism26 II.The Principle of Polarity26 III.The Principle of Correspondence26 IV.The Principle of Cause andEffect27 V.The Principle of Rhythm27 VI.The Principle of Vibration28 VII.The Principle of Gender28 Chapter 3 Genesis Model - Creation of the Seed of Life fromthe Star29 The Story of Creation29 29 Forces withintheSeedof Life38 Star of David39 Color Mixing40 Pigment Mixing41 Chapter 4 Tree of Life, the Second Creation Model43 Q8.ra1ah45 RiverOut of Eden49 Pathof theFlaming Sword asElectrical Circuit51 Electronic Circuit by Jefj'Morency53 iii Three Pillars on the Treeof Life 54 Electromagnetic Spectrum 55 Chapter 5 Mathematics of Genesis - The Golden Mean Proportion57 Fibonacci Series57 GoldenMeanRectangle59 Diameter of Seed of Life62 TheGoldenMeanProportion inArchitectureandNature64 Chapter 6 The Seed of Life Within Adam and His Descendants67 The First Cycle Numerical Sequence of Adam toNoahDetemines the Righteous inSodomandGomorrah - Code forExplaining the Diameter of theSeed of LifeandRelationtoMan67 The SecondCycle Sequence of NoahtoAbram Explains theExpansion of the Seed71 Abram - PolarityShifts inCreation Model76 Iniationof AbrahamandSarah - TheDivine Spark Energizes theSeed79 Gematria79 Fibonacci Spiral and Timing of theDivine Spark intheBible86 Forty-unit Cycles96 Chapter 7 The Star Which Gives Life to Creation97 The Squaring of theCircle97 Comparing Seed and Star Size98 Phi Progression of Pengram105 Triangles Contained withinthePentagram107 Multidimensional Pentagrams andPentagons Showing 0Progression108 Three Spirals110 Comparing theGreat Pyramid tothePentagram and Seed113 The Squaring of theCircle fortheGreat Pyramid123 j0 ProgressionWithintheGreat Pyramid124 j0 Relationship fortheBent PyramidatDashour125 EgyptianPyramidof Unas126 Purpose of theInner ChambersandPassageways WithintheGreat Pyramid128 iv The RelationshipBetweenPhi (0) andPi (n ) '[hroughthe TwoCreationVersions Chapter 8 Multidimensional Model of Circles and Squares Chapter 9 Infinite Series Chapter 10 The Meaning of Numbers Opposites 1 and8 Opposites 2and7 Opposites 3and 6 Opposites 4and 5 Nines Chapter 11 Sound Circle - Music of the Spheres Within the Genesis Model SoundCircle andPrime Numbers Frequencies fromtheStar toNourishtheSeed Isotope Line inCreation SoundCircle Frequencies andCelestialObjects SoundCircle Frequencies and Their RelationshiptoImportant Time Frames andSacredMeasurements SoundCircle Frequencies andGematria SoundCircle Frequencies Maximize Harmonics Polar Opposite Numbers Chapter 12 Stonehenge isthe Seed of Life Chapter 13 Masculine Three-dimensional Creation Model Platonic SolidOpposites andTheir Relationshiptothe Primary Elements Cuboctahedron, a Neutral System Spin Axis of Platonic Solids andtheCuboctahedron Platonic Solids andCuboctahedron asEqual RadiusSpheres andTheir ProgressionintheSeed PolarityCharacteristics of Platonic Solids v 128 133 137 145 148 151 151 153 154 155 175 182 184 185 188 190 198 200 203 213 214 218 219 222 224 225 235 241 The Expressions of Creation Chapter 14 Three-dimensional Model of the Star Chapter 15 Three-dimensional Model of the Tree of Life Chapter 16 Masculine Three-dimensional Model of Genesis Chapter 17 Feminine Creation Model-The Marco Rodin Toroid Chapter 18 The Genesis Model is the Theory of Everything Chapter 19 The Work of David Hamel Tree of LifeExperiment Treeof Life with Amplified Vibration Weight intoSpeed Chapter 20 Book of the Dead Chapter 21 Ark of the Covenant Chapter 22 Galaxy Trinity General Notes GalaxyTrinity Components First Stage - Power PinionSizes SecondStage - Controls, Tapping thePower Magnetohydrodynamics by Dan LaRochelle Chapter 23 Galaxy Trinity Revealed in Ezekiel and Revelation EzekielChapter 1 vi 243 249 273 279 280 287 288 291 j u ~311 313 313 318 332 336 350 355 355 Ezekiel Chapter 10358 RevelationChapter 4359 RevelationChapter 11360 RevelationChapter 21361 TheDimensions of Paradise362 BibHography365 Afterword371 vii Photographs and Illustrations Chapter 1 Figure1-1:Imperial RussianMilitary Medal - Order of theWhite Eagle Figure 1-2:Photographof ship frommicrofilm Figure1-3:Photographof elevated ship Figure1-4:Photograph of ship departing Chapter 2 Figure 2-1:Sine wave curve Chapter 3 Figure 3-1:Genesis1:1 Figure 3-2:Genesis1:3-5, "The First Day" Figure 3-3:Genesis1:6-8, "The SecondDay" Figure3-4:Genesis1:9-13, "The Third Day" Figure 3-5:Genesis1:14-19, "The FourthDay" Figure 3-6:Genesis1:20-23, "The FifthDay" Figure 3-7:Genesis1:24-31, "The Sixth Day" Figure 3-8:Genesis1:1-31, "The Genesis Model" Figure 3-9:Forces withintheSeed of Life Figure 3-10:Forces withinthe Vesica Pisces Figure 3-11:Star of David Figure 3-12:Color mixing Figure 3-13:Pigment mixing Figure 3-14:Forces shown throughpigment mixing Chapter 4 Figure 4-1:Hermetic Qabalah. The TenHolySephiroth ontheTree of Life Figure 4-2:The Tree of Life containedwithinthe Seed of Life Figure 4-3: Three triangles withinthe Tree of Life Figure 4-4:The fourrivers out of Eden withinthe Tree of Life Figure 4-5: The Path of theFlaming Sword Figure 4-6:Maximum energy transmissionat resonance Figure 4-7: The forcesbetween thethree pillars onthe Tree of Life IX 9 16 21 23 27 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 37 38 39 40 41 41 42 44 45 48 50 52 53 54 Figure 4-8:Electromagnetic spectrum of visiblelight,showing the wavelength of colored light andits relationtotheSephiroth 55 Chapter 5 Figure 5-1:Dividing of a line segment bythe0ratio 59 Figure 5-2:GoldenMeanRectangle inunitsof "x" 59 Figure 5-3:GoldenMeanRectanglebased on unity(1) 61 Figure 5-4:Diameter of theSeed of Life 62 Figure 5-5: Parthenon - Athens 65 Figure 5-6:0proportion inhuman body 65 Figure 5-7: Approximate0progression of thehumanarmandhand 66 Chapter 6 Figure 6-1:Sequence fromAdamtoMahalaleel 68 Figure 6-2:Expansion of theSeed 72 Figure 6-3:Flower of Life symbol 73 Figure 6-4:ForcesWithintheFlower of Life 74 Figure 6-5: The Gardenof Life 76 Figure 6-6:Symbolism concerning thenature of the Seed77 Figure 6-7:Righteous inSodom andGomorrah 86 Figure 6-8:Fibonacci Spiral within theBible - Part 1 87 Figure 6-9:Fibonacci Spiral withintheBible - Part 288 Figure 6-10:Fibonacci SineCurve withintheBible89 Chapter 7 Figure 7-1: The Squaring of a Circle representing theSeed and Star98 Fignrf'7-,)'Thf'"171"nf thf'.'hr tnt h ~ t nf thp'PPrl1nn Figure 7-3:Star andcorresponding Seed102 Figure 7-4:The GenesisModel withdimensions based on0103 Figure 7-5:A17th CenturyPlate fromthe"Azoth Philosophorium"104 Figure7-6:Pentagram and pentagon showing theadvancement of0106 Figure7-7:Five isoscelestrianglescontained within thepentagram107 Figure 7-8:Multidimensional pentagrams and pentagons showing0progression109 Figure 7-9:Logarithmic pentagram spiraladvancing thereceding at0 2 110 Figure 7-10:Logarithmic spiral using pentagramtriangles advancing or receding at0111 Figure7-11:Logarithmic GoldenMeanRectangle spiral112 x Figure 7-12:Cross-section of theGreat Pyramid showing chambers, passageways,air shafts andconnectiontostars114 Figure 7-13:Constellation of Orion116 Figure 7-14:The Memphite necropolis - Pyramid Fields fromAbu RoashtoDahshur116 Figure 7-15:Progression of Al Nitak's precessional cycle and0117 Figure 7-16: The Great Pyramid118 Figure 7-17:Great Pyramid's cross-section B-H-E119 Figure7-18:Side of Great Pyramid A-H-C120 Figure 7-19:Great Pyramiddiagonal A-H-D120 Figure 7-20: The SeedandStar withintheGreat Pyramidcross-section123 Figure7-21:10 progression withintheGreat Pyramid124 Figure 7-22:The Bent Pyramidat Dashour126 Figure 7-23:Pyramid of Unas127 Figure 7-24: The Masculine Model129 Figure 7-25: The Feminine Model129 Figure 7-26: The ExpandedFeminine Model130 Chapter 8 Figure 8-1:Multi-dimensional model of circles andsquares133 Chapter 10 Figure10-1: Nine circledpairs147 Figure10-2:Patterns created byindividual numbers147 Figure10-3:Patterns createdbyopposite pairs148 Figure10-4:Opposites 1 and8 provide thegeometry forthedoubling of theSeed150 Figure10-5:Opposites 3 and6 provide thegeometry forthehexagram152 Figure10-6:Opposites 4 and5 provide thegeometry fortheSquaring of theCircle153 Chapter 11 Figure11-1:Chromatic Scale156 Figure11-2:Circle of Fifths156 Figure11-3: ExpandedCircle of Fifths157 Figure11-4:Star of David withintheSound Circle158 Figure 11-5: The Chromatic Sound Circle160 Figure 11-6: The Tangents of GematrianNumbers161 Figure11-7:Sound Circle #1162 Xl Figure11-8: Sine wave frequenciesandtheir relationshiptot