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Theoritical Approches to CounselingThe Counselor-Centered ApproachandExistential Counseling

The Counselor-Centered ApproachDirective or Clinical CounselingDeveloped by E.G Williamson (1996)This approach often sees the counselor as a teacher who directs the learning process. Directive counselors stress assessment and diagnosis as a fundamental counselor function.

Certain techniques or responses are generally regarded as off limits to all counselors, irrespective orientation such as:

Moral judgmentUndue probingThreatening, badgering, and extracting promisesPromoting ones one biasesExtolling the virtues of any POVs, or soliciting interest has no place in counseling.

ExistentialismPeople form their lives by the choices they make (Kemp, 1971).Existentialist focus on this freedom of choice and the action that goes with it.They view people as the author of their lives.

The meaning of life never changes but it never ceases to be.-Frank

According to them, the meaning of life can be discovered in three ways:By doing a dealBy experiencing a valueBy suffering

The relationship with the client is the most powerful and effective techniques existential counselors have.The emphasis in the relationship is on authenticity, honesty and spontaneity.