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Transcript of Thenkasi terror

  • THENKASI TOWN UNDER THE STRANGLEHOLD OF ISLAMIC TERRORISTS Pudhuvai Saravanan quot;80% of the population is Hindu, while 80% of all trading is in the hands of Muslims in Thenkasi.quot; I board at the new bus terminus On the 14th of August, three in Thirunelveli. After finding a seat in members of one family in Thenkasi a bus to Thenkasi, I ask for two tickets were violently hacked to death. That to Thenkasi, the bus conductor stares the people of Thenkasi are yet to at us steadily for a minute. The bus is recover from this horror, is evident full, yet a deathly quiet hovers in the even at the start of our bus trip from bus. The bus starts, picks up speed, Thirunelveli to Thenkasi. On arrival at on both sides of the road our eyes Thenkasi, as we walk a few yards into feast upon lush, green fields. Yet, one the town from the bus stop, we pass just finds fear in the eyes of the bus the ancient Kulasekara Nathar Temple passengers. A cool breeze from the on the road. fabled Podhigai hills wafts through the bus comforting us, and yet all we can Thenkasi, a small town, feel is a grim wretchedness. population: 75,000, functions as a very busy hub. On a normal day thousands of people pass through the town from the neighboring villages. But now it looks empty like a small village, with very few people on the streets. All shops are open but no shoppers to be seen, and no business takes place; the bazaar looks deserted. All around town one sees shiny large ads for Haji Mustafa's textile and jewelry shops. Even on the mounds and public announcement posters of the traffic police, Haji Mustafa's ads are more prominent. Hindus of Thenkasi accuse the owner of Haji Mustafa shops of financing Muslim Terrorists. But the police are thick with the owners of Haji Mustafa shops. Haji Mustafa textile shop has heavy police protection now. Page 1 of 16
  • Thenkasi Municipality has 35 wards. In 8 of these wards Muslims V.T.S. Rahman Batcha, a are the sole residents. Muslims are prominent industrialist and business well distributed even in other wards. owner in town, who is accused as the In the town, Muslims are about 20% of mastermind behind the murders of the population but 80% of the town's Kumar Pandian and his brothers, is business is in their hands. In grocery said to be absconding according to stores, textiles, medical, electrical, the police. His house and shops are electronics shops, hotels, and under full police protection. Police vegetable shops, everywhere Muslims say that they are on the look out for dominate. Most of the Hindus are him. But auto drivers and some either day laborers or wrap beedis for people in town told us that Rahman living. We find women labourers Batcha is seen going for a walk wrapping beedis all around the Town everyday. of Thenkasi. Even in agriculture Hindus are few in number. We visited the site where Muslims are trying to build a prayer There are about 15,000 to 20,000 centre. It is about 100 meters away on Muslims in town. There are more than a street that is directly opposite Kasi 50 Islamic institutions such as Arabic Viswanathar temple. On the disputed school, madrassa, prayer centres, site, there is a hotel by name Ananda mosque, and dharga. Whichever Bhavan. It is owned by a Muslim. We direction one turns there will be a inquired in the street about it. 'During madrassa or a mosque or an Arabic the Karthikai Deepam festival there school. The very structure of the town used to be a bonfire in this site. shows that it is an ancient town. 15 Before Muslims tried to build the days after the horrible murders of the prayer centre, there was a government 14th August, all streets in the town run primary school here. Later there have police on them. Wherever was an Ice factory, after which a public Muslims reside exclusively the police toilet came about, say the people on are on guard in full strength. the street. The people in Thenkasi say that since Muslims have money power and political influence, they dominate everything. Page 2 of 16
  • King Parakrama Pandian built the murders (August 14th) police the famous Kasi Viswanathar temple in permitted the TMMK ambulances to Thenkasi. All the shops opposite the operate freely. A common view found temple are owned by Muslims. even among ordinary people like Muslims have tried many times to women who wrap Beedis is that encroach upon a mantap opposite the whoever is posted as a Police official temple that was built for worshippers' in Thenkasi, they favor the Muslims, resting. They have not given up on which is why the present situation has that and are still trying, say some old arisen. Senthil, brother of Kumar men. Pandian, who was hacked to death by Muslims, was struggling for life when Auto drivers tell us that the TMMK ambulance picked him up and Muslim writ runs in the town. We took him along for a few meters. The inquired on what grounds they say minute they realized who it was, they this. quot;V.T.S. Rahman is funding the threw the body down on the street and terrorists, everybody knows this. But drove away. Many members of the the R.T.O office is on a site owned by public saw this incident. him. In the evening, youths from many organizations like TMMK (Tamil Nadu After 14th august, there was a Muslim Munnetrak Kazhagam), Tawhid peace meeting. The Meeting was held Jamaat, Najjaat, MNP (Manitha to discuss the resolution to the Needhip Paasarai -a muslim front dispute arising out of encroachment organization ostensibly standing for and prayer centre construction social justice and human rights) and attempted by Muslims on the temple Muslim Auto drivers assemble in the land which led to the murders of R.T.O office. That is where many Hindus. But at the end of the meeting things are plotted' they say. a Muslim gentleman got up and said sarcastically, 'You are all assembled TMMK, Tawhid Jamaat, Najjat here. If we all work together, we can and MNP, all religious fundamentalist finish building the prayer centre (Palli organizations, each of them has their vasal in Tamil)'. That he said this in own auto stands. In these stands the presence of high police officials Hindu auto drivers can't park their shocked the assembled Hindus. But vehicles, whereas Muslim auto drivers the police officials looked on with no routinely park their vehicles in auto reaction whatever. stands in Hindu areas. In Thenkasi, Muslims do not board Hindu owned D.S.P of Thenkasi, Mr. autos, they check first to see if the Mayilvahanan, has banned customary auto is Muslim owned. Hindus don't events like dances, songs, puppetry, have