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Programming and Agenda of the money event.

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  • 1REGISTER NOW v. 05162014 Email: Website: 8:00 REGISTRATION & BADGE PICK - UP Located in Hall A TIME KEYNOTE SESSIONS- BALLROOM 9:00 TIME ROOM ONE ROOM TWO ROOM THREE TRACK LD LETS DISRUPT MONEY! New technologies and new entrants are accelerating innovation in Money & Commerce TRACK MM MONEY FOR MILLENNIALS Theres a higher bar in satisfying the hyper-connected generation TRACK PP PAYMENT POWER A complex and vibrant ecosystem that is central to commerce & financial services 11:00 LD1: New Payments Battlefield -- FI Incumbents Vs. Start Ups Vs. Tech Players Vs. Retailers Vs. Branded Currency SPEAKERS: * Tim Danford (Venture partner, Lightspeed VenturePartners) Linda Mantia (Senior Vice President, RBC) Alex Brutin (VP - Biz Dev, Cashstar) Starbucks The rules of the game are changing with changing customer behavior. - Will the banks & Fintech Incumbents be able to compete with nimble startups and aggressive paymenttechfirmsintheMobileCommerce race? - Brands and retailers are increasingly engaging directly with consumers via mobile with digital gifting andbranded currencyofferings that disintermediate the FI brands. - Mobility, Cloud, Analytics and User Experience are being intermeshed into fine product experiences by the tech firms; how are banks responding to thewake up call? MM1: Digital Couponing to the Rescue of Mobile Payments SPEAKERS: * John Caron David Mounts (Chairman & CEO, Inmar) Walter Chen (CEO, Passbee Media) Millions of coupons are used at retail stores month after month. The inefficiency in executing paper coupons combined with consumer mobility is forcing the players to go digital. - With growth in redemption volume for digitally discovered coupons exceeding 200 percent annually, is the paper coupon dead? - What role will mobility play in this segment? - There are traditional coupon players going digital and several startups and a number of wallets of coursewho will win this race? PP1: The New Over-the-Top Value in Payments Processing SPEAKERS: * Jason Oxman (CEO, ETA) Jeremy Almond (CEO, Paystand) Kevin Gallagher (SVP, Business Development, 2Checkout) Trevor Kaufman (President & CEO, Tinypass) What defines value-add today in the crowded payments processing market? - People are surfing commerce sites and buying on the phone all the time now. There is a slew of innovative solutions that is making payments secure and smooth. With the Web and App economy growing so rapidly, a whole new world of online/mobile payments has emerged. - Gaming and other apps are adopting solutions for rules & stage based payments from within the apps. How can we improve the experience and reduce undesirable charges? SEPT 9TH - 11TH, 2014 LAS VEGAS DAY ONE PROGRAM * Session Moderators Tom Wheeler Chairman Federal Communications Commission Meredith Atwell Baker President & CEO CTIA - The Wireless Association Dan Mead President & CEO Verizon Wireless Michel Combes CEO, Alcatel Lucent Sean Bratches EVP, Sales & Marketing, ESPN TIME KEYNOTE SESSIONS - BALLROOM SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2014
  • 2REGISTER NOW v. 05162014 Email: Website: 12:00 LD2: Why cant the $100B Security Industry Stop A 17 yr Old Hacker? SPEAKERS: * Alex Baker (Partner, Relay Ventures) Sunil Madhu (Founder & CEO, Socure) Steve Mott (CEO, BetterBuyDesign) Rodger Desai (Co-Founder & CEO, Payfone) We have had the great promise of security and fraud prevention ranging from algorithms, end- to-end encryption, PCI compliance, monitoring, fraud analytics and tokenization for many years now. However collectively we have not been able to stop fraud either online or in-store. Target and Neiman Marcus are painful examples. How can we stop the theft and security breaches? MM2: Will The Millennials (Their Consumer Behavior) Force Mobile Payments Acceptance? SPEAKERS: *KarlMehta(VenturePartner,MenloVentures) Scott Carter (CMO, Mitek) Visa First Data Millennials have influence over $500 billion of indirect spending, primarily because teens and young adults influence the purchasing habits of their parents. They already use their mobiles to pay at Starbucks and in App stores, so do they expect more? - Can they force other merchants / non-starters / micro-merchantstoacceptmobilepaymentsaswell? - We have seen McDonalds, Wendys and others launch their mobile payments initiatives to target youth. Could this be the turning point for digital money as we seem to have hit the wall with22%oftheeconomystilldependentoncash? PP2: Prepaid Cards - Drivers & Inhibitors of Growth SPEAKERS: * Tim Spenny (VP, GfK Financial Services) Chuck Harris (President, NetSpend) Anu Shultes (GM, BlackHawk Network) Ben Katz (Founder & CEO, Are consumer payment preferences shifting from credit to debit and pre-paid cards? What is the impact of mobile? - Is it going to be primarily a debit-card versus prepaid-card battle moving forward? - What are the drivers and inhibitors affecting the US prepaid card market? - Which one is the future: Open loop or closed loop? - Where are the biggest opportunities for co- branded cards? 12:45 LUNCH BREAK 1:45 LD3: Mobile First Disruptive Solutions in Fintech SPEAKERS: * Christine Loredo (VP, Yodlee) Tandem Bill Guard Credit Karma Apple - What are the best practices and tools available todaytobuildworldclassmobileappsinFintech? - What are companies big and small building in the Fintech space using excellent APIs available in the market? - What are some of the top mobile app based solutions that are built using Fintech APIs? MM3: Mobile-First Money: Financial Services for the Mobile Generation SPEAKERS: * Steve Mott (CEO, BetterBuyDesign) Dickson Chu (EVP & Chief Product Officer, Ingo Money) Joshua van Aalst (Executive Director of Digital Banking, Morgan Stanley) Charaka Kithulegoda (CIO, ING) This session will cover banking services for the mobile generation - As consumers increasingly spend more time on mobile, and expect all the services to come to the small screen, does the bank of yesterday need to change? - And what about Virtual tellers and pop-up banks? Can every conceivable banking service be made mobile-first? - Who are the leaders and disruptors in mobile first banking? PP3: Real Time Money: New Wave in the US SPEAKERS: * Kathy Levin (Senior Director, NACHA) Aaron Bartrim (Chief Innovation Officer, Early Warning Systems) Chris Larsen (CEO, Ripple Labs) Aditya Khurjekar (Partner, The Money Event) Real-time Money is the next new wave in payments infrastructure innovation - Why does it take 3-4 business days to move money between banks? - How muchreal timeperformance do you need? Whats it worth to you? - Does the real-time money movement erode banksprofitability? TIME ROOM ONE ROOM TWO ROOM THREE TRACK LD LETS DISRUPT MONEY! New technologies and new entrants are accelerating innovation in Money & Commerce TRACK MM MONEY FOR MILLENNIALS Theres a higher bar in satisfying the hyper-connected generation TRACK PP PAYMENT POWER A complex and vibrant ecosystem that is central to commerce & financial services * Session Moderators
  • 3REGISTER NOW v. 05162014 Email: Website: 2:45 LD4: Virtual & Crypto Currencies: The Hope & The Hype SPEAKERS: * Bill Barhydt (Co-founder & CEO, Boom Financial) Ted Rogers (Chief Strategy Officer, XAPO) Vineet Anand (Independent, Formerly Western Union) Mastercoin Foundation First virtual-, and now crypto- currencies seem to be revolutionizing the world of government issued currencies...or is it? - What is the allure of virtual currencies? Why do they hold so much promise? - Will government regulators ever allow them to penetrate the mainstream? - What happened to minutes as currency? Can mobile help or hurt the cause? MM4: Will Social networks replace the money remittance networks? SPEAKERS: * Amit Anand (Founder & Managing Partner, Jungle Ventures) Andreas Lieber (Head of Mobile Business Development, Pinterest) Rob Shavell (Co-founder, Abine) Facebook Remittance: A growing opportunity that is on the radar of many social networks and messaging applications - Facebook and twitter are used in more countries than any bank or remittance network. Can the social networks disrupt this segment? - Would social networks integrate easy to use cross-border money transfer applications as they already have millions, even billions of accounts. Can they also bring down remittance costs in that process? - Can we expect more innovative solutions with online/mobile-only focus to enter the attractive market of remittances? - How can competition be fostered effectively to ensure that remittance goes though formal channels such as banks and other agencies than being sent through returning migrants? PP4: Increasing solutions in the market and increasing losses at Square Is mPOS a product or a feature? SPEAKERS: * Sanjay Swamy (Managing Partner, AngelPrime Partners) Greg Goldfarb (CEO & Co-Founder, Flint Mobile) Lisa Falzone (CEO, Revel Systems) Derek Webster (CEO & Founder, Cardflight) Tynan Schmidt (VP Product Marketing, Kuapay) Mobile card readers have enabled many a small businesses and individuals to accept credit cards but are there questions about the business model here? - Would free card readers andbeing coollead to large adoption? - The number of inactive mPOS terminals is rising year on year: Does it say something about Squares growing losses? - Is the recurring revenue too low for the new POS players to sustain in the long run? - What is the future of mPOS? 4:00 LD5: Mobile Payments Rewriting the Rules of Commerce SPEAKERS: * Mark Boncheck (Founder & Chief Catalyst, thinkORBIT) Mung Ki Woo (Executive Vice President, Mastercard) Kamran Zaki (President, North A