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The NexT STep iN DigiTal arT

image courtesy of Pixolator

ZBRUSH 4The Next Step in Digital Art

ZBrush is the most widely used 3D digital sculpturing software in the world.ZBrush is a pioneering and innovative industry game changer.

ZBrush is an integral part of the creative & workflow pipeline in major films & games:Films: Rango (I.L.M), Avatar (Lightstorm Entertainment), Lord of the Rings (Weta Digital), Pirates of the Caribbean (I.L.M), Tron (Disney), Star Trek (Bad Robot) and Tangled (Disney), to name a few Games: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Eidos), Dragon Age (EA), Killzone (Guerrilla Games), Army of Two (EA), Gears of War (Epic), Assassins Creed (Ubisoft), Uncharted (Naughty Dog), Batman: Arkham City (Rockseady), Afro Samurai (Namco), World of Warcraft (Blizzard) and many more



image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

ZBRUSH 4The Next Step in Digital Art

Conceptualize, Create and Complete 100% ZBrushZBrush is the # 1 choice of artists, used to freely explore and create digital artwork.ZBrush is a fundamental art tool, integrating and expanding all processes of artistic imagination and digital creation without the usual technological restraints. ZBrush harnesses and unleashes the creative potential and visualization of todays digital artist.There are some people who are kind of mathematical or very scientific about the way they do things. Im more organic about it. I just want to get in there and start pushing stuff around and do something. And thats what I like about ZBrush. Its so much like sculpting...That is so cool. Rick Baker - ZBrush artist, AKA monstermaker and 7 time Academy Awards winner ZBrush is my main tool here at Framestores Art Department which I use every single day. Its important to have features like DynaMesh to be able to start with something from scratch and not have to use any other software to finish my concepts. Christopher Brandstrom Framestore

Created for Artists by Artistsimage courtesy of Ryan Kingslien image courtesy of Chems edDine

Artist Links:Turntable Gallery Artist Images and Creations video Demo Films, Games and Professional Industry Application User Stories and Interviews

ZBRUSH 4The Next Step in Digital Art

As well as extensive use in the film and gaming industries, ZBrush is also utilized in many other industries:Movies/vFX video Games

Concept Design


Toy Manufacturing

Science and Medicine

Career & Industryimage courtesy of Jason Mark

Jewelry Design

Broadcasting and Advertising

Used by NASA, Mattel, Hasbro, Fisher Price, Sideshow Collectibles, Boeing and many others.

As well as: Industrial manufacturing Commercial Fine Art Broadcasting and Advertisingimage courtesy of David Lesperance

Rapid Prototyping Forensic Investigation

ZBRUSH 4The Next Step in Digital Art

The students of today are the professionals of tomorrowEducation presenceZBrush is taught in 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Game Design, CG, Media Art and other classes in top vocational and career schools, colleges, universities and high schools worldwide including: Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Art Institutes, Vancouver Film School, Full Sail University, City University of Hong Kong, Imperial College London, and many others. See schools and locations worldwide

The benefits of learning ZBrushZBrushs extensive and powerful features unleash students ability to create jaw dropping portfolio and demo reel pieces grabbing the attention of employers and giving students competitive advantage in the job market. Learning ZBrush equips and empowers students with the production skills necessary for industry careers and other creative opportunities. ZBrush students are landing jobs at all major studios and companies.

Educationimage courtesy of David Moratilla

ZBrush in the curriculumEducation Links:Education Community Portal Schools teaching ZBrush Webinars Academic Resellers ZBrush is an accessible, fun and exciting to learn and an essential, comprehensive and dynamic tool to teach. ZBrush is the industry standard. Schools teaching ZBrush are creating dynamic, applicable and appealing courses, attracting more students, serious about pursuing professional careers.

ZBRUSH 4The Next Step in Digital Art

What students and educators sayFull Sail University always looks to industry leading software when creating our curriculum. Not only does ZBrush fit that mold, but the software is also easy to use and works very well with our educational pipeline. ZBrush has done a great job of seamlessly integrating their technology, which allows our students to focus more on their artistic skills. With every iteration, ZBrush continues to push the boundaries of digital sculpting and provides our students with the tools they need to stay ahead. ZBrush is definitely the most important tool for a character artist, but one can also do so much with it in environment modeling. It makes ones work so much faster. I love the freedom it gives. I think every student should really take it upon themselves to learn at least one sculpting package thoroughly. Today ZBrush is definitely the way to go.Magdalena Dadela - vFS 3D Animation & visual Effects graduate, character modeler at Guerrilla Games

Tim Bowser - Computer Animation, Modeling Department Chair Full Sail University

Brett Briley The use of ZBrush runs deep and has a huge impact in the 3D world. As a result, its not only logical that our students learn it its imperative. The relationship that we have developed with Pixologic supports that and ensures ZBrush is integrated correctly into our curriculum. VFS grads are, and always have been, in high demand and that is a result of entering the industry with relevant and current skills.The ability to use tools like ZBrush certainly helps them become successful animators (and modelers) at an accelerated rate. Marty Hasselbach - Managing Director, vancouver Film School

Depp Shang ZBrush is one of the most innovative tools to hit our industry in a long time. Since the inclusion of ZBrush to our programs, we have seen a dramatic increase in the quality of character and creature models produced by our students. ZBrush has truly unleashed the talent of our up-and-coming production artists. Gnomon was the first school to integrate ZBrush into our program and now offer 8 courses that incorporate its tools for character, creature and game specific modeling. Darrin Krumweide - Director of Education, CAO Gnomon School of visual Effects image courtesy of Tomasz Strzalkowski

Educationimage courtesy of Maxence Fleuret


Maarten Verhoeven

ZBRUSH 4The Next Step in Digital Art

Experience our community at ZBrushCentral

Be seen, learn, interact and get inspiredPost artwork, communicate, learn and interact with leading ZBrush artists, industry luminaries and peers in a global community forum with no barriers Check out the latest Pixologic announcements, download ZBrush updates, Plugins, ZScripts and tutorials, see artist and studio workflows and much more Join more than 350,000 ZBrush registered artists, and become part of the largest online community for a single digital art software in the world!

Communityimage courtesy of Joseph Menna

Its mostly the work I see going on in the ZBrushCentral that keeps me pushing with every character to try and develop my skills. Every day there is another character, or another piece of art someone posts that shows me what kind of talent there is out there. Its good to know that you never have to look very far to find some type of inspiration. So thanks! Edward Hardison - ZBrush artist and character artist, EA art team

ZBRUSH 4The Next Step in Digital Art

ZBrush is packed full of powerful, flexible and innovative features.

Conceptingimage courtesy of Steve Warner

Sculpting.More New Brushes to help you sculpt faster and more efficiently.

Work quickly designing and concepting new ideas with Dynamesh. Free yourself from the traditional barriers associated with 3d topology.

Featuresimage courtesy of Nicolas Garilhe

DetailingIncreased insert capabilities with customizable options, giving you flexibility for detailing your model.

RenderingReach new levels of realism with HDRI adjustability and Best Preview Render (BPR).

Getting Started With ZBrushDownload your Getting started with ZBrush guide to help you learn ZBrush basics and techniques in no time!

ZBRUSH 4The Next Step in Digital Art

Enter a world of creative possibilitiesThe journey begins with ZBrush... Join the revolutionI started with ZBrush over a decade ago and Im still excited every time I fire it up! One word,liberating! Glen Southern - Southern GFX ZBrush has allowed me total freedom as a sculptor in a 3D world. Being able to take a model so much further than before sculpturally has been a dream come true. With ZBrush I believe Ive come full circle with my goals in life. Frank Gravatt - ZBrush artist and creature modeler, Industrial Light and Magic

Training and resources:ZBrush 4 Features Beta Testers Art, Tips & Tutorials ZClassroom videos & Tutorials Getting Started with ZBrush Guide Webinars 3rd Party Training

Community:ZBrushCentral Community Education Community Portal Blog ZBrush Social Network:

Support and Products:Technical Support & Solutions Q & A forum & Threads Shop Download Center - Upgrades, Plugins & Documentation Resellers

Events and News:User Group Meetings, Presentations & Shows News & Press Join Mailing List

Lifestyleimage courtesy of Titouan Olive

image courtesy of Alex Zozhanov

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