The Wishing Can

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My first English language book for children.

Transcript of The Wishing Can

  • Monica Santa & Veny Puspasari


  • nce upon time, there was a girl named Sally. O

    While she was walking through the park, she found... a wishing can!

  • wishwishWhen she picked up the can, a rainbow of light burst out!

    Make a wish! said the can. Any wish at all!

  • wish


    Sally didnt know what to wish for.

  • A mansion? An endless supply of candy? All the pretty dresses in the world?

  • wish


    Sally was confused.

  • While she was thinking, Sally noticed a little girl crying.

  • Suddenly, a brilliant idea popped in Sallys head.

  • 8wish


    Sally closed her eyes and said to the wishing can, I wish everyone could be happy!

    I wish everyone could be happy!

  • At once, the birds started to sing and beautiful music floated in the air like bubbles.

  • Hearts became filled with love, compassion and acceptance.

  • wish


    The little girl got her ice cream back.

  • There was no more misery and gloom.

  • And to think it all started with a can...



  • If you found a wishing can, what would you wish for?

  • The Wishing Can was written and illustrated by Monica Santa

    and Veny Puspasari.

    Monica Santa

    Monica Santa is a grade 10 student at Sinarmas World Academy. She

    likes reading books, playing dressing up and is an off-and-on again vege-

    tarian. She has previously lived in Singapore and Thailand and is now

    living in Indonesia. The Wishing Can is her seconds childrens book after

    (Lets Go To Bangkok!).

    Click here to visit her blog.

    Veny Puspasari

    Veny Puspasari is a grade 10 student at Sinarmas World Academy. She

    enjoys playing football, counting sheep and watching reruns of Glee and

    How I Met Your Mother. She also loves mass shopping and singing in

    the shower. The Wishing Can is her first childrens book.

    Click here to visit her blog.

    Special thanks to Jiyeon Lee for helping with the book.