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Arko Biswas Mechanical Third year The week that was!

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  • Arko Biswas Mechanical Third year The week that was!
  • Rules: 1: +10 for direct 2: +20/-10 on pounce
  • Q1. Easy I bagged the 1 st gold medal for India in the ongoing commonwealth game. Who am I? Complete name please
  • ANS Sanjita Khumukcham (weight lifting)
  • Q2. Which country became the first nation to legalise child labour from the age of 10 this week? HINT: south American nation
  • ANS Bolivia
  • Q3 Indias test victory at lords this year has startling parallels with the 1986 version. Mumbai batsmen Rahane scored hundred this time, who scored then? Who was the counterpart of Alastair cook then? Half point available
  • Ans Dilip Vensarkar David gower
  • Q4 Who plays the role of Megara,1 st wife of the Hercules in the Dwayne jhonson starrer Hercules? Hint: You all know her!
  • ANS Irina Shayak
  • Q5. easy again He represented England in diving event of commonwealth games 1990 Finishing 8 th In 1998 he made a new start with the movie Lock , stock and two smoking barrels.
  • Ans Jason Statham
  • Q6 Which nation was recently given green light by European union to adopt euro as its currency and become the 19 th member?
  • Ans Lithuania
  • Q7 What has been blacked out? It is named after the Siamese word for thunder god
  • Ans Typhoon Rammasun
  • Q8 An ongoing epidemic of ________ virus disease has spread throughout the western part of Africa leading to 661 reported deaths . Recently spread to continents most populous nation Nigeria,4 th of the list . Which virus or disease is being talked about?
  • Ans Ebola
  • Q9 Who won the German GP of 2014? Name the track.
  • ANS Nico rosberg Hockenheimring
  • Ans Insurance companies of the crashed airlines Lloyds of London-Malaysian airlines(Ukraine incident) AIG-Turkish airways (Algeria incident) Cathy- Transasia( Tunisia incident)