The week that was quiz, taken on 16/08/2014

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My the week that was quiz, taken on 16/08/2014

Transcript of The week that was quiz, taken on 16/08/2014

  • 1. Claim to fame?
  • 2. This is Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win a prestigious global prize known as the Field Medal (equivalent to Nobel prize in Mathematics)
  • 3. Launch ceremony of what?
  • 4. The launch of luxury airline Vistara, a joint venture between TATA and Singapore Airlines.
  • 5. Flag of?
  • 6. This is the flag of the pro Russian Donbass Peoples Militia, accused of downing the Malaysia Airlines flight 17.
  • 7. Lea Seydoux won the Palm dOr at the 2013 Cannes film festival.She is said to be the frontrunner for what very famous role now?
  • 8. The bond girl for the next bond movie, Bond 24.
  • 9. Himachal Pradesh is going to host the World Cup in what thing for the first time in India?
  • 10. The 2015 World Para-gliding world cup
  • 11. What service has Oxigen Services India available over Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Google+ , launched this week(the first of its kind service in India)?
  • 12. Indias first social mobile wallet service, Oxigen Wallet. With the new service, people will now be able to share money with their friends and family over their preferred social networks and messaging platforms
  • 13. Google doodle to commemorate whom?
  • 14. Not visible to users in India
  • 15. Hundred districts with the worst child sex ratio across the country will be the cradle for the ambitious ____ _____,_______' scheme that envisages a mix of cash transfers with stringent action against erring medical practitioners and monitoring of health clinics
  • 16. F.I.B
  • 17. According to the gossips doing the rounds in hollywood circles, medication for treatment of what disease might have led to severe depression for Robin Williams, which ultimately led to his suicide?
  • 18. The Parkinsons disease The Oscar winner was distraught but not suicidal after his diagnosis, though his severe depression was exacerbated by the news, multiple sources told Doctors trying to slow the progression of the incurable disease were trying to find the right mix of medications for him, and that also contributed to the actors fatal blue mood, the website reported. (excerpt from new york times)
  • 19. Which cricketing genius has been appointed as the head of Arjuna Awards Selection Committee?
  • 20. Its the haryana Hurricane!!!!!!