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  • Wealthy People Think Differently

    - Ron Nawrocki - Verrado: 1/10/2013

  • Wealthy People Think Differently Motivation

    The Rich should pay more taxes ?!Another reason not to be rich?

    Have you completed & WRITTEN your New Years Resolutions yet?Maybe youll pick up some more ideas today

    Ref: - SMART Goals

  • Wealthy People Think Differently Motivation ..

    The number one reason most people don't get what they want is that they don't know what they want. - T. Harv Eker

    Secret psychology of money: A lack of money is never, ever, ever a problem. A lack of money is merely a symptom of what is going on underneath. T. Harv Eker

  • Tree Analogy

    Visible (Results)Fruit, FlowersWealth, Health


    Invisible (Causes)RootsSub-conscious

  • Wealth FilesEach of us have file folders in our brain - that we review prior to making decisions

    Ill share the 17 that Harv Eker developed based on studying rich people

    Are each of yours supportive of becoming Wealthy?

    Do some need updating this year?

  • Wealth File #1 - Life Rich:I create my lifeThere are no rich victims !

    Poor:Life happens to mePlay the role of the victim (doesn't mean they are)

  • Wealth File #1a - Victim Rich:Blame: Take responsibilityJustify: There are no rich victimsComplain: Focus on what's going well - which expands

    Poor:Blame: Find someone/thing to blame (3 fingers)Justify: Rationalize; money's not that importantComplain: Focus on what's wrong - which expands (Life is crappy because they complain!)

  • Wealth File #2 - Money Game Rich:Play to WinHow? Play OffenseObjective: Be Wealthy

    Poor:Play to not loseHow? Play DefenseObjective: Just enough to pay the bills; Be comfortable

  • Wealth File #3 - Commitment Rich:Committed to being richYou have to be truly committed to risk your time, your capital, and your effort

    Poor:Want to be richFocus on the downside of being rich: If I make it, I would

  • Wealth File #4 - Think Rich:Think bigLaw of Income: You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the marketplace

    Poor:Think small

  • Wealth File #5 - Focus Rich:OpportunityWhat they wantConfident I'll make it workInvesting

    Poor:ObstaclesWhat they dont wantI hope it worksSpending

  • Wealth File #6 - View of Rich Rich:Admire, model, bless, honor themLearn from, use as role model

    Poor:Resent themAs if the rich took all the money and there's not enough left for them

  • Wealth File #7 - Associate with Rich:Positive peopleSuccessful people

    Poor:Negative peopleUnsuccessful people

  • Wealth File #8 - Promotion Rich:Willing to promote themselves & their valuesDont find new products & services, vendors if Im not open

    Poor:Resent promotions & sales pitches

  • Wealth File #9 - Problems Rich:They are bigger than their problemsThere are no problems - just opportunities

    Poor:Problems are bigger than they areAvoid problems

  • Wealth File #10 - Receiving Rich:Good receiversWilling to receive what the world offers (has to be 50-50)

    Poor:Poor receivers Feel unworthy, undeserving

  • Wealth File #11 Getting paid Rich:Prefer being paid based on resultsGet paid for value createdTake risk

    Poor:Prefer being paid for their timeSteady, stable paycheckAfraid of risk

  • Wealth File #12 - Options Rich:Both (examples )Assume abundanceFind a way to do/have both

    Poor:Either/orAssume scarcityThere's not enough to go around

  • Wealth File #13 Financial Statement Rich:Focus on Net Worth (IGA/BSA)Passive income = Savings + Investment + Simplification (cost of living)

    Poor:Focus on Income (ISA)Especially working income

  • Wealth File #14 Managing Money Rich:Manage money wellHave a lot of money spend littleBuy assets

    Poor:Mismanage money wellHave little money spend a lotBuy expenses

  • Wealth File #15 - Working Rich:Have their money work hard for themThe harder I work - the luckier I get !

    Poor:Work hard for their moneyRich are lucky

  • Wealth File #16 - Act Rich:Inspite of fearWilling to go outside their comfort zone

    Poor:Let fear stop themStay in their comfort zone Avoid acting due to: worry, doubt, discomfort, inconvenience, risk

  • Wealth File #17 Learn & Grow Rich:Continue to learn and grow"Every master was once a disaster"

    Poor:Think they already know

  • Wealthy People Think Differently References ..Secrets of the Millionaire Mind T. Harv EkerThe Millionaire Mind Thomas J. Stanley, PhDThe Millionaire Next Door Thomas J. Stanley, PhD & William D. Danko, Wealth Desire, Decision, Dedication

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