The Vampire Diaries…

The Vampire Diaries… By Caleb Kenneth Jacobson


By Caleb Kenneth Jacobson. The Vampire Diaries…. Location in the show. Out of the way from the bustling metropolises It’s name is Mystic Falls, Virginia Founded in the late 17 th century It’s a hot spot for vampires, werewolf's, witches, ect … . The Actual location. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Vampire Diaries…

By Caleb Kenneth Jacobson

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Location in the show• Out of the way from the

bustling metropolises • It’s name is Mystic Falls,

Virginia• Founded in the late 17th

century • It’s a hot spot for vampires,

werewolf's, witches, ect…

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The Actual location

Covington, Georgia which is a good 60 or so kilometer drive south east is where the shooting occurs

Has a much higher property crime rate than of Georgia Founded in 1822

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Into the teen vampire world Elena has lost her parents and is quite depressed but to

soften her sorrow is a 162 year old vampire who she is crazy about

Stefan's brother is bent on revenge for an unknown event but needless to say he will ensure that his bro suffers dearly

Also both Damon and Stefan have to fight for one more thing; Elena

The pilot episode appeared on September 10th 2009

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Usually shows such these will focus upon high school problems however in this case it centers around the towns Origin

But nonetheless it still focuses on navigating the reef of relationships and how to come to understanding

Depression is a heavy hitter in the shown on how to combat it

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17 years old and is quite popular with the males Has poor emotional control and can not keep it hidden Is a doppelganger to both Stefan and Damon’s past love

interest Katherine pierce in simplest terms


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A 162 year old male desperately seeking love Favourite food: Human blood Hobbies include stalking, writing in a journal and

reminiscing about his long depressing past Searching for the girl that resembles his former interest

You are… Dinner!Glad you understand

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Seeks a healthy bloodline and his brothers eternal fountain of tears

Is malicious yet quite compassionate and loves to be the anti-hero

Served as a soldier in the confederate army Is absolutely flawless

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Additional characters


Only ever loved Stefan, not Damon

Gave her blood to the boys to turn them


Uses drugs to cope with his parents deaths

His girlfriend is turned into a vampire by Damon

Said girlfriend is later killed by Stefan

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Thanks for watching!

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Fun Facts about vampires

Vampire disease: Sensitivity to sun light, hairiness and sometimes insanity

A vampire can also turn into a wolf, owl, rat, fox, moth or a bat

Mermaids can be vampires as well In the Balkans a watermelon or Pumpkin would become a

vampire if not consumed within 10 days Chinese vampires have stronger sexual urges than the

Americans do