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The Ultimate Easter At Home Easter At Home Guide

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  • The Ultimate Easter At HomeEaster At Home


  • Looking to make this Easter a memorable one, but not sure where to start? We’ve got the supplies, ideas and plenty of fun for all the family to enjoy at home this year.

    DECORATIONS Why not get the kids involved in making the decorations for the day? Making Easter bunting is a simple but creative idea. All you need is some coloured card, PVA glue, scissors, a hole punch, a pencil, some thread and some pom poms. The kids will love getting their hands messy and they’ll have some beautiful bunting to hang up loud and proud around the house.

    GAMESKeep a smile on everyone's face with this hilarious ‘egg toss’ game, one for all the family.

    It’s really simple - you just need some raw eggs and at least 4 enthusiastic participants.

    The aim of the game couldn’t be easier – one person throws the egg, the other catches it... or attempts to!

    The good old Northern Ireland weather might not turn out to be the best for outdoor fun. If so, keep them indoors and try a few of these ideas:• Use a chocolate egg, marshmallow or coloured

    boiled eggs to put a twist on indoor egg and spoon races

    • Fill different coloured plastic eggs with blue tac or similar to add weight to them. Place one egg (preferably a different colour to the others) in the centre of the room and take turns rolling your eggs to knock the egg in the middle. The one to knock the centre egg first is the winner.

    • Play ‘hot potato’ but with an Easter egg. Have the kids chant ‘hot egg’ and throw the egg between themselves. The first one to drop the egg is out and the last child remaining wins the game.

    • Get the kids to roll plastic or boiled eggs with their noses across the table or floor. The first one across the finish line wins!

    Throwing an Easter Party at Home

    The Ultimate Easter At Home Guide

    It’s an ‘egg-cellent’ idea to avoid the nice

    party clothes if you’ll be getting stuck into the

    ‘egg toss’ game, as it can get quite messy!

  • The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

    If this is your first time throwing an Easter party, this one is an absolute classic.

    All you need is a few chocolate treats and/or Easter eggs. Randomly hide the prizes around your garden, lounge or anywhere else you’d like your kids to hunt down those goodies.

    Next step, write down some hints and clues to give your little explorers some thoughtful ideas to track those rewards down. And you’re ready to go!

    If you’re feeling adventurous why not try some of these alternative hunts:

    Dairy Free Easter Egg Hunt Why not skip the chocolate as prizes and instead go for a dairy free Easter egg hunt? Try hiding some small toys or arts and crafts supplies as opposed to chocolate treats.

    Bunny-Themed Easter Egg Hunt Theme the Easter egg hunt towards bunny rabbits. Get creative with the little ones and make bunny ears by sticking long cardboard ears to plain or old headbands. Let the kids decorate their bunny ears with paint, glitter, feathers or even flowers.

    Cut out medium-sized rabbit symbols from card (roughly the size of your palm), decorate them and label them with ‘CLUE’. Write your hunt clues on the back of the clue card and hide around the garden and house. To keep them in place, tape a cocktail stick to the bottom and stick into the ground.

    To make this an even better Easter egg hunt game, have the kids ‘hop’ everywhere on one leg and if they stop, they have to go back to the start!

    Easter Egg Scavenger HuntOne of our favourite Easter hunt ideas is to create a scavenger hunt. Give the kids a checklist of items they need to find and add to their basket.

    For younger children, add pictures or drawings of the items they need to collect. Include a mix of easy and difficult to find objects, ranging from leaves and pinecones to toys you’ve dotted around.

    Have a ‘star item’ on the list (make sure there is only one of these hidden) for an instant prize. We love this Easter egg hunt because it involves the whole family and can be as easy or difficult as you’d like.

    The Ultimate Easter At Home Guide

    For younger children, make ‘footprints’ or

    arrows from card and decorate accordingly. Place them leading to

    the clues or prizes for a successful hunt.

  • CHOCOLATE BIRD NESTS For an Easter dessert that’s ready in less than half an hour, the chocolate bird nest is a great one to make in bulk with the kids. Simply melt a large bar of chocolate and mix with golden syrup and butter until smooth.

    Stir in a cereal of your choice – bird nests are usually best with All Bran or Cornflakes, but Rice Crispies are another good option. Then pour your mixture into paper cases and place them in the fridge for approximately an hour to set. For an extra treat, place some Mini Eggs on top of each nest.

    Easter Baking Ideas

    EASTER CUP CAKES Serves: 12Prep Time: 30 minsCook Time: 15 mins

    Use the basic cake mix and then try our fun decorating ideas for Easter! What you'll need• 110g soft butter or margarine• 110g self raising flour• 1 tsp baking powder• 110g caster sugar• 2 eggs• ½ tsp vanilla extract• ready made vanilla butter icing• mini marshmallows and chocolate buttons

    Make sure you melt these ingredients in a bowl over a pan of

    simmering water, but don’t let the bowl touch

    the water!

    Simple Steps• Place 110g softened butter or margarine,

    self raising flour and caster sugar in a food processor with 1 tsp baking powder, 2 eggs and ½ tsp vanilla extract.  

    • Blend until smooth. • Spoon the mixture into 12 fairy cake cases

    and bake at 180C for 15 minutes until golden and risen. 

    • Cool before decorating.

    To Decorate• Spread the cakes with 1 tsp ready made

    butter icing, cover with mini marshmallows and a sheep face (We recommend using a chocolate button and adding some eyes with buttercream).

    The Ultimate Easter At Home Guide

  • CREME EGG CHOCOLATE BROWNIESServes: 12Prep Time: 15 minsCook Time: 30 mins

    A yummy treat that will be loved by any chocoaholic!

    What you'll need• 2 packets of Cadbury’s Mini Creme Eggs• 2 packets of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs• 250g butter• 410g caster sugar• 188g soft dark brown sugar• 312g dark chocolate• 5 eggs• 2.5 tsp vanilla extract• 250g plain flour• 1.5 tsp baking powder• 50g cocoa powder• 1/2 tsp salt

    Method• Pre-heat oven to 200°C/180°C fan/gas 5.• Mix the caster sugar, soft dark brown sugar,

    vanilla extract, plain flour, baking powder, cocoa powder and salt together in a bowl. Use a whisk to ensure it is well mixed.

    • Melt the butter on a low heat. When completely melted add in the dark chocolate and keep stirring so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. Then take off the heat.

    • Add the two mixtures together, then whisk in the eggs 1 by 1 until the mix is silky.

    • Pour into a lined baking tray (12”x14”). Bake in the oven for 25 minutes and lift the tray from the oven.

    • Unwrap the Mini Creme Eggs and spread them out by gently pressing the bottom of each egg into the brownie so that when it has cooled down you can cut into 12 equal portions with a Creme Egg on top. Allow the brownie to cool for 5 minutes then lift it onto a cooling rack to cool completely. Top with Mini Eggs.

    • Cut into 12 equal bite size portions.

    The Ultimate Easter At Home Guide

  • It’s time to have fun with all those empty toilet roll holders. With just a few bits and bobs these ideas are sure to keep little minds busy for hours.

    What you’ll need:• Toilet Roll Holders• Card• Paint• Crayons/Pens/Pencils• Glue

    If you can find them: Glitter, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom poms, features.

    Easter Arts and Crafts

    These are some of our favourites to create, but why not get imaginative and create your own animals with whatever you have at home.

    Easter Bunny:1. Paint a toilet roll holder white.2. Make the bunny ears by cutting out ear shapes

    from white card and glue to the top of the roll.3. Twist three pipe cleaners around each other to

    create whiskers and glue to the roll. Add a pom pom in the centre to make the nose.

    4. Glue or draw two googly eyes onto the roll. 5. Draw on the mouth and ta da!

    Easter Chick:1. Paint a toilet roll holder yellow.2. Draw two chick feet and two chick wings on

    paper and cut them out.3. Fold a small piece of paper in half and cut out a

    triangle to make the beak4. Once your roll is dry glue on your feet, wings

    and beak.5. Glue or draw two googly eyes onto the roll.6. If you can find some decorate your chick with


    The Ultimate Easter At Home Guide

  • Activity Time

    The Ultimate Easter At Home Guide

    Grab some colourful pencils, pens or crayons for lots of fun completing these eggciting activities.

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