The Top 12 Mission Critical iPad Apps for Business

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  1. 1. 1 YEAR156 Million128 Millionthere were more iOSdevices sold than allMacs sold in 28 years
  2. 2. In 2011IPADS AREmobile emailFLOODINGincreased of companies TODAYSallow someBYOD forORGANIZATIONS Y-O-Y employeesIn Q1 2012Apple shippedof organizationsreported increasedproductivity fromAdmit they workiPad Devicesthe deployment of around a companysmobile applications mobile policy
  3. 3. Which is makingITs job impossible
  4. 4. But there arespecial apps
  5. 5. That make both theemployee and IT moreproductive in theworkplace.
  6. 6. is to download theseApps to make yourbusiness
  7. 7. On-the-go document collaboration and social interactions. Securely shareFOR SHAREPOINT documents, get real-time document and colleague status update, and connect with colleagues anywhere, anytime.
  8. 8. By Quickoffice, Inc. Create and edit ALLMicrosoft Office document,spreadsheet, and presentationformats, as well as view PDFfiles, on the go. File managerenables you to access, transfer,and manage files on your iPadand through Evernote, Dropbox,Google Docs, Box, Huddle,SugarSync, Egnyte, and Catch.Sharing features allow you topublish your content using e-mail,Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Yammer, Slideshare, Scribd, andDocstoc.
  9. 9. Good for Enterprisedelivers secure mobilecollaboration and devicemanagement. With Good forEnterprise, employees securelyaccess corporate email, contacts,and calendar. In addition, Goodfor Enterprise is the only solutionthat provides a secure browserfor employee to access corporateintranets.
  10. 10. When inspiration hits, you canuse iPad to capture, record, and share it.By Cocoa Box Design LLC Mockup websites, draft processflowcharts, craft free-form sketches, andrecord voice memos.
  11. 11. Need to access thatdocument, spreadsheet or filelocated on your computer?Access your desktop computer asif you were sitting right in front it.
  12. 12. By FourthFrame Technologies Deliver a touch-based,easy-to-use project managementtool for professionals andnovices. It also addresses otherimportant issues including tasksin hours, ability to assign multiplepeople to a task, parent taskexpand/collapse, and more.
  13. 13. Monitor, identify and enforceyour mobile devices and corporatepolicies as smartphones and tablets areflooding the enterprise.
  14. 14. Access your Mac or PCfor quick lookup of information ordocuments. Attend onlinemeetings with colleagues,complete with VoIP connectivity.And use iPad to create anddeliver compelling presentations,anywhere.
  15. 15. Polycom RealPresenceMobile is for businessprofessionals who want to extendtheir enterprise videocollaboration capabilities beyondthe office and conference room totheir mobile devices.RealPresence Mobile is an easy-to-use video app that providespremium quality audio, video andcontent sharing. Cloud-baseddeployment gives users access toenterprise directories at theswipe-of-a finger.
  16. 16. Engage users, monitor Twitterand Facebook conversations, andBy Hootsuite Media Inc. monitor hashtag conversations. This appmakes it simple and easy.
  17. 17. POWERPOINT FOR THE IPADWith SlideShark individualsor teams can view and sharePowerPoint presentations on theiPad. Preserve animations, fonts,graphics and colors. Connect toprojectors, share with teammembers, and run usage reports.
  18. 18. Yammers popular socialbusiness solution for the iPadoffers on-the-go access to real-time conversations. Viewmessages, post updates, andreceive important notifications onthe go.
  20. 20. Click here tolearn more->
  22. 22. Credits4,5,6,8 Mission Impossible images courtesy of Paramount Pictures3 Stats courtesy of Cisco Systems9 Image from crazy-frankenstein.comMark FidelmanChief Social Strategist HARMON.IE @markfidelman