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The Top 10 Android Apps

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  • The Top 10 Android Apps

    That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Android Apps

    Android has been around for quite some time and all this time the developers have really notched up the android market with some really awesome apps...

    So, maybe you just got yourself a brand new cool android phone or maybe you have been using it for quite some time. I am going to give you the countdown to the top 10 android apps that are cool and will blow your mind and I am going to skip any of the apps that are universal and you probably know about by now...

  • 10. Layar

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  • 9. Stream zoo

    It is a fully featured photo and video sharing social network and it comes loaded with photo enhancement functionality and has a growing number and has a growing number of interactive users.

    Harnessing some of the finest elements from Facebook, Twitter and Flickr; Stream zoo is very much like pic plz and looks like a very promising application.

  • 8. How Stuff Works



  • 7. Taskiller free We all know that with so much multi-

    tasking going on, on the android devices all the time, some apps can really become memory and bandwidth hungry and when they crash, yup your phone crashes with them too...Though some apps might provide an easy "Quit option", Getting there can be a bummer as well.

    Now this is where TasKiller comes Now this is where TasKiller comes into play, it's a free app-killing utility that works from its standard icon; it can be added to your home screen and performs one-click system rescuing.

    Although the free version is bundled up with ads and lacks a few advanced features of the paid version, it can still serve anyone who's tired of scratching their heads trying to clear up space for phone calls and such.

  • 6. PDANet

    PDANet according to me is the easiest way to use your phones cellular net connection as a temporary makeshift internet access point, for situations where you just need to get online no just need to get online no matter what....

    The free version of this app offers basic internet access but blocks connections to secure sites once the trial period is over. But for the cost of nothing, we'll take some basic website browsing as a pretty good deal.

  • 5. Listen This app can be easily

    labeled as the king among podcast apps.

    The app does a great job of finding audio content and even exports your and even exports your subscriptions to Google reader, ensuring that you get a full feed backup and easy retrieval of past episodes you might want to re-listen to

  • 4. MP3 Music

    For all your mp3 music downloads you can trust this app available now on the android market. It is an app that features thousands of features thousands of mp3's using the public engine.

    It features search, preview and downloads of mp3 which you can setup as ringtones for your phone.

  • 3. Zedge Yes folks you heard it

    right...Zedge now has a fully featured app on the android market...making it easier than ever to download wallpapers, games, themes, notification tones and ringtones for your android ringtones for your android powered phone.

    Zedge is one the best places on the World Wide Web for all your mobile multimedia needs.

    A highly recommended app for any android user

  • 2. Lookout Mobile Security Lookout mobile security is the most

    used antivirus on the android market. It gives its users an amazing level of protection from viruses and identity thefts as well as providing a back up service of all your contacts on the lookout servers and a mobile tracking service in case if you ever lose your service in case if you ever lose your mobile..

    The free version should be good enough for the average user as it has virus protection, backup and phone tracker enabled. The only features missing out are the safe browsing and the privacy features which are only available in the paid version.

  • 1. Scoopon

    The number one app in the lifestyle market on android. This snazzy app delivers exclusive deals directly to android users at 12 noon every day.

    From restaurants and spas to travel, accommodation and entertainment, this app delivers coupons directly to the users phone.

  • WebTek Labs Mobile apps

    So there we go, these are the best apps that are available for grabs on the android market, and each and every one of them is going to blow your mind.

    There are some things that make life more fun There are some things that make life more fun and enjoyable So, if you own an android phone grab these apps from the market, trust me, its time your android meets its best buddies have fun and do leave your comments letting me know how you feel about these apps

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