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Transcript of The Sweetness of Tweeting #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes

  1. 1. THesweetnessofTweetingPanel byDeb Roy, Chief Media Scientist,Twitter
  2. 2. THE Sweetness ofTweetingMedia x SocialAcceleration =Social MediaTwitter makes mass media exponentially more powerful. To harnessthe power, advertisers must determine how to increase the value oftheir TV buys via Twitter. They also must learn to use the social mediatool to promote a real-time conversation with an audience thatsengaged in a program where their ad is appearing.1
  3. 3. Make it a socialsoundtrackAllowing TV viewers to discuss a program or advertisement in real timeis crucial for communicating the power and intent of a story. Twittercan convey a conversation TV viewers are having about a program oradvertisement.2THE Sweetness ofTweeting
  4. 4. Twitter canInduceActionIndividuals are more likely to pay attention to an event if they knowother people are similarly engaged. Twitter and other social mediaapplications provide such a window. As such, advertisers shouldconsider how they can take advantage of this rising interest.3THE Sweetness ofTweeting