The Sun. (New York, N.Y.) 1901-11-08 [p 9]. ... t 5C 1 > < < >> < > > >...

The Sun. (New York, N.Y.) 1901-11-08 [p 9]. ... t 5C 1 > < < >> < > > > and Klodiren Incapacitated Few
download The Sun. (New York, N.Y.) 1901-11-08 [p 9]. ... t 5C 1 &gt; &lt; &lt; &gt;&gt; &lt; &gt; &gt; &gt; and Klodiren Incapacitated Few

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Transcript of The Sun. (New York, N.Y.) 1901-11-08 [p 9]. ... t 5C 1 > < < >> < > > >...


    7j- I



    ja Authority Tntnki There H Too Tendmcy to Squelch the Former net HmootliTf orktnr Formation Prlnc tonWet Point Came No

    A nto who knows football from A t- voldi 10 the opinion that there 1 too m

    among c che to deprive play ef individuality In effort to t moothwoi- n formation argued that atthoi

    work It In successful foot tb e l no reason to discourage Individual entirely nd that a certain amount of In- rMuility H iv thing When you il- oS player Individuality you Interfere v u ho nay To trate back to the day of Willis Terry back In- tulyWs Terry wa a player with a p- nounoed Individuality and yet waa gr- mtn 10 carry the ball lie over wider UP and down It would r

    and do anything keep going Ibe ball That WM hi own peculiar tj-

    bJch was not coached out of him to get oitlons that went along moothly You nt to hire your formation naturally I hold a man can do them by tome Individual effort even the formation doei not move along with

    of a u t of wind The position of football coach I

    for constant study and thought As o eipreiwen It Youve got to

    nlfhti and a k yourself how you There a tendency among Rtudri mostly to find fault with a coach for move he makes without taking Into tideration the whys nnd wherefore of

    Jones for Instance Is n more player than Smith HI style In pai

    leg the ball I eniler than Smith E yule Smith I awkward he the back t the name and more than

    there on defenne the more rellat- rtin of Ibo two In that respect a fact lh critics overlook

    Princeton U bent on a better sho Vebt Point than did either

    or Yale neither of which made than one touchdown against the aoldlei

    on tho other after Mir both the nnd the Ul

    standstill have reason to believe th

    to their prowess Prlncct undoubtedly play a hotter kicking

    Iolnt Yalo did and for th- reuon there I lets probability of the coring on on

    waa with good klckln Princeton order to Insure no h will have to the wi

    from their goat line for kicking well this Mason and I

    ability of Daly to drop the over t has Annapolis to t

    ltd of a man similarly Annasaid to be at centre nnd tim guar petition the line however t

    Is much better about strict requirement to

    on ji football t a

    whom the faculty allow to th on account studies who could ninl-

    m lick Harvard I mean Ho out every day makes monkey out tackles thou not

    The doloful report from Ne have Yale In

    it to whether thn outlook for thn blK game really Is This talk about wearies me somewhat n supporter the Blue The Warn boon babied enoiie- ii It li Yale team h3vo tot and If a man cant Hand the th

    him Is on side

    ct or two men on th team up there th- t d a good stilt draitlo stirring up

    Two Important games will be played thl stars

    afternoon the Yale and Princeton frrshme meet at Haven Last year th

    freshmen Tit years Yal freshman eleven Is considered n exception ally one while the are n unknown iuantlty The Yale freshmen liar riot lot a game nut frosli man eleven from Yale In three to Andover am a pretty

    following lIar left

    right guard I7u MKllntork right Uckl etui quirtx

    Andover and Exeter will th annual same at Exeter Water card his been coaching Andover Mali Tale has been ranching Kxeler-

    PMNcrrov Nov 7 Princetons under more than o strong am

    br fle end drum march to the unlvenlf field this afternoci to tm Tigers ctl e At a luau meet Ini the tuuches complained tha the stuilenu were not lean ii thy should and Intimated broadly tha theta s ennxl In 1 lark of the Prlnetoi spIrit In university tail to far a

    U practice Indicated This Intimation lonctiwl the l exor

    unit title afternoon then a big rieinotintratluii In assure the lean

    of th ipport whlrh the uiilvriMti lw rir d l around

    stalIng and rlforunr and then retinal Ik stand tin the hot

    initr ar i until tin viie rt lor MIY prmtUo at the

    lutiiii in of lii IIr l olf-AUllDreiilir With III rit tioii of Mill re in lli cud a fr hi-

    M i l4i l d lutkle rj lm- l i ie iil d Ml aluiig the llr t ilnu

    i i suet DurUik UK-f Mil Vunllc one lou 4i IKII tuir halttJ 11 i ji i-

    iut r-

    If m l i tiu i4itugM nriul

    full Uist utiuf Tlif ri frl IN l 4in

    1 lli v will n i lk trirvfrwii

    I l I l

    fl i l M

    1 II I ml

    t 4 t lJfiH Htew4-lj MlN i i fes4f i TUi



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    waY unit with


    but that In

    though the


    all up

    Is certain

    con the





    cadet cUCrimson

    It 0 the UII Four may

    Inat cadet

    bal 1

    within the Ie

    play am

    other day I

    In amine

    Is ot the Rro

    Ii ew on d

    tar and yen bOat the end aM left tcklo

    I I Tlnerback lei tG




    tedy to Ilddual

    k1 u tin ofIlot t 1 it


    ONt 1 t r It l o



    I t I I II i 11 1I

    I t I f A-I 4 11 1

    r- I l

    I I J

    1I t

    r 1 1t ihr a


    11-ILH it ir





    lie te4m

    good a



    ooIhnei one

    sit stand




    hal- yard

    to a laat one onetime



    aim we Ilava rns



    Foot- ball a survival flttet There


    hO are the

    They aow

    177 Fowler left onloy

    right lroitou lfL hatf Junkie let

    halt 1e3 flhite full back liar


    a tile this


    sttind Ihe entir

    west chic whir cite roislInIlous

    the Un

    I I hurt his who

    as the a

    lice lbs

    vtrc ted half hack cc Its iet rin-

    S Iut 11 ciii It hrttu- I IL it-

    kt t sur Ca CCC deeded

    14 t41 I 4 iv ci iieI ei 114 5 h4 se hhl it- I tt4WI I I l tpuia

    W II 4l ie a tate t s-

    a t ii- Itioiet U4 Ia iirt1aL tC t

    I t 1 ts iii-

    C i t Pr 4mt 4a el-

    V u I i

    sd 4 l r1111-

    S iiia I-

    is s ag tiI I i

    I luti

    t I c I


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    41a Si-

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    p 4 4

    S a ti 4 t 5Capt 1









    and Klodiren Incapacitated Few the spectators knew 8m throughout the

    a lighter man whenever Colun had the manner

    and on

    NOT 7 The Harvard hall eleven and subitltut Bouare at 4 afternoon

    They received A rousing send

    by B Wendell

    good condition except and nob and are In of Tblr three men were taken nnd there were alteration In the list a It was given out l

    A squid of Inir The men who wero taken down frnnon had a on Boldd-

    beforo they left and they all ht signal Field slited of twenty rolniiU of limbering t followed minutia of practice There no lineup anti the i

    secret a It through signal will probably ba t- Olnson eleven

    and It was as follows en Campbell left tackle

    Barirent right guard Darnairight tackle end Oowdlti

    wilt be to In the Ifhe Roberta ki will not permit playing

    Hard work again characterized Columbia football afternoon 1

    was a rather makeshift team but played snappy football scored two

    against the scrub knnoon llru Smith w

    reported with head bandaged and H Sh arid played Klndgen Oiv but did not g the scrimmage punt his

    Just recovered an receive In name twisted his bad kn- ngnln nnd had to rotlre from the play In t

    Sanford two men again Bhaw at centre to improve his defensive won In ten successive scrub was push- back ten yards The made yards on line smnshe and then the on a tumble The scrub was held and Duell woe soon shoved over f a touchdown On oausd a sensation by Imitating Weeke hurdle tactics with he elg yards on hi first attempt The Varsity a on lt and won bi on downs Persistent fumblIng Ing thorn yards

    around and Fisher soon aft scored the second touchdown Today

    will be the last before the Syracu game at the Polo Ground tomorrow

    rniunitrnu Nov Pennsylvanianow devoting her tl players Into some kind of physical condltlc

    with sever

    could not bo suspended for the team need much however at advice of Dr the men did not line

    wero on an hour and a running through the si nail and the quarter nnd other plays on

    End run wero rehearsed ns wall i

    Pennsylvania will depend be called

    such as fake formations and and double passes Coach

    lays football will d The

    had a trial Columbia and fallai with her weak does nc

    to gain against with line plays M will hue to tall hack n

    did In the with

    thoso two days of rest re compared to the work

    last two the men should In Impe on Saturday

    WnUinsTOWT Nov 7 The first gnrt

    l played on Hdturday when William up agKln t For tw

    cars V hoa champion Williams after both team hay

    trtlrn Amherst the outlook this yes threw teams have played excellent

    season but the value of cores stand nothing On paper Ambers liows up a little the Yal

    Inlon and Trinity count against has not as good score

    wr trout has nlways been a comer and never cache Its Ftrenxth till the chatnplonhl