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Transcript of The Strategic Content Alliance. Slide 210 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance THE...

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  • The Strategic Content Alliance
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  •| Slide 210 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance THE STRATEGIC CONTENT ALLIANCE: Audiences, Modelling and a Bit More Chris Batt OBE CHRIS BATT consulting
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  •| Slide 310 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance Introduction The SCA is a pan-UK cross sector initiative to nurture collaboration in the development of an innovative UK e-Content Framework due for delivery in spring 2009; Sponsored by some of the UKs leading providers of authoritative e- content Works through its sponsor organisations and the Home Nations Forums to lever knowledge and collective action Supported by full-time executive staff at JISC and seconded expertise from the funders, aligned organisations and beyond Plus international links
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  •| Slide 410 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance The Funders
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  •| Slide 510 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance The United Digital Kingdom a changing landscape
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  •| Slide 610 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance The Shared Objectives To build a common information environment Develop and deploy a UK Content Framework Produce real world exemplars, case studies and tools to assist in the development of e-content over the long term. To nurture new solutions to old problems
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  •| Slide 710 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance UK Change Agents Common licensing platforms: e.g. JISC Collections Common Middleware e.g. Shibboleth technology is being rolled out via the UK Access Management Federation. The Tate will be piloting Shibboleth; Digital Repositories, including Institutional digital repositories are being developed across UK public sector; Mass digitisation invites new profit/non-for-profit business models with publishers, some of whom are ahead of the game Devolved Administrations Service convergence Government policy reviews and value for money
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  •| Slide 810 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance Global Change
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  •| Slide 910 September 2015 The UK e-Content Framework E-Content Policy and Procedures: Common areas for action; Barriers and how to overcome them; Good practice handbook aimed at relevant e-content providers E-Content Service Convergence modeling: Document recommending where more converged services would offer benefits to users and steps to achieve this. E-Content Exchange (interoperability) Model Development: A number of Interoperability pilots testing: scalability, sustainability and user need for a more common information environment in a meaningful way.
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  •| Slide 1010 September 2015 E-Content Audit and Register: Scope of digital collections report; Develop the UK registry landscape, using existing m-2-m services (e.g. IESR) as part of a global drive to address specific issues e.g. orphan works, at risk collections etc. E-Content Audience analysis and modeling: Documentation of common requirements to feed into framework; Six monthly reports on market trends in public sector and commercial sector. E-Content Advice, Support and Embedding: A report presenting current support services landscape and recommendations for future support. The UK e-Content Framework
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  •| Slide 1110 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance Business models and sustainability strategies: An international landscape study reviewing and presenting the sustainability issues in the context of the broader e-content environment, E-Content Advocacy, Dissemination and Policy Development: A range of communication mechanisms geared at key stakeholders in the e-content arena E-Content Standards and Good Practices: Common technical standards and good practices document in collaboration with EU and US agencies; Advocacy strategy to promote further adoption of documented standards and possible mandatory minimum requirements.
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  •| Slide 1210 September 2015 Outcomes for the Citizen To widen the take-up and use of e-content (incl. by new audiences); A reduction in the barriers to e-content: Increasing opportunities to re-use content; Improving the overall citizens experience in accessing, using and reusing e-content i.e. convenience.
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  • The rapid growth and development of electronic content offers enormous and ever-growing possibilities for all citizens in the UK. But for this country to realize the full potential of the Web, and for each citizen to realize their own potential - in the workplace, in their places of learning, and in the home - the full range of online content needs to be made available to all, quickly, easily and in a form appropriate to individuals' needs. Strategic Content Alliance Enormous and ever growing possibilities for all citizens to realise their own potential full range of online content Made available quickly and easily and in a form appropriate to individuals needs
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  • How can we use the power of the Internet to empower everyone to discover and understand more about the world every day?
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  • Policy and Investment Focus
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  • A shift from technology and education to quality content and services that align with peoples needs and aspirations
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  • The Lifelong Learning Journey Learning as the apprehension of knowledge to advantage From today into the past From the past into the future From ignorance to understanding From diaspora to community
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  • Understand peoples needs and behaviours Design systems for people Focus on the bus driver, not the professor Expose high quality content The Lifelong Learning Journey
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  • Prior Knowledge Value Chain
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  • Learning Journeys into the Unknown
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  • The Online Revolution is like a train with no destination The Guardian
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  • Audiences are People Learning as an everyday experience Design involves citizens Technology is invisible Foster communities of interest Sell the idea of learning for life as the killer app... The building blocks exist
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  •| Slide 2310 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance AUDIENCE ANALYSIS AND MODELLING: A Drama in Five Acts CHRIS BATT consulting
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  •| Slide 2410 September 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance The Intent The Leg Work The Approach The Outcomes The Consequences
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  •| Slide 2510 September 2015
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  •| Slide 2610 September 2015 THE INTENT Survey existing market intelligence about user requirements in the sponsoring organisations Develop a suitable methodology for analysing audience behaviour and how this should best drive the development of e- content policy including opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration Develop an understanding of the e-content audiences of the sponsoring organisations Analyse existing user behaviour when accessing e-resources and capture future requirements Keep abreast of developing trends in the commercial sector for investment in digitization and for potential target audiences
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  •| Slide 2710 September 2015 What do sponsors already know about audiences? Audiences Discovery Evaluation Matrix of shared categories to match content needs Sponsors delivery approaches + Google Sponsor knowledge/use of personalised front ends Review of approaches to interface impact assessment Recommend approach to shared evaluation Agreed scenarios to test against front ends 1 2 3 THE INTENT
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  •| Slide 2810 September 2015 Structured interviews with sponsor organisations Second layer interviews with other relevant UK organisations Correspondence with international contacts Australia, Canada, EU, New Zealand, Singapore Desktop research THE APPROACH
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  •| Slide 2910 September 2015 The Interview Questionnaire 1 Supply and Demand Audiences you are mandated to serve, their needs and the range of e-content provided for them Systematic research to establish types and needs of audiences Content services targeted at specific audience groups. Design methodology Collaboration to aggregate content and services - Repositories, cross-collection linking Approaches to enriched discovery for target groups - public search tools, Web 2.0, authenticated access, federated services, personalisation
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  •| Slide 3010 September 2015 The Questionnaire 2 New approaches to resource discovery Priorities for improvement through audience research, audience involvement in design, exploit public search tools, personalisation Audience trends analysis and future watching Personalised