The story of the hammer.

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  • 1.if I had a hammer, it would look like this.

2. But Who would trust me with a hammer? 3. ive never reall used oney 4. up to this point in my life ive managed quite well without a toolbox 5. When youre an un-handy woman,you too will find that thumb tacks And Adhesive hooks can work wonders. 6. unfortunatel houses are noty built with sticky tack. 7. when i volunteered for habitat for humanity, i did not take this into consideration. 8. i showed up at the build site, bright eyed and bushy tailed.ready to build a house. 9. i imagined it would be just like making and decorating gingerbread houses. I w hoping to be in charge of lining the roof with 10. one look at the height of the ladderclimb up to the roof, killed that dream. Fast. 11. instead I volunteered for the ground crew. 12. i quickl found out that the ground crew name is deceptive.ythere reall is no standing on the ground. y 13. the ladders stand on the ground.we stand on the tippy top steps. 14. while we hammer. 15. above our heads.(notice the rock hard muscles this requires) 16. at first my hammering w comparable to chicken pecks. asPeck, Peck, Peck. 17. after out-pecking the hungriest chicken you could find the nail still didnt budge. 18. i w then introduced to the hammer sWING. aspull her back.and let her rip. 19. my hammering then took on a rhythm:swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.hit.swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.hit.swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.miss.swing.hit. 20. slowl the nail inched its w y into the w y, aall. 21. and what seemed like hours later, (after more than a few thumb casualties)i had nailed the entire insulation panel to the wall. 22. i proudl ga a little fist pump in celebrationy vea smile creeping onto my face. 23. as the build leader w alked by and sa my w wall. she frowned and shook her head. 24. not up and down with the thumbs up approv i w expecting al as 25. side to side(with an audible oy vey) 26. she quickl confirmed my growing fear as she marched over to the wyalland tore down my hours worth of work in a matter of minutes. 27. she told me to start again from the beginning. 28. so i did.peck. swing. peck. swing. peck. peck. peck. 29. side note: (twenty-five years old and still cant find the hammer in this highlights hidden pictures) 30. i w the little chicken the could. asi nailed my second wall up like the best of em. 31. and I ha a callus to prove best trophy ever.