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  • 1.The Story of PepsiBy: Baylee Cothorn and Anna Grace Lane

2. Our Goal at PepsiCoOur mission is to be the worlds premier consumer products companyfocused on convenient foods and beverages. We seek to produce financialrewards to investors as we provide opportunities for growth and enrichmentto our employees, our business partners and the communities in which weoperate. And in everything we do, we strive for honesty, fairness andintegrity. 3. All about Pepsi 4. How it all got started Began in the summer of 1898 New Bern, North Carolina Pharmacist Caleb Bradhamcreated the beverage Pepsi-Cola. 5. Products of PepsiCo Pepsi-cola brands Frito-lay brands Quaker brands Gatorade brands Tropicana brands 6. Major Competitors Coca-Cola Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Kraft 7. Benefits at PepsiCo Offers total rewards Pay Heath care Wellness programs Retirement plans And work/life benefits 8. Research & Development Constantly innovating Improvement innew products/ideasexisting products Global Beverages Modernization ofGroup and Globalproduction processSnacks Group Development of Main goal is focusingon development Plan to collaboratewith Global Nutrition 9. Leadership of PepsiCo Indra N. Nooyi Chairman/Chief Exc. Officer,PepsiCo John Compton Brian CornellPresident, PepsiCo Chief Exc. Officer PepsiCo Am. FoodsAlbert P. Carey Zein AbdallaSadd Abdul-LatifChief Exc. Officer,Chief Exc. Officer, PepsiCo Asia,Chief Exc. Officer, PepsiCo EuropePepsiCo Am. Beverages Middle East, Africa 10. Stock History 11. PepsiCo Improving ourEnvironment Minimizing Waste: 84.6% of the waste went towards recycling Waste to Wealth Climate Change: Renewable fuel sources in India Solar Solutions Energy reductions Water: Conserves nearly 13.8 billion liters compared to 2006. Technological improvements to save water 12. PepsiCo Employees 13. Job Opportunities Financial Analyst/FinancialReporting Job Requirements: Bachelors degree Strong organizational skills Strong communication skills 14. Locations around the world PepsiCo Americas Foods Westchester, NY PepsiCo AmericasBeverages- Westchester, NY PepsiCo Europe- Geneva,Switzerland PepsiCo- Asia, Middle East,and Africa Headquarters: Westchester, NY 15. Pepsi through the years