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  • 1.w his name-o! as

2. When I w a kid, I used to sa to my parents, as yIm just an adult trapped in a little persons body. 3. they didnt know then that theadult I w referring to... as w a seventy-five year old grandmaas 4. but all the signs were there:I liked cat napsbookslibrarieswriting lettersscrapbookingearl bedtimes y 5. and bingo! 6. at first it wasnt seriousA little Travel Bingo on road trips here and there. 7. then came rainy da bingo at summer campywhere our punny bingo jokes never grew old.(we laughed b4 and after) 8. then i ventured into the harder stuffcruise bingo.where clothing wasoptional. 9. bar bingo(renamed blingo for the hipsters) where we used tater tots tocover our free space 10. but it w asnt untilrecentl that iyI experienced the closestthing Ill ever get toa debs coming out party 11. bingo nightwith the regulars 12. I finall graduated from lame bingo boardsy 13. to the big leagues. 14. I mingled with my peers. 15. ogled their good luck charms 16. come on, whens the last time you sa a troll doll?wyoud ha been ogling 17. but i quickl realized I had led ay sheltered bingo existence 18. bingo wasnt some fun kiddy gamein this church basement 19. i had to put my serious face on.[if you type serious bingo into google,this picture of blake livel comes up. y who am i to argue with google?] 20. forget chatting. and laughing. 21. the caller is king.he do not. 22. one card? You wish. 23. try keeping track of nine. or better yet give twenty-seven a whirl. 24. forget what number is being called.You should al a be one step ahead. w ys 25. granny bingoaint no joke kid. 26. you best believe Ill be back. 27. and you will be b-10.