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    theCHOICE Why Snohomish and why not _______________ (enter city)? Regardless of the time or location, more people will ask WHY vs. WHY NOT? At the core of this are many fears, all of which are combated with faith. It would be easy to cite statistics or identify the 10 different reasons why Snohomish (or another city) is more strategic than other cities. The truth is that Snohomish has been on the heart of several elders for many years. The majority of our church is divided over the communities of Marysville and Lake Stevens. We also have a growing contingent of people coming from Snohomish and Arlington. Our hope is to be able to reach many more communities someday, God willing. Submitted to the Spirit, we must evaluate our people, our church, our culture, and then decide to “go” into a particular communities. And while one of the communities might appear more strategically located than another, and even make a lot of sense “on paper”, the Holy Spirit has been known to ask His church to do things that don’t make sense. We are convinced that we must continue to take gospel risks. Therefore, the elders have decided to go forward with our first site in the South, toward Snohomish (Lake Stevens). We continue to move forward with prayer and fasting, trusting that the Holy Spirit will direct us in the way we should go.

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    “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

    - JESUS Matthew 28.18-20

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS THE MISSION - What is the mission of the church? THE CALL - What does it mean to be a “sent” church? THE FORM - What is a multi-site church? THE WISDOM – What is the rationale behind this? THE REQUIREMENTS – When should we launch a campus? THE LOCATION – How do you decide where should we go? THE TEAM – Who and what do we need? How can I help? THE TIMELINE – When is all of this going to happen? THE CHOICE – Why are we going to __________?

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    theTIMELINE When is all of this starting? Below is a tentative timeline. Most dates are subject to change or adjustment. The provided timeline is ONE option. Ideally, a new launch should occur in the Fall or Spring. With the holidays, Winter is difficult time to launch anything new. June 2012 – Announce Vision to Church The initial stage will include a careful evaluation of the ministries of Damascus Road Marysville. This is an effort to ensure the mother church is healthy. Visions will be refined, leadership teams solidified, and new staff hired. This will continue to be a time of praying and fasting for the elders and the entire church. Though this stage signals a decision and initiates announcements, and informational meetings, there are many details to figure out. July-August 2012 – Informational Group Gathering During the month of July there will be several informational meetings for the community within our church and for those outside our church. These informal meetings would serve as a place for individuals to ask questions, learn about the details of the mission, and evaluate their own future involvement. September-November 2012 – Core Group Gathering These three months will begin a progressing ramping up of plans, systems, and leaders. This stage will include a more visible public promotion of the upcoming launch date. The key leaders will be identified, and the core team will begin to unify around their shared mission to Snohomish. A location will be secured and any necessary equipment will be acquired. November 2012 or January 2013 –Launch Damascus Road | Snohomish September 2013 – Transition to AM

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    theNEED The new church campus will need a dedicated set up team, worship team, hospitality team, and children’s team to manage the gathering. Not all of this will be needed immediately, but the core group of volunteers must be prepared when we do. Most campus will begin as evening service. While the lead pastor will serve as the “point man” for the campus, whatever pastor preaches at the Marysville campus will preach the same sermon in Snohomish for a time. The hope is that, within a year, the plan would be to transition the campus to Sunday mornings, with its own dedicated preacher/pastor, and to begin to work on a third campus in or around another city. We are calling for volunteers to PRAY and FAST for the few weeks about the following items: 1. THE HOLY SPIRIT’S LEADING 2. THE LEADERS 3. THE TEAM


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    theMISSION WHAT IS THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH? We believe our mission is to live out the Great Commandment as we fulfill the Great Commission. In other words, we love one another as we make disciples and plant churches. The gospel forms us into a family of families and sends us on mission into the world. Specifically, we believe we are called to make disciples and plant churches. This commitment requires a conviction that the Great Commission can be accomplished and will be completed. Furthermore, it requires that pastors and churches view themselves not as the end of the mission, but as a means to mobilize and equip people for mission through the local church. As God saves us by the power of the gospel, believers are gathered into a FAMILY where we grow in the gospel together—taking it deeper into our own hearts as we share it in one another’s lives. But our family is not only a collection of maturing brothers and sisters who love one another; we are a team of ambassadors who are SENT on mission into the world. Genuine faithfulness requires that we both gather AND scatter. This is how the disciples understood the Great Commission as demonstrated in the expansion of the church seen in the book of Acts.

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    theTEAM The following plan is flexible and open to change depending on how the Spirit leads and provides (or not) . The written objective of the plan is to launch a separate campus in or around downtown Snohomish called Damascus Road | Snohomish.

    The campus will exist as an extension of our one church, sharing all of our DNA, our leadership, and resources. The campus aims “soft” launch in the next 6 months as an evening service around 5:30pm. the preacher For an indefinite time, the preacher for the evening gathering in Snohomish would be the same preacher from the morning gathering in Marysville. The elders are committed to developing more elders, more preachers, and more planters always. the campus lead The current operations pastor would oversee the pastoring of the Road Groups and all organizational aspects of the campus. This will continue until such time as God raises up a leader from among the core group before or after the soft launch, to help manage the campus. This is not necessarily a pastoral role. the worship We have begun the process of searching for a music lead to help shape the musical identity of our worship over two campuses. This position would begin as an internship and, by God’s grace, transition into a permanent position. Our music volunteers have faithfully served for nearly three years without a paid lead. We believe it is time to hire an individual who can dedicate significant time, energy, and skill into making our music ministry a greater part of our mission. the core team We will begin building a core team by gathering those we already have in the given location. This is done through Road Groups. We will host several informational meetings throughout the summer in order to connect with local “missionaries” (who leave Snohomish to attend a church), many of whom already have a heart for Snohomish but do not yet attend Damascus Road. We would also plan ways to invest in the community, through various activities, in order to reach the pre-Christians who are not connected with a church at all. Ideally, we will have a core of 40-50 people dedicated to this mission before the actual launch. During this core building stage, we would hope to identify leaders and volunteers for the various needs of the new mission.

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    healthy we do not refer to style or contextualization, rather, to the purity of their teaching, leadership, and practice.

    6. Is there a reformed church in the area? We should consider the theology that is taught by the present churches. Reformed theology is growing but still somewhat of a minority in the Northwest. If we believe that a reformed perspective of the Scriptures is important to teach, in that it is in fact Gospel Truth, then the absence of such sound doctrine is motivation enough to plant.

    7. Is there a gospel-centered church in the area? We recognize that theological reformed churches may be present in both name and belief. Unfortunately, many theologically reformed churches have the reputation of reveling in their theology at the expense of the gospel. We must consider whether those reformed churches p