The stinson wreck

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  • 1. The Stinson Disaster

2. Year 7 is reading a class novelentitled Hatchet by Gary Paulsen,writtenin1987. 3. The book tells the story of Brian Robeson,a thirteen-year-old boy who becomes lostin the Canadian wilderness after his planecrashes. 4. Although Hatchet is fictitious therehave been many true tales of peoplesurviving in the wild after crashing orbecomingstranded and thenattempting to survive, walk to safetyor help rescue others. 5. One tale ofsurvival andrescue somepeople inQueenslandmight befamiliar with isthe story of theStinson wreck. 6. In 1937, a Stinson aircraft was flyingfrom Brisbane to Sydney. 7. After flying into a thunder storm the planecrashed into the Lamington Ranges. 8. Four of the sevenon board werekilled and anextensive searchfailed to turnup any wreckage. 9. Nine days after the crash, Beaudesertgrazier Bernard OReilly set out onfoot to find the Stinson wreckage. 10. Through his superiorbush skills he foundthe crash site and,to his surprise,two survivors indesperate needof medical attention. 11. After making them comfortable, heleft them to organise a rescue party. 12. Read more about the Stinson disaster locals/bernard-oreilly-family/ THESTORYOFTHESTINSONWRECK.htm 13. Bernard OReillyresting after the rescue 14. A 1968 reunionof the survivors,Joe Binstead,John Proudand rescuerBernard OReilly