The Somerset NJ Mask Squad. Fits over N95 masks. Mask Squad Mask with Elastics...

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Transcript of The Somerset NJ Mask Squad. Fits over N95 masks. Mask Squad Mask with Elastics...

  • Mask Squad Mask with Elastics This is the mask pattern with elastics preferred by The Somerset NJ Mask Squad.

    ● Fits over N95 masks. ● Easy off and on ● There are different uses for different types of masks and if fulfilling a request

    from a healthcare organization, you may follow whatever guidelines they provide.

    ● Use high quality cotton or cotton blend fabric ● Fit is larger for flexibility and recipients can knot or pin the band to adjust the fit

    Fabric masks can extend the life of respirator masks and provide some protection against droplets and particles. They will not keep you safe from Covid-19 but they may help stop the spread if we all wear one.

  • Cutting: - Cut 1 outer fabric


    - 1 lining fabric

    (they must be different fabrics)

    Both at 10” wide x 8” tall


    Cut 2 elastics at


    (This elastic length should be generous enough to fit most)

  • Optional Pocket: - You can choose to add an opening in

    your mask so a filter of some kind can be added and removed.

    - Most masks we provide do not need this

    - Press edge up ¼-½” towards the wrong side of the fabric along one 10” edge of BOTH the outer and lining fabric.

    - Use a zig zag stitch to stitch over this edge to hold in place and prevent fraying.

    - Follow additional pocket instructions -

    Optional: Instead, you could fold and press the fabric ¼” and then ¼” again and use a straight stitch to secure (no raw edge would be exposed)

    Skip this page if you don’t want a pocket!!!

  • Pin Elastics: 1. Pin elastic at 4 corners of the right side of the lining,

    perpendicular to the 8” sides. It will be sandwiched between the outer fabric and lining.

    2. Elastic should overhang the edge by about ¼” (if the seams that secures elastic is too close to the end, it might rip out when wearing)

    3. Since elastics are shorter than the side, the lining will not lay flat.

    4. Make sure elastics are not twisted.

    5. Lay the outer fabric on top of the lining with right side together and pin in place around the edges.

    You can skip the pinning altogether if you are comfortable inserting the elastics as you go.

  • Sew Layers:

    ● Starting on one edge about 2” from the edge, stitch around all sides ¼” from the edge. Backstitch at start and stop.

    ● Pivot at corners.

    ● Stitch and backstitch at each elastic at least 3 times

    ● Be sure elastic is flat and is not caught in seams anywhere other than the corners.

    ● Leave a 3” opening on one long side

    ● Trim seam allowance at corners.



  • Turn and Press: ● Pull through the opening and turn right

    side out.

    ● Press edges flat.

    ● Be sure to press edges at opening in.

    ● Topstitch at opening close to the edge. (If you choose to topstitch entire mask, you can close opening then)

  • Optional Pocket:

    Sew layers similar to previous instructions (Please read!) EXCEPT:

    ● Leave entire side with zig zaged edges open

    ● After turning and pressing, topstitch very close to the open edge at both sides, leaving an approximately 3” opening.

    ● Backstitch at stop and start to secure

    ● This opening will remain in completed mask to put the filter in.

    ● Be sure to stitch and backstitch at each elastic at least 3 times

    If you will add the optional darts, this opening needs to be off to one side (not centered) so it doesn’t interfere with darts.



    Skip this page if you aren’t including a pocket!!!

  • 1”

    ½ ”

    Pleats: - Pin 3 pleats on each short side

    (you can skip pinning if you are able) (There are many tricks for how to pleat efficiently)

    - Pleats are roughly spaced ¾ ” apart

    - Side is about 3” after pleated

    - All pleats overlap from the top to the bottom on both sides

    - Stitch down pleats twice close to each edge

    - Optional: You can topstitch close to the entire edge of the mask (you would be able to close the opening while doing this)

    Pleats can be approximated but need to be roughly the same size, go in the same direction (top to bottom), and stitched over at least twice.


    Fold top to bottom

  • Add Darts (optional): At both top and bottom:

    - Fold mask in half with lining out as shown.

    - Mark a dart about ¼” x 1” (You can approximate without marking)

    - Stitch along mark, backstitching at both edges

    ¼ ”


  • Trim threads and mask is done!

    Elastic length can be adjusted by knotting or pinning one or both sides.