The Social Learning Network Presentation at TechStartupJobs Fair London 2014

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The Social Learning Network is the first truly social learning platform to help students engage in learning.TSLN is hiring for ‘UX/UI designer’ and ‘PHP Web Developer with experience of web apps’ at TechStartupJobs Fair London 2014.

Transcript of The Social Learning Network Presentation at TechStartupJobs Fair London 2014

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2. In September 2012 Rachel and Hamish created The Social Learning Network with the idea of creating class social groups to encourage students to learn collaboratively. TSLN Vision TSLN Approach TSLN spent 8 months attending classes almost everyday. We observed, conversed and researched until one day we thought we had a solution of how technology could benefit education. The key was not to expect technology change teaching practice but technology to compliment and add value. TSLN Solution a series of apps that mirrored the learning process. really easy to use with no training required, learning benefits would be immediate and for all it would cost virtually nothing to buy. cover the complete process of learning 3. Students are responding to the teacher using personal mobiles because its their phone and they dont have to stick their hand up Teacher mobile enables a teacher to see all responses and can follow up individually or as a class Spiral apps promote class team building with the class working together Teachers see individual responses on personal device, upload straight to class portfolio, and display on Whiteboard. Teachers can operate SPIRAL from whiteboard. Student devices can be notified with messages and activities posted to individuals or groups SPIRAL class app leverages the available devices in class- student phones, class whiteboard/ teacher PC and teacher mobile. Whiteboard displays pupil activity, shows whose answered or what each student posted. 4. Students sign-up to the teacher class group. They upload profile photos and see who is in their class Student respond to verbal questions using personal devices & controls display output to whiteboard, starts new activities and sends responses back to students devices. Whiteboard view shows how many and which students have responded. Teacher displays class or individual responses on whiteboard in a number of formats. Teacher mobile displays individual student responses Sign-up and Quickfire 5. The vision for Spiral CollaborateQuickfire Discuss Tell me Quiz Plus 9 more HomeworkWorksheet Practice Group task Flipped Plus 5 more Portfolio Class Personal Evidence library Instant INTEGRATED TIMELINE OF LEARNING In SPIRAL teachers and students are connected as a class group travelling through this learning journey in a more positive engaging experience. SPIRAL mirrors the process of learning by breaking down activities into a series of easy to use apps that interconnect class homework, revision, resources and evidence. 6. SPIRAL is made up of mini apps that mirror existing teaching practices. Apps connect together in the same way that teachers develop students understanding and knowledge. SPIRAL adds extra value to make learning enjoyable and interactive Class Collaboration incorporating a set of activities that develop the class as a collaborative group, where they can all contribute to the shared understanding of the class and become deeply engaged in every element of the lesson Homework incorporating a suite of homework tasks that enable students to manage their time, make Homework more relevant, and facilitate more collaboration and peer review. Portfolio incorporating class and personal portfolios that can be combined to create a personal learning journey for students, where key resources and learning can be used to aid revision and facilitate professional mentoring to help them achieve their potential. Portfolio also tracks performance of all SPIRAL interaction with analytics of daily student education activity and access to digital evidence to aid teacher performance management and assessment for learning. Quickfire Discuss Think, Pair, Share Notebook Bounce Quiz Knowledge Harvest Debate Each mini app replicates existing class activities. Pupils use personal devices to play the activity either as individuals or groups with the teacher able to engage the whole class together. Standard / Diary Worksheet Group Project Flip Practice Exam Making homework into a digital workflow allowing teachers to mark on-line. Faster feedback, more collaboration and a more relevant experience Class Personal Instant Evidence All learning activities and teacher resources are managed in the portfolio for both class and individual student. Once teachers get familiar with the mini apps they can build a portfolio that the students can revise from for tests and exams. Teachers can manage day- to-day resources, provide line managers with evidence of good teaching and ensure students learn what is required to achieve target grades. 7. We are looking for.. UX/UI designer - Design and test 23 new apps TSLN have devised in collaboration with test schools PHP Web Developer with experience of web apps - Develop software for school education apps and platform