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  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    T 'H [ S H O T 'G l J " O IA R I [ SA Z . , m b i e S u r v iv a l R . , l e p la y i l l g C a m eWr;tten by John w;c_fWr;tten -1" '01' N','c_fwatts

    "tie by ~oc_helle watts

    lhe 5hot3un ]);ar;es ;s and 1M 2009 by John f,I);cJ:, uSed by?er"1;SS;on. 41 1 characters and s;tuat;onS?resented here are -h'ct.'ona/and a-y reSe" real ;:>erSonS;S cO;I?CJ'dentai.:ce?t .f'or Mc/:.y/e'S real. 4nd ZO"1b;eS.!hey are real, too. 4nd ;t's later than you th;n/:.

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    Went to the ,5roc.erystore today I'or sa??I;es. We ,5ot c.annedsoa?, c.annedve,5etablesandc.annedI'ra;t. We lost Mar;e.41'ter we all Ojreedto stay to,5ether, after we all Ojreed,50;n:Joat alone

    was too d~eroas, after all 01' that, she dec.ldedto searc.h the ba.cJ:rooM.4nd none 01' as notic.ed. None 01'as notic.ed antil she started sc.reaM;n:J.Oar baddy systeM c.oM?letely l'a;led.Jay ran I'or the I'ront door andneVer

    looKedbacK. .f'on and I dro??ed oar bOjs and shoaldered oar r;';:;eS.When we,5ot there, ;t was too late. We bloc.Kadedthe door and,5rabbedwhat bOjs wec.oald. "/hen, we tried to c.atc.ha? with Jay.Wewas already;n the sho?, the iron ,5ate shat. II' .f'on d;dn't have his own

    Key,Jay woald have lel't as oat there. I was alMost oat 01' aMMan;tionwhenthe ,5atewent a? We had to 01'1'their hands to ,5et ;t c.losed.It's neVereasy to'ront SOMeonewhen everyonehas ,5anS. Jay woaldn't

    bacKdown. Wewas r'3ht to ran, he said. Wewas r'3ht to ,5et the hell oat 01'there . .f'on tried to tell hiMthat Mar;ewas his baddy and ;t was Jay's I'aalt;t ha,P?enedat all. Jay woaldn't I;sten and at the end, he dec.;dedhe woald bebetter 01'1'on his own. We Ojreedhe c.oald taKewhatever he c.oald c.arryandlet hiM,50. Wewent oat the rool' exit and ran a.c.ross the rool'to?S towardthe ed,5e01' the c.;ty."/hat leaves as with SeVen.Only three 01'as c.anMaKethe ,5roc.eryran.

    walter and V;r,5;n;are too old, 70MMy ;s too yoan:Jand EI;zabeth shoald be,5;v;n:Jirth any day now. None 01'as Know what to do. We't eVen,5et tothe I;braryto ,5et a booK. - =1

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    My day tradjeS -f'orword. I eat c_anned?eac...heSand looK oat the window./he iron jate Kee?S theft? oat o-f'reac...h01' the j/ass. rortanately, the janstore has ballet ?roo-f' j/ass, so eVeni-f'they jet throajh the jate, the j/asswill bay as tiMe to reac...hthe roo-/'. I li'nish My?eac...hes and looK oat at the-f'ac...eS.hey oren't eVenhaMan anyMore. I don't Know why I'M SO c_oM?elledto watc_h theM. Maybe I'M looKin:;-f'orMOMand dad. Maybe I'M IOOKin:;f'or])ebbie. I halen't Seen theM yet. Ninety-two days jone and I halen't Seenanyone I Know. Wow weird is that? I halen't Seen anyone I Know.])ay is done. I'll try to Slee? /he ?Iac...ewhere I do See the ?eo?le I Know.

    4nd I watc_h theM die Ojain and Ojain and Ojain.Good nijht, diary. One More dayander M Y belt. 4t least there's that.


  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    I l l t r o d u f ; t i o l l/he 5hot:Y-ln ]);ar;eS ;S a role,Play;n:JjaMe about ZO/Ylb;esUrv;val horror.

    5,Pec..;!?,his ;s ;';;c..K'srole,Play;n:JjaMe about ZO/Ylb;ehorror. I desl3ned ;t.;:'orhis birthday, So ;.;:';t See/YlS I'/Yl tal~;n:J to a s'pe6!?c.. ,PerSon, I aM. 7h;sjaMe belon:Js to ;';;c..~and he jave /Yle,Per/Yl;SS;on to show ;t to you. 50, ;.;:'youI;~e it, the next ti/Yle you See h;/Yl, /Yl~e SUre to than~ h;/Yl.

    (4nd ho/""fY birthday, ;';;c..~f)In the jaMe, you 'play the roles 0.;:'SurvivorS 01' the ZO/Ylb;eo/""oc..aly,PSe.

    Why the ZO/Ylb;eS are here really doesn't /Ylatter, does it? We ~now whatho/"",PenSto those who try to !?nd a c..Ure. We ~now what ho/"",PenSto thosewho study the ZO/Ylb;eS. the only c..ho;c..ehere ;S to Survive.

    You w;11need three to six ,Players (leSS and rcsre than that d;/Yl;n;SheSjaMe,Play) and a 20/Ylb;e Master who ac..ts as the re.;:'eree. You also need S;x-sided d;c..eand d;.;:'.;:'erento~enS .;:'orthe 20/Ylb;e Cloc..~ and rear.

    50, let's !?nd out who your alter ejo ;S ;n this world 0.;:'.;:'earand teeth.

    M A K I N G A S l J R V I V O R411ZO/Ylb;esUrv;val /YloV;eShave ,Partic_ular ~;nds 01' c..harac..ters. You /Ylay

    eVen c..all the/J'1arc..heiy,Pes. what ;S your arc..hety'pe?

    r h e C l e ,e r S u r , i ' o r/he CleVer 5urv;vor ~nows how to /Yl~e tools out 0.;:'the strt

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    r h e D a n g e r o u s S u r v i v o r/he ])anjeroas 5arvivor has been trained with weqponS. y/e's a C.o,Por a

    soldier or jast a jan nat. /he ])anjeroas 5arvivor always rolls at least I'oardic.e I'or any risk: inVolvin:;weqponS.

    r h e F a s t S u r v i v o r/he fast 5arvivor isn't very bij' isn't very sMart, bat she ran lik:ehell.

    /he fast 5arvivor always rolls at least I'oar dic.e I'or any risk: inVolvin:;s,Peed.

    r h e S n e a i y S u r v i v o r/he 5neaty 5arvivor k:nows how to jet aroand withoat bein:;Seen. Y/e

    always rolls at least I'oar dic.e I'or any risk: inVolvin:;sneaKin:;aroand and notbein:;Seen.

    r h e S t r O n g S u r v i v o r/he 5tron:; 5arViVor May not be very sMart, bat when yoa need to bloc.k:

    the door, he's the jay to jet. /he 5tron:; 5arvivor always rolls at least I'oardic.e I'or any risk: inVolvin:;any'physic.aI a.c.tionS.

    r h e H e lp le s s S u r v iv o r/he Y/ei,Pless 5arvivor is in a or is 'prejnant or is a little c.hild

    who't 'protec.t hiMsel1'. /he Y/ei,Pless 5arvivor never:rolls any dic.e, bat il'anyone taKes a risk: to hei,P or 'protec.t hiM, they roll two additional dic.e.(Note: the Y/ei,Pless 5arvivor is best 'played as an NPC. Most 'players will

    lind the Y/ei,Pless 5arvivor dil'lic.alt to 'play bec.a.aSe he doesn't have any dic.e.Y/oweVer, il' ,Players are willin:; to taKe a a ,Partic.alarly c.hallen:;in:;


  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    Whenever yoar ~harac.ter wants to taKe a risK, roll di~. Jf(olla naMber 01'six-sided di~ e?aal to yoar 5arvivor tyf'e. II' any 01'yoar di~e rolls a I ' D , yoajet to So/ what ha,Pf'ens to yoar 5arvivor. II' none 01' yoar di~e rolls a I ' D , theNarrator so/s what ha,Pf'enSto yoar 5arvivor./hat's the basi~ Me~hani~. Bat, there are SOMe ~oMf'li~ationS.

    to 1'0111'01'any riSKS.Il'the 5arvivors are 10~Kedaf' in a shOf'f'in:; Mall and they 'Ve~/eared all the

    zOMbieS oat, they don't need to 1'0111'01'anythin:;.II O " II O ,n O If;e. n O If;e.II' yoa ~an't roll di~e, the ZOMbie Master so/s what ha,Pf'ens. /hat

    doesn't alwo/s Mean yoa jet eaten by zOMbieS, bat it f'rObably does. 7:MetoMaKea new 5arvivor. /his MeanS il' v = are the 5arvivor and yoa need tolil't a hea0j jate to jet awo/ I'rOMthe zOMbieS...yoa jet no di~e to roll.

    K i l l i n g l o m f l i e sOn the other hand, il' yoa are rollin:; di~e, zOMbies are f'resent. 'l/owever,

    no 5arvivor shoald eVer roll to Kill zOMbies." In this ja.Me, I aSSaMe that il'

    yoa are rollin:; di~e, yoa are alwo/s Killin:;zOMbieS. CliMbin:;a ladder? Yoa'reKillin:;zOMbieS. 7;yin:; to jet throajh the window? Yoa're Killin:;zOMbieS.Gro~ry Shof'f'in:;? Yoa 're Killin:;zOMbies.;another 5arvivor I'rOMazOMbie attac.K? Yoa're Killin:;zOMbies.

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    Every riSK infl'olVeSshootin:J zOl'Ylbies.]:Jon't waste rolls tryin:J to shoots,Pec..ilic..zOl'Ylbies. Yoa are always shootin:J ZOl'Ylbies.

    D o n ' t S p li t t h e P a r t yWhenever yoa taKe a riSK, roll yoar basic.. dic..e.;:'rol'Yloar 5arvivor 7y,Pe.

    -I/owever, i.;:'yoa are with other ,Peo,Ple,v= c..anroll a nal'Ylber 0.;:' bonas to the nal'Ylber0-/''peo'ple with yoa.

    rar eXa.l'J'1,Ple,.;:'yoa are oat jettin:J jroc..eries at the 10c..aI.;:'oodsho,P,tryin:J to sneaK by the ZOl'YlbieS,v= roll a nal'Ylber0-/' dic..eqp,Pro,Priateto v=5awivor 7y,Pe,PIas a nal'Ylber 0.;:' to the nal'Ylber 0.;:' 'peo'ple with yoa.Z.;: ' yoa have live 'peo'ple with yoa, roll live bonas dic..e. Z.;: ' a . n y 0.;:' those dic..erolls a six, yoa jet to say what hqp,PenS to yoar 5arvivor.

    r o o l s & W e a p o n sWhenever yoa are aSin:J tools or weqponS, yoa inc..reaSeyoar;:'

    saC_C_eSS.700ls and weqponS jive yoa a s,Pec..ilic..bonas listed as "+1" or "+:;. '.Most tools jive yoa a +1 bonas and I'YlOstweqponS jive yoa the Sa.l'J'1eonas.

    /1 +1 bonas lowers the di.;:'lic_.ttlty0-/' a riSK .;:'rol'Yl to 5, essentially OJ;:Idin:Jone 'point to a . n y die yoa roll, tarnin:J a 5 to a ~ (with a +1). 50, i.;:'yoa havethe rl':Jht tool.;:'or the rl':Jhtjob, a . n y 5 or ~ allows yoa to say what hqp,PenSto yoar 5arvivor. /1 tool or weqpon that jiveS yoa a +:; tarnS a 4, 5 into a ~,jivin:J yoa a sac..c..ess.

    700ls only have a +1 bonas.-I/andweqponS (sac..h as laj wrenc..hes, baseball batS, Katanas, and c..hain

    saws) also jive a +1 bonas. 6

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    SlJPPll~S4t the be:inn;n:;o-/'?Iay, every 5arv;vor rolls -/'oar d;c..e.4ny die that rolls a

    ~jets thrown into a c..OMMon?ool. /h;s ;s yoar 5a??ly Pool. It re?resents-/'ood, aMMan;tion, bandOjes and other th;n:;s nec_essary -/'or sarv;val. /he Mored;c..e;n the ?ool, the More Sa??I;eS yoa have.

    4t any tiMe dar;n:; the jaMe, a ?Iayer c..andraw d;c..e-/'rOMhe 5a??I;eSPool. /hese c..oant as bonas d;c..ehe May roll to sac..c..eed;n a r;S~. y!oweVer,onc..ethe d;c..eare jone, the 5arv;vorS no lon:;er have the Sa??I;eS they need toSarV;Ve./he aMMan;tion ;s jone, they have no More c..leanbandOjes, the ?ro?a.netan~s are eMJ?iY,a tire blows oat on the car, etc..."/his doesn't Mean yoa't lijht ZOMbieS, bat ;t does Mean yoa have

    no bonas d;c_eto do ;t. 5a??I;eS ?roV;de the ~;nd o-/' bonaSeS 5arv;vors needto c..ontinae sarv;v;n:;.70 re?len;sh their 5a??ly Pool, 5arv;vorS Mast lindsa.nc_taary.

    S A H C T ' l I A R Y 1ror a bre~ ;n the horror, 5arv;vors c..antry to lind 5a.nc_taary.4 Sa.-/'e?Ia.c..e

    to rest, rec..oa? and re?len;sh Sa??I;es.hnd;n:; 5a.nc_taaryretja;res a r;S~. Every 5arv;vor t~es a r;S~ based on their

    an;tjae ab;l;ties. /he fast 5arv;vor rolls -/'oar d;c..e,the 5Mart 5arv;vor rolls-/'oar d;c_e,etc... I-/, the 5arv;vors roll a naMber o-/' sixeS jreater than theirc..arrent naMber (-/'oar 5arv;vors roll;n:; live or More s;xes; three 5arv;vorSroll;n:; -/'oar or More sixes), they lind 5a.nc_taary.Gather a? all yoar sixeS. /henaMber o-/' sixes yoa roll etjaals the sa.-/'etyo-/'yoar c..arrent 5a.nc_taary.4jansho? 4n abandoned jraMMar sc..hool. 4jroc..ery store.

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    /hrow all the dlc..ethat rolled a slx lnto a c..OMMonpool, whlc..h be_c..oMeSthe 5a,P,PIleSPool. I.f'the 5arvlvors already have sa'p'plleS reMalnln:}when theylind a new,the new roll adds to the c.arr-ers:5a,P,PlyPool./he naMber o.f'slxes rolled also re,Presents the relatlve sec..arlty o.f'the

    .f'oand Bat l.f'a 5arvlvor exlts the jet .f'ood, lindMore 5arvlvors or .f'or any other reason), the 5arvlvor ls not sa..f'eand Mastdeal wlth the zOMbles.

    T 'H ~ lO M B I ~ C l O C K/he ZOMble Clo~ re,Presents the lMMlnent and lnevltable arrlval o.f' zOMbles.

    4t the bejlnnln:}o.f'the ja.Me, the ZOMble Cloc..Kstarts at I (one zOMble). Yoac..anre,Present the ZOMble Cloc..Kany wo/ yoa IlKe.])lc..e,lijarlnes, sKalls,teeth, etc...

    Every ten Mlnates o.f'real t_,'Mehat joeS by: roajhly, a do/ ,PaSSeS, and 8 the ZOMble Cloc..Klnc..hes a,Pone More ranK, andthe 5a,P,PlyPool joeS down by one.

    4jaln: ZOMble Cloc..KoeS a,P one, 5a,P,PlyPool joeS down one. ?hlsre,Presents the 'paSS~e o.f't_,'Me.ZOMbles jather and 5a,P,PIleSdwlndle.

    4t any t_,'Me,he ZOMble Master c..ananleash zOMbles In the 5arvlvors'dlrec..t_,'on.?he naMber o.f' zOMbles e?aals the ranKo.f'the ZOMble Cloc..K.

    I.f'the ZOMble Clo~ 's ranKls lower than the sec..arlty ranKo.f',the zOMbles c..annot lind a wo/ In. ?he 5arvlvors are sa..f'e.NozOMble c..anenter the jlveS the ,Plo/ers t_,'Meo ,Pre,Pare.f'or the lnevltable. 500ner or later,

    the zOMbles wlll lind oat what's joln:} on lnSlde the lind a

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    wo/ to ,5et throu,5h the 5urv;vor'S de-l't!YIses. 4s Soon as the ZOl'J'1b;eCloC..Kreaches a ranK ,5reater than the sec_ur;ty ranK, the ZOl'J'1b;eShave-I'ound a weaK s,Pot and start c_ree,P;n:;nto the

    4-1'ter any attacK 0-1' ZOl'J'1b;eS,he ZOl'J'1b;eCloC..Kresets ;tsel-l' ba.c_fto Zero.C o m p l i. ! a t i o n s/he ZOl'J'1b;eMaster l'J'1o/also USe the ZOl'J'1b;eCloc_f to c_reate

    C_0M,PI;c_at;onSn the ,5a.1'J'1e.y d;sc_ard;n:;one ranK 0-1' the ZOl'J'1b;eCloC..K(turn;n:; ;t down -I'rol'J'1I'our to three, -I'or e-Xa.I'J'1'ple),e a ,Partic_ularC_0M,PI;c_at;onI'or the 5urv;vorS.

    /he 's en:;;ne overheats or rUnS oat 0-1' ,5as . /he ,Power ,5oeS out ;n the and c_anonly be lixed oats;de. 4 SI'J'1a1llire Mljster;ously breaKS oat ;n the K;tc_hen.

    /he -I'aac_ets ,50 dry.4 lone ZOl'J'1b;einds an un,Protec_ted 5urv;vor.

    COI'J'1,PI;c_at;onseduc_t one ranK -I'rol'J'1he ZOl'J'1b;eCloc_f, ,ProV;d;n:;the

    ZOl'J'1b;eMaster an o,P,Portun;ty to throw,Problel'J'1s into the 5urv;vor'S -I'aceS.COI'J'1,PI;c_at;onsVerride all other rules. EVen ;-1' the 5urv;vors are sa.-l'e ;n the, a s;n:;le ZOl'J'1b;e_anstul'J'1ble his wo/ throu,5h their de-l'enSes andlind the 5urv;vorS. /he c_annot be -I'ully c_ol'J'1,Prol'J'1;Sed,at one sl'J'1a11thin:; c_an,50 wron:;. Perhqps the d0,5s and c_ats ;n the ,Pet store are ;n.f'ec_tedand atta.c_f one 0-1' the 5urv;vorS? Or 'perhqps they l'J'1;sseda ZOl'J'1b;en the5,Portin:; Goods 5ec_tion,just behind the ,501-1'c_/UbS...

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    F ~ A R 10rear eats at voar!endMakeS voa act in sta,Pid, sel-/i'sh

    wo/s. Everyc..haracter c..anearn rear baSed on his ex,perienc..esin the zOMbieo/'0c..a.!V,PSe.oar c..haracter starts with one rear ~anK.Whenever voa Make a riSK,voa Mast aSe a naMber 01' rear ])!to

    voar rear ~anK. Pic..Ka d~ that doesn't looK liKethe others. "/hat is voar rear])ie.

    50, il'voa have a I rear ~anKandvoa are rollin:) 4 dic..e,voa roll 3 norMa.!dic..eand one rear ])ie. II'Voar rear is 3 and voa are rollin:) I'oar dic..e,voaMast roll three rear ])ic..eand one norMa.!die.Il'voa ever:c..hoose voar rear ])ie as a .sacces-s, voa Mast aSe voar action

    to hide, ran awo/ or otherwise save voarsell'. Yoar I'riends on the other side01' that door? LoC..Kt. "/here's zOMbies, toof 4nd they't:Jet in heref

    F e a r C h e f1 tsCertain events c..anc.aa.sevoar 5arvivor to :Jainrear ~anKs. We c..a.!1his

    a rear Chec..K.Whenever voar 5arvivor SeeS one 01' the I'ollowin:) events, rollone die. Il'the resalt is hjher than voar ranK,voar rear ranKinc..reaSeSbVone. ror eXQ./Y/'ple,'/,'c..Ks wanderin:)aroand the o,PenSa door and -/i'ndsa zOMbiec..hewin:)on a c..or,Pse'sbrain. "/his is a va.!idc.aa.se1'01'a rear Chec..K.J'/,'c..K'S.arrees: rear ~anKis 2. We rolls a die. "/he

    resalt is 4. Bec..auseN'ic..Kolled hjher than his c.arrees: rear ~anK,his rear~anKinc..reaseSby one ranK.Jast Seein:)zOMbieS is not enoa:Jh 01' a reaSon 1'01'a rear Chec..K.ZOMbies

    are everywhere andvoa See theM a.!1he tiMe. 5'pec..i-/i' Met to a rear Chec..K.

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    he SeeS a ZOMbiehe rec..03nizesIindin:;a ZOMbie in a 5anc_taaryhe loSeS sOMethin:; .fey to his sarvival (a 3an, I'ood, a hidin:;?Iac..e)another 5awivor ditc..hes hiM oat 01' sell'-sarvival

    any other Sc..ene01' horror and ho?eleSsness (as Fer Narrator'sjad3Ment)

    T'H~ D I A R Yo/'0c..alY?Se. Every day is one ?a.:Je.Every day is an al'lirMation that yoa are s611alive and every day yoa are s611 alive is another c..hanc_ehat sOMeth'n:; willc..han3e.5oMeone will c..OMe.4 breaK in the horror will allow as to eSc..o/'e.

    Every day is another day.

    B e n e f i t sEvery3aMe session is an o??ortanity to write an entry in yoar diary. It

    Mast be a I'all ?a.:Je.II' yoa write an entry in yoar diary, yoa 3et two sMailbenelitS.

    least one) it neVer30es to Zero. Not ever . Yoa May have ho?e, bat the ZOMbieSare always within reac..h.

    Wai6n:; I'or yoa to MaKea MistaKe.Every day, yoa c..ansay sOMethin:; is trae. MaKesare to anderline this or

    hi3hli3ht it in SOMe way. /he thin:; yoa write down that's trae 3ives yoa one

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    bonas die -I'ora sf/ eXaMf/le, yoa write down that5awivor XII is a narSe. 5he jets a bonas die -I'or any risf that's o,Pf/rof/riate.Yoa write down that 5awivor JaMeS is jreat at I?ndin:;-I'ood. JaMeS jets abonas die -I'orI?ndin:;-I'oad. Jf(eMeMber:v= bonas die only c..oants -I'oronesf/

    Yoa c..aneVenwrite down thin:;s that are trae aboat zOMbies. "/hey're slowor -I'ast. "/hey eat brainS or they don't eat brainS. Yoa haJIeto shoot theM inthe head or v = don't haJIeto shoot theM in the head.])on't jO writin:; down" I'M a.weSoMe_l"and eXf?ec..ta bonas die -I'orall

    a.c..tionS.Only a wanfer woald do that. Itnd yoa're not a wanfer, rl3ht?

    R~SClJ~I-I'yoa wish, set a tiMe -I' It real tiMe. 50/...I?vejaMe sessionS.

    Ea.c..haMe session is one do/. Itnyone who MaKeS it to the end 0-1'the tiMef/eriad jets reSc..aed by the helic..of/ter or by the arMY or by rednec..fs withshotjanS in f/ic..faf/ trac_fs. Con:;rats. Yoa Made it. tlntil next tiMe.

    lOMBI~S 1 250, let's talf aboat zOMbies.hrSt o-l'/; zOMbies don't jet any dic..e.ZOMbies win a die roll when the

    5awivors -I'ailone. Otherwise, they don't jet any dic..e.Itlso, the ZOMbie Master c..anaSe COMf/lic..ationsto allow zOMbies to

    staMble af/on solations they woald norMally not be able to SolVe theMselves.ror eXaMf/le, we've jot a banc..h 0-1'zOMbies in the elevator. COMf/lic..ationPoint:one o-I'theM elbowS the seventh .floor batton. Or, the zOMbieS'tjet af/the eSc..alator. COMf/lic..ationPoint: one 0-1 ' theM staMbles af/ the rl3ht wo/.

  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    InStead 01' dY;n:JI'rol'YlZOl'Ylb;eatta.cJ:, a 5arv;vor c..anbec..ol'YlenI'ec..tedbythe ZOl'Ylb;eS.7h;s hqp?enS when the 5arv;vor I'a/Is to roll a six. the ZOl'Ylb;eMaster shows l'Ylerc..yon the ?oor 5arv;vor and allows h;1'Ylo I;vejast a I;ttlebit 10n:Jer."/he 5aw;vor rel'Yla;nS;nI'ec..tedantil the ZOl'Ylb;eMaster S?ends a

    COI'Yl?I;c..ationPoint to tarn the 5arv;vor into a ZOl'Ylb;e.Y/e shoald do this at

    S u r r i r o r l o m f l i e s 13II' a 5arv;vor dies, he bec..ol'YleSa ZOl'Ylb;e.I' the ?Iayer wishes, he

    c..ontinae?lay;n:Jhis c..haracter as a ZOl'Ylb;e.Note the d;l'l'erenc..ebetweenZOl'Ylb;eSand ZOl'Ylb;eS.MaKesare to aSe the ?ro?er ;nIlec..tion to note thed;l'l'erenc..e

    C Is;t a ZOl'Ylb;eor a ZOl'Ylb;e?")4 ZOl'Ylb;ehas I'oar d;c..eto be a ZOl'Ylb;eo do the th;n:Js ZOl'Ylb;eSdo: r;?,

    tear, breaK, bite, c..hew,,5at and destroy. Bat dee? ;n his d;1'Ylnd dead l'Yl;nd,hestill has I'o_w l'Ylel'Ylor;eS1' what he ased to be. 50, eac..hZOl'Ylb;ey?e ,5etsone S?ec_,'aIab;l;ty. 41101' these tarn ba.cJ:the ZOl'Ylb;eCloc..~by one ran~ ;1'aZOl'Ylb;ec..hooses to aSe tht!!l'Yl.Il'the ZOl'Ylb;eCloc..~;s at zero, the ZOl'Ylb;ec..annot aSe his S?ec..;aIab;l;ty.II' the rotal rear 01' the 5aw;vorS ;S ,5reater than the nal'Ylber01'

    5aw;VorS, ZOl'Ylb;eSc..anaSe their S?ec..;aIab;l;ties at w;ll."/he 5tr0n:J ZOl'Ylb;e5ets I'oar bonas d;c..eI'or ?hys;c..aI r;S~S (that's atotal 01' ~f).7he 5neaty ZOl'Ylb;ec..ansneaK into a 5anc..taary w;thoat be;n:JSeen.

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    /he Clever ZOMbie c..ansabotOje the 5.u??ly Pool by IdfD./he ])an3ef-0.uS ZOMbie c..anc..elsthe benel?t 01'weqp0nS./he '/Ie~/ess ZOMbie c..anoVerwhelM a Vic..tiMwith c..oMf?leteho?eleSS?ity, stea/in:; two dic..e-/'roMhis roll.

    S u r , i 'o r , s Z o m b ieThe oll\,Lt:l t~VIA,eSunl~vors roLL lilglil~lI\,st zOVlA,b~es~s ~f tltlet:l ell\,coulI\,ter lil z.,oVlA,b~e.Sotltl

    title Sunl~vor lilll\,01z.,oVlA,b~eroLL lil-p-propr~lilte oI~ce.vvhoever roLls title VlA,ostsixes Slilt:lS wltlliltItllil-p-pell\,s.Th~S oIoesll\,'t VlA,elilll\,itle z.,oVlA,b~eR,~LLsitle Sunl~vor ~f he roLLs title VlA,ostsixes, but ~tgell\,erlilLLt:l oIoes. nes go to title SUnl~vor, but title Sunl~vor becoVlA,es~lI\,fecteol.

    hna/ly, a -/'ew notes -/'orY0.u, the ZOMbie Master, on how to Make the 3aMe

    W a tf;h Z om b ie M O ' i e sNo Kiddin:;,h.uh?Bat yo.u'd be s.ur?riSed by how Many ideaS Y0.u 3et -/'roMsittin:; down

    with v= -/'aJloriteZOMbie MoVie and a notebooK. watc..h c..ritic..a/ly."/hinK toyo.ursel.f', ~'/low wo.uld I.use this in the 3aMe?" // little ?re?aration this wo/wil13ive Y0.u a whole tablet -/'.ull01' ideas -/'or Y0.ur next 3aMe.

    K n o w Y o u r P l a y e r s/his is a 3aMe aboat bein:; afraid. "/hat MeanS, Y0.u haJIeto Know how to

    .sc.are Y0.ur ?Io/ers. //nd that MeanS Y0.u haJIeto be a little Mean. hnd oatwhat Sc..areS Y0.ur ?Io/ef-s and .uSe it. J.ust Make S.ure, be-/'ore the 3aMe be3inS,


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    that yoar 'players are oKay with a little /hjht now and then. Il'they aren't,Maybe yoa shoald 'play a jaMe where they jet to l'eel,Powerl'al inStead./here's More in the world to be al'raid ol'than zOMbieS. t/Se theM. II'

    Jessie is al'raid 01' s'piders and Joannie is al'raid 01' drownin:Jand Jacob is al'raid01' C!.lownS,MaKesare to aSe those thin:Js in yoar jaMe.41so Know when not to do thin:Js to yoar 'players. ran is I'an and sC!.aredis

    sC!.ared,bat SOMetiMeS SC!.aredsn't I'an. Know the dil'l'erenC!.e.

    A tm o s p h e r e & M o o d/here's a thin line between haMor and horror. Know it. 4nd don't let yoar

    ,Players C!.ross it too oI'ten. 4lthoajh, yoa May want to ran a horror/ haMorjaMe (in the tradition 01' 4rMy 01' ])arKness, I'or eXaM,Ple).Jast MaKesarethere'S the rljht blend 01' laajhs and SC!.reaMS.4nd, 01' C!.oarSe,diMthe I'jhts,,Pat on SOMe SC!.atyMasiC!.and enC!.oarOjev= ,Players to Maintain the MOod.4nd il' they joKe aroand too MaC!.h,baM? a,P the ZOMbie CloC!.K.?hat jetstheM worried rljht tjaiC!.K.

    /his isn't a ,Philoso,PhiC!.a!aMe. It isn't a jaMe aboat the existentialdileMMa. ?his is a jaMe aboat zOMbies eatin:Jyoar brainS. 4nd they're rljhtoatside the door. 4nd they 're b~in:J on that door and they're join:J to jet

    throajh any SeC!.ondnow. 50 ran, ran, ran.' {"an yoa bastard, ran.'/he only stat on the ,Players' sheets is 5arvivor 7y,Pe. Yoa jive theM rear

    Points, so they don't need to write those down. 4nd when a 5arvivor dies orjets in-/'ec.ted,it'sjast that easy to MaKea new one. 50 ran.' {"an.' {"an.' {"an.'Yoa C!.anest when yoa I?nd sanC!.taary.Bat not I'or 10n:J.

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    la st W o rd sII' yoa, f?layer or ZOMbie Master, don't fnow what to do, roll dic_e.4 six

    Means the f?layer says what ha,Pf?ens a.nd anythin:J else says the ZOMbie Mastersays what ha,Pf?enS.?hat's really all the rales yoa need. Everythin:J else isjast c_leverdic_etric_fs.

    "/his ,5a.Meisn't aboat baildin:J a c_ha.ra.c_terhat c_a_n?rotec_t hiMsel1' or ac..ha.ra.c_terwho has the best traits or I'eats or sfills or a_n.;thin:Jife that. 411yoa've reallY,5ot is yoar one tric_f, a shot,5an with a I'ew roands a.nd the willto sawive.

    4nd that's all yoa need.


  • 8/3/2019 The Shotgun Diaries


    C a i n e[ C a l l e dRAn Anthology Horror Game from John Wick Presents

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