THE . scrum being much heavier than theSchool pack. Fiveminutes from the start Pinckney, picked up...

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Transcript of THE . scrum being much heavier than theSchool pack. Fiveminutes from the start Pinckney, picked up...

  • Vol. XXIV. No. 1.



    .. A trivial Grammar School text, but yet worthy a wise

    man's consideration "-Bacoll's Essay 011 Boldlless.

    MARCH, 1907.




    J. U. SMITH.

    S. C. BENNETT. W. J. DOW.

    H. G. MAY. W. G. WALTER.




  • THE


    No. CCXLIV. MARCH, 1907.


    VOL. XXIV.

    itHE present year has started sadly for Sherborne, '1}J through the loss of Mr. Blanch. We do not intend,

    however, in this place to do more than express the deep sympathy which the School feels for Mrs. Blanch. Nor is this the only bereavement which Sherborne has suffered since the New Year. Yet another famous Old Shirburnian has passed to his rest in the person of Col. Stewart, C.M.G., the well-known King's Messenger.

    Since the above was written we learn with deep regret of the death of Rear-Admiral Raby, v.c. We believe we are correct in saying that the late Admiral was the first to be decorated with the highest honour which bravery can earn. Admiral Raby was at Sherborne with the present Vicar of Sherborne when Dr. Lyon was Headmaster. Up to the last the Admiral took a great interest in the School; always carefully reading the O.SS. report. It is the third .sudden

  • 2 The Shirburniall. [MARCH,

    blow which has fallen on 8herbo1'11e recently; and only those who saw how well Admiral Raby was at Christmas can say how sudden it is.

    In the death of Mr. J. Hoddinott the School loses a very old and tried friend. Mr. Hoddinott was very closely connected with the School and only resigned his seat on the Gove.1'11ing Board last year.

    To pass to more cheerful themes we must sincerely congratulate this year's XV., who can boast an unbeaten record. To quote the Headmaster,' the team owes its success, not to possessing two or three brilliant individual players, but to being a good "all-rounel" team.' It is a great feat for a small school like Sherborne to possess- if not THE strongest-at any rate one of the strongest public school teams of the year. We all owe a deep debt of gratitude to Mr. G. M. Carey for so carefully coach- ing the team, and to the Captain, C. O'D. Carey, for the brilliant manner in which he led his side to victory.

    It is not in Games alone, however, that the School has been diRtinguishing itself. We have the greatest pleasure in offering our warmest congratulations to J~ R. Wallers, on gaining a scholarship at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and O. King on his scholarship at Christ Church, Oxford.

    And before these there lies a trial even more severe in attaining that mathematical efficiency required by their respective Universities. J\h. D. C. Jones-whom we most warmly welcome-is, we hear, doing wonders in this line, and weird symbols-never before known to the Classical

  • 190 7·J The Shirburnian 3

    VI.-are appearing in all their horror to our astonished gaze. Instead of quietly wrestling with the early part of Hall and Knight, known almost by heart to 'the young student,' those, who were lately revelling in the beauties of Plato and Sophocles, have to struggle with strange theories of Baker and Bourne. We hope that out of this evil good may come in a large number of ' certificates' next term.

    Thanks to the energy of Mr. Archdall Ffooks who was appointed a Governor last summer in the place of 1\11'. Thomas Ffooks, an 'enlarged and improved' edition of the 'Roll Book' has recently been published by 1\11'. F. Bennett. This small manual ought to be of great interest to all present and past members of the School; containing, as it does, notes on all School Institutions.



    On Saturday, the 8th of December, we journeyed to Castle Cary amidst pouring rain; however, it cleared up before the commencement of the game. The home side kicked off against a strong wind, and the School at once began to press; after a few loose scrummages Plant scored a good try between the posts, which Dow converted. Shortly after this a pass of Dow's was intercepted, and the home forwards looked like scoring, but Smith sprinted back and relieved with a good kick. Open play, in which Bennett and May were conspicuous, ensued, and Dow opening up the game enabled Carey and Smith to score t,vo tries in quick succession. Half-time-Sherborne 5, Castle Cary nil. After the interval the School began to press, and Smith scored near the posts; Dow added the major points. A moment later Carey feinted through, and outpacing the back

  • 4 The Shirburllian. [MARCH,

    scored a fine try between the posts. The kick was successful. For some moments play settled in the School' twenty-five,' but the School forwards, headed by Bennett, brought the bal1 back to the half-way line; and here play of a fierce nature ensued. A few minutes before time Dow scored twice in quick succession; thus we were left victorious by five goals and two tries to nil.

    Team :-C. G'D. Carey, VV. E. Shaw, H. G. May, \V. G. \Valter, \V. J. Dow, J. E. Terry, S. C. Bennett, J. U. Smith, C. T. Sanctuary, H. F. Plant, \V. G. Smith, A. L. Symes, W. R. Bull, K. Hopkins.


    SCHOOL v. 0.55.

    Played on the Upper on Saturday, December 15th. The School was without Morrison, Hopkins playing in his place. R. Adamson kicked off for the O.SS. towards the National Schools, Sanctuary finding touch about half-way. The O.SS. immediately set up a strong attack by forward rushes, their scrum being much heavier than the School pack. Five minutes from the start Pinckney, picked up near the touch line, dropped a splendid goal (0-4). Terry kicked off, and from Venning's return Dow made a mark and kicked high across. R. Adamson was prominent in some loose forward play, but the School forwards quickly got together and rushed the ball into the O.S. territory. A score seemed imminent, but \V. Adamson picked up and found touch. From loose play in mid-field J. U. Smith broke away, and some short passing among the Schoolforwards and backs resulted in D. Smith scoring a good try after beating Carrington and Venning (3-4). Dow failed to convert with the greasy ball. A series of scrums followed the drop-out, and Pinckney gained ground with a long low kick. Carey and Dow initiated a fine bout of passing, and Hopkins made a good run, but was collared by Venning. A free kick was awarded to the School, but Dow failed to add any points. The School set up a strong attack, the short passing of the forwards looking very dangerous. Play settled near the O.SS. line, and from a scrum the ball shot out along the School outsides, a score only failing to result because Sanctuary hung on too long. Carey was next prominent, after the O.SS. had worked back to mid-field, and then Plant made a good run and kicked over

  • 1907·J The Shirburnian.

    Venning's head. Hopkins followed up fast and touched down (6-4-). Dow again failed to convert. A series of punts followed the drop-out, Bull finally reaching touch. From the line-out the O.SS. made a great rush led by Lang, but Dow picked up marvellously and relieved with a beautiful kick to touch. O.SS. continued to press, A. Crichton leading a good rush, but Bull again found touch. May was next conspicuous with a beautiful dribble through a host of opponents, and from loose play Plant found touch. The O.SS. attacked, but Dow returned the attack with a high punt. Terry followed up, and Venning had no chance, a try resulting, which Dow converted well (!I-4)' The O.SS. pressed hard after this reverse, good passing and a fine run by Greathead bringing the ball close to the School line. From a scrum Adamson broke away, but the passing broke down and immediately afterwards Dow knocked on in attempting to intercept, a scrum being carried by the O.SS. in mid-field, but little ground was gained owing to the splendid defence of the School outsides. Carey then broke away and D. Smith scored after a good run. Dow converted (16-4). The O.SS. again replied with a vigorous rush, and Sanctuary touched down. The O.SS. continued to attack for the rest of the time, but the School's defence held out well.

    In the second half the Old Boys were much better together, and a good rush headed by Adamson and Crichton brought play into the School territory. Carey tried frequently to break through, but found Adamson far too sure. The School attacked by means of short rushes, \iValter being conspicuous. Further good dribbling by May and Symes carried the ball right on to the O.SS. lines, but the ball was touched down. Sanctuary returned the drop-out well, but the O.SS. were irresistible just now and a magnificent burst rushed the ball on to the School line where \iV. Adamson picked up and scored near the lower flag. Venning converted with an excellent kick (16-9)' Hopkins initiated an attack with a good kick, but PincImey relieved the pressure. Attack was met with counter-attack in splendid style, Hohlfray being conspicuous in the rushes. From a loose scrum Dow picked up and reached the O.SS. '25' with a beautiful kick to touch. \Valter headed a rush to the O.SS. goal-line, but the Old Boys carried the scrum and rushed to mid-field. Carrington got clear away and passed to Greathead, but the latter's pass back went astray, and the School taking advantage carried play to the O.SS. ' 25,' from a grovel on the O.SS. line a score seemed certain, but Hopkins knocked on, the School

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