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  1. 1. The Science of VaastuIn general,the term Vaastu is used for a building site or plot or a building itself.This term is used for referring to the ancient Indian architecture. Even a person with little knowledge of architecture will agree that architecture is not only a science or engineering but it is also an art.The engineering or sci- ence part of it determines the design,strength and longevity of the structures but it is an art to best utilize the available space and give aesthetic beauty to the finished structure. You may have come across three distinct terms which are VaastuVigyan,vaastKala and VaastShastra so I would like to explain these three. Vaastu-Vigyan means the science of Vaastu and it deals with the scientific principles on which this great science is standing. VaastuKala means the art of Vaastu it can never be taught but comes with the grace of nature and ingenuity of mind.It is the artistic beauty of historical structures which attracts millions of tourists around the world. Lastly the term VaastuShastra stands for the Vaastu related scriptures which contain the ageless principles on which this ancient science is standing. Scientific Base of Vaastu And remember,these principles were formulated by spiritual scientists of an- cient India,who are now known as great rishis.The science at that time was highly developed and had far broader boundaries than the present science. There need not be a doubt about the scientific bases of Vaastu.Remember that the boundaries of science keep changing.Anything which is considered magical or mysterious at one point of time becomes part of science after certain period as human understanding broadens.+91 9819 472 473, 9555 666 667Iv n. i-Iiirrr cumin meIilllillf W l. '0$Ml0 ENERGYCosmic energy is the broad spectrum radiation received on the earth from the outer space.Certain stars continually emit radio waves.Also these stars emit very powerful short duration energy~ bursts when they undergo changes.During such explosive pro~ cesses occurring due to changes in stars,very large amounts of powerful radiations are given off.These radiations are complex in nature and are termed as cosmic rays. The presence of atmosphere around our earth protects us from re ceiving lethal doses of cosmic energy,but still enough of these harmful radiations reach the surface of the earth. These harmful radiations arrive mainly from the south and south- west directions due to mainly three factors which are (1) The tilt of our earth on its axis (2) Earth:rotation on its axis (3) Earth's movement around the Sun.This is the reason behind in- auspiciousness of these directions in premises.
  2. 2. Inuence of Gravitational energy / .lfyou throw anything up it always falls down.We all have studied at school that anything thrown up is pulled back to the surface of the earth due to the force of gravitation.It has been scientically proved that large amounts of gravitational energy are coming to our earth from an unknown source somewhere in the centre of the galaxy to which our universe belongs._ / ~ // /E l 1This energy is far greater than ex/ e,n. the, elec1rl2rmgrle1i_c energy coming to the earth.There are quite strong effects of the gravitational energy of the Sun and the Moon.As both these planets are considered auspicious therefore the directions they represent viz.East and North West respectively are also considered auspicious. llll lllllllllBY +91 9819 472 473, 9555 666 657
  3. 3. Influence of Earths Magnetic fieldOur earth acts as a big magnet with its magnetic north and south poles situated at its geographical south and north poles respectively.Due to this there are magnetic lines of force flowing from the geographic south to north poles. This magnetic field of the earth undergoes slight changes due to the movements ofthe Sun and the Moon.Our bodies have traces of metals and therefore are subject to even these minute magnetic changes. ENE ll! -ll-lS'l'l. lBY +91 9819 472 473, 9555 666 667
  4. 4. _ _ ,_ , ,i; i; INFLUENCE OF MAGNETIC AND LIGHT ENERGY FROM THE SUN_ A The Sun is a dense mass of glowing matter and it is a million times bigger than our /earth.Great explosions are continuously taking place deep inside the Sun's masswhere the temperature is about 1300000O Celsius. _' 1 These explosions cause great ares of ames and magnetic storms,which reach - "" _i out into the space to about thousands of kilometres.. 2. V - These magnetic harmful inuences are more intense in the south and southwest directions. ' Sunrays in the early moming hours carry positive health giving and purifying ef-/fects.At that time the directions for these rays to enter premises are east and/northeast.This is why these directions need to be vacant in premises and also low boundary walls and light construction is preferred in these directions. LWE ill-lllS'l'llBY +91 9819 472 473, 9555 666 657
  5. 5. Inuence of Directional Effects: The concept of directions is relative.VVe cannot dene directions in the absolute sense.For example if we move away from our planet earth and go into deep space then we have no sense of directions and would not know which way is north,south.east or west.Because of absence of gravity we would also not know which way is up andwliittli way is down. So we understand that we need a reference point in order to definethe directions. On this earth we take reference of the Sun.If we stand facing the rising Sun,then the east direction is in the front and on our back is the west.The north direction is towards our right hand and southis towa1a'ls our left hand. In the context of Vaastu these directions mean a lot.The Sun always rises in the east and sets in the west. In addition to the morning Sunrays some other subtle positive in- uences due to the cosmic rays and the magnetic elds arrive from the north,east and the northeast directions whereas the negativeinuences come from the south and southwest directions. IIVE WAISTIV II.PIIEET GIAIIIEnglish Name Name in vastu shastraNorth Uttar Northeast Eeshaan kona East Poorv Southeast Aagneya kona 500" Dakshin $0UthWeSt Nairitya kona West Pashchim d Northwest Vayevye kona +91 9819 472 473, 9555 666 667www. |IvovnItu. com
  6. 6. WESTInfluence of Elemental effectsAreas allotted to elements (panchtatvas)NORTH AIR WATER AKAASH e EARTH T T FIRE S6llTH 1 (T TIf we keep in mind the elemental nature of each quadrant of a plot of land and construct accordingly then a balance between all the five elements of nature can be achieved and this results in harmony and brings prosperity for the occupants.The southwest is earthy in nature hence it needs to be heavy.The northeast is watery and subtler than earth so it is to be kept light.Underground water tank is also best located here.The northwest is airy in nature hence it is transient and uctuating thus lacking in stability.A guest room is best situated here so that the guests come and go and do not feel like penna- nently settling here.The unmarried girls should live in this part so that they get married at the right time and move to their new places.The southeastis fiery in nature hence suitsbest for kitchen and electrical equipments etc. The central area belongs to the finest element called Akaash tatva.Hence it is to be kept clean and clutter free as it is called Brahmasthan. [ME lim-lSTfllBY IIII.PIIHEET llllllwlll +91 9819 472 473, 9555 666 667www.llvevaastu . com